Just Let Me Enjoy My Pregnancy

I’m really discouraged about how much negativity surrounds pregnancy. Every aspect of it. I’ve been fed it my whole life as far back as I could recall. In high school pregnancy is discouraged by making pregnancy and parenthood sound awful. … Continued

Homestead Update

I’ve had good intentions on blogging more but I seem to get discouraged easily. I’ve started more unfinished blogs in the past year than I have my previous 9 years of blogging. I admit, part of it is FB makes … Continued

New Chapter

We had planned to make a public announcement at a later time, but one thing I keep forgetting is how some people just don’t understand personal boundaries and respecting ones privacy. Just because we share aspects of our lives does not … Continued

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. I’m seeing a lot of stories in my news feed. And I had some thoughts I wanted to share. Both my husband and I were legally adopted by our stepfathers. I was adopted at birth, … Continued