We Will Save The Kentucky 12

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This group was created by Mandy Bosc few days after our children were taken May 2015.  The goal was to make sure that my children were never returned. Many of these members are still involved working to make sure my … Continued

Spies, Lies and Videotape

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The BLH Stalkers are at it again. They have been working on a “documentary” of sorts but so far as we can see, they have very little facts and much elaboration. We haven’t seen much of what they have, but … Continued

The Smear Campaign Expands

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A few of Faiths family members received this message from a fake profile that was immediately disabled after the messages were received. I want Faith’s family to know along with everyone else, what the reality is, not some internet gossip. … Continued

Attacks on The Young Couple

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Sally Davis, the blogger, has the biggest voice in the Anti Naugler crowd. She even brags about her website statistics. And a few days ago, she posted the news that my oldest son and his fiance, were pregnant. She announced … Continued

It’s A Cabin

People like to twist words to give people a certain impression. Usung the term “Garden Shed” to describe the Blessed Little Homestead cabin gives the impression it’s not even a home. It’s petty and nit picky. This is a Garden … Continued

Attacks On The Grooming Salon

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Since the beginning non supporters have had an issue with our family’s business. The grooming salon was set to open the week the children were taken. The salon opened a few weeks later. The money for the salon was a private … Continued

Why This Blog?

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This story has many twists and turns that often times you have to tell one story to tell another. There are several components that I will try to break down. First and most importantly, the family court/CPS case along with … Continued