The Homestead Journal

Quarantine Week 2

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  1. BlessedLittleHomestead

    yes, the giggle twins.. 13 months apart
    and yeah, Olivia works hard for her expensive baby doll collection LOL
    Hope all is well with you Dawn

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Abigail made the pie. she enjoys baking, but not cooking

  3. Kym Holt

    Wow! Olivia, your pie looks amazing! Good job, beautiful!

  4. Dawn

    Everything is looking good on the homestead. I know you hate having the Salon closed but this gives you lots of time with all the kids and being able to get what you want done on the homestead.

    The littles are growing so fast. Hard to believe Mo is 6?

    Uriah and Olivia are they the ones a year a part…their birthdays are very close to each other???

    They did an awesome job on the bunk beds. ?❣

    I saw on Facebook an add for real life like babies each almost $100.00… I could not believe they were fake. Their mouth and eyes open, they have fingernails, hair, blotchy skin. They were giving one a bath another dressing and brushing her hair. They look so much alive. I was thinking Olivia would really like one of those ❣?

    Abaigail’s pie looks delicious, peach is my favorite.

    I have been praying you all keep safe ?

  5. Ma-mére

    Everything looks awesome! The littles are growing so fast! Olivia and Urijah did a fantastic job on their beds. And Abigail’s pie is perfect! So creative!
    Love to all!❤

  6. April

    Gabriel and Mosiah look so grown up with their new haircuts!! I miss you guys… One of my daughters is asking for a trip back to KY for her birthday present next year. I hope we can swing that, and stop by for a visit, too! ?

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