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  1. Blessed Bloggers

    I do not recall that post. I don’t know what you are referring to

  2. Robert

    Nicole and Joe, thank you for standing up to these people and doing such a great job. This Sally Davis person would do this to anyone that she disagrees with. Full of hate.. You are scum Sally. Go stand in
    The mirror and look at your self I bet 5 minutes of inward looking may crush you. You preach and yet do not follow. Beating others up to make yourself feel superior is childish. Regardless of your age your act like a baby. Get a life, anyone that is this concerned should offer a teaching peacekeeping approach to helping this family gain more traction in life. I gladly will donate books to aid in the education of their children. Heck you can by them for a dollar or less in many cases.
    Over my many years I have been educated by the least likely sources. Discounting this family’s way of educating is naive. Education comes in many forms and strengths. Not all education comes in book form. As Sally and the others have proven stupidity can be present in educated people. So instead of throwing daggers, lend a kind word and give them a chance to process it.
    Sally you have painted a target on your back. I have no doubt your intrusive behavior will catch up with you. Karma is a b!+<^, this has proven itself time and time again.
    Nicole, Joe good luck in your journey. I think your just fine back to the basics!! The whole world could take a lesson.

  3. Aro

    Nicole, I have supported you and still want the best for your family. After seeing the video of the dog outside the neighbor business’ shop, it does seem that things could have been handled in a more peaceful manner.

    You, Joe, your family, and supporters are attacked a lot, and I have defended you for that, but in this situation cussing someone out for asking you to leave is a bit over the top.

    This woman may have been contacted by those opposing you, giving her a slanted view of that video post. The nonaggressive thing would have been to leave. Let it all die down and possibly send a note letting her know you meant no harm with that video. By calling names and hashing it out under the video, it reflects badly on you. Their child was present and should not have witnessed that spectacle. Any husband would have concern after that display. What he said about Joe was unnecessary, and threatening. However, you both fly off the handle very quickly and become very defensive. You need to learn to interact in a mature manner instead of always acting the victim.

    A public apology to her would be the mature thing to do.

    Joe, the names you call women are offensive. You claim to be a peaceful man that everyone likes having a lot of patience. You did not display that today. I will be taking some time out to contemplate your actions and whether I can publicly speak in your behalf in the future. I will never condone the behavior of pages and blogs against you, but can’t turn a blind eye to what went down today either. I hope you find the calm life you say you want, maybe learning to talk to others the way you want to be spoken to would help.

    This is just an honest evaluation of the situation from someone who has been on your side.

  4. Publiccommentsprivatelife

    You can’t pretend to be sanctimonious when your supporters posted pictures of some of our deceased children. In my case and infant. And I never said anything rude to or about you, unless you think a differing opinion is an attack. Because I consider the sharing of my dead child a personal attack but I didn’t get offended because I know that he was loved and cared for. But you didnt call off your hounds then. It’s a two way street, you can’t provoke provoke provoke and then scream when you’re called out. Idgaf what you do in YOUR life the kids however…
    it seems like you are backed into a corner of your own making no ones fault but your own. Don’t pretend to be this fragile flower when you are openly rude, crass and vindictive. Gotta pick one either you’re this wholesome family lady trying to live the simple life or your a Looney screeching viral sensation.

  5. Meagan

    Sally is down right sick. She is seriously mentally ill and so are the people who run those pages.

    Normal people don’t do this shit to others. Normal people don’t try to tear apart other peoples lives, nor their families.

  6. Emmy

    A Friend, for one, Nicole proudly posted a video where one of the older boys was saying that blood is made in the heart. He was given no correction as he taught this to the younger children.

    Nicole, how about doing a “A Day in the Life of” about Joe, since he’s supposed to be educating the kids since you’re obviously not? (I’m giving you a bit of a pass since you spend more time at the salon.) If the kids are all so brilliant with every door open to them, why not have an AMA so we can pick your and Joe’s brains about how you’re educating them?

  7. A Friend

    Sally wasn’t just sharing opinion either. She made several accusations.

    “Nicole and Joe Naugler are not educating their children. I know it. They know it. The whole world knows it. CPS knows it. They are simply not educating those kids.”

    How does Sally know this? Did she test the children? Does she observe their daily activity? Does she have conversations with them? How can Sally profess to say the children aren’t

    “But these children are not in such an environment. They have one freaking Kindle shared among 11 children. They have about two small shelves of old crappy books. They spend most of their time outdoors because they live in a garden shed with no space. They have to buy their own fucking books, and they have to earn the money to do that by making stupid bows and washing dogs. Their parents’ obsessions consist of bitching about the neighbors and staring at a phone screen. Everything these kids attempt to do is a failure. They have no help with anything. They aren’t given appropriate materials to work with. They have no mentors of any sort.”

    If I recall they have numerous devices to use the internet. I dont know where she got the “two shelves of crappy books” from but unless she has been crawling around the cabin, how does she know what books the family does and does not have? And the children spend time outdoors because they like being outdoors. The girl bought 3 books. Not ALL the books. 3. By earning money. Like an allowance. Then says everything the children attempt to do is a failure. No materials, no mentors.

    Oh give it up Sally. People who know this family know you are full of shit.

    “Anyone know if the Naugs are involved at an LDS church these days?
    No, they are not, to my knowledge.

    Do they still identify as LDS?
    When it suits them. Religion was always just a tool.”

    As if Sally is the one to ask about the families activities. Of course. She watches their every move. And when it suits them? I’m sure Sally is an expert in the families spiritual journey and church history. Let’s ask the self proclaimed atheist about someone’s else’s faith.

    This isn’t just opinion. And Sally knows it.

  8. Here We Go Again

    You are absolutely preposterous. Wendy went to Sally’s PERSONAL FB page and started shit with Sally. Guess Wendy “attacked” first. Do you understand that having a different opinion than someone and expressing it is not an attack? Are you saying you warned Wendy about “further attacks?” What kind of attacks would those be? I am really very curious to hear this one! Words were exchanged. Nothing more. Wendy went after Sally and Sally responded. Your exaggerations and need for drama are so utterly mind boggling.

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