Organized Attacks

We Will Save The Kentucky 12

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  1. Tamara Prewitt

    Didn’t this family get around 45,000 to help? @megan I would think that was an excellent way to help!

    I’m a teacher and have a MA, and that’s more than I made last year. Plus her grooming business is doing really well. She is talented!

    How can we help?

  2. Blessed Bloggers

    I’m sure the number is far higher. I would guess I’ve pissed off over 1,000 people alone with my anti circumcision posts. Probably 1000 more over my stance on exposing police misconduct. The list goes on. 99% of those people don’t even know me. I don’t quite care.

  3. Meagan

    Apparently, the poster Heather hasn’t been paying attention for very long. There are tons of forums and groups of people who hate others for no damn reason. There are many “support” groups for people who hate the current President, the current president-elect, government officials,bloggers, vloggers, mom groups and normal everyday people. Most of it is due to lack of true understanding, compassion, people generally being ugly on the inside, misinformation, and lies being spread. Ah, no one has the time to piss off that many people, but too many people have time on their hand to get pissed off about something that is none of their damn business.

    I am sorry that these people are so damn pathetic to join a disgusting group. It’s not a new thing, if your eyes are open, but it is still horrible. (Yous are general, not really directed towards anyone important)

    I wish people would grow up, and move on with their lives.
    If they truly felt the children were in danger they would offer help, not hate and jackassery.

  4. Charles

    Cute, still wrong but close. You can make that number 179.

  5. Heather

    You just bragged that 178 people dislike you enough to start a support group.
    No normal person has time to piss off 178 people to the point where they band together. Maybe you should look at yourself and your behavior as a clue to why ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT people (and counting) dislike you that much.

  6. Blessed Bloggers

    Charles aka Kevin Murphy aka whoever. No it doesn’t seem odd. Nor do I care. It’s when these people try to alter my life that I become concerned.

  7. Heather

    Doesn’t it seem odd to you that you have such a large number of haters?
    Why do you think that could be? I suppose maybe everyone is jealous of you, yes, let me ponder that.

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