Business Harassment

Attacks On The Grooming Salon

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  1. Blessed Bloggers

    So it may be, but the time frame was longer than a break.

  2. A

    That person was on break. Her own time, not the company’s time.

  3. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    This is the only one. There are a few posts on the family’s blog. But this is a dedicated blog. Why does it bother you? Why are you worried about the Nauglers telling their story? Its a work in progress.

  4. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Your comment is full of misinformation. I suggest you check your facts before spinning lies that could bring harm to this family and jeopardize their business. It is a common theme with many of you, take rumor and run with it. That’s one of the goals of this blog. To clear up your twisted stories and present the truth.

  5. Emmy

    Aro, the Naugler kids not currently being in foster homes doesn’t mean that the children aren’t neglected or abused. Their state’s CPS is horrifyingly underfunded, resulting in a situation where only the children are imminent risk of death or sexual abuse can be handled. There isn’t the money to help the Naugler kids. They aren’t at imminent enough risk. Their county can’t afford 11 kids for the long term. Nicole and Joe outbred the county’s capacity to help.

    Those children deserve to have plenty of healthy food that’s not from mystery cans or what they can scavenge. They deserve to have more space than a tiny garden shed. They deserve plenty of warm clothes, and to get REAL educations. Real educations can be achieved with homeschooling, but leaving kids to figure it out on their own and call it unschooling doesn’t count. Those children are uneducated, and basically homeless. Did you know they once had a house provided by the Mormon church? Yet Nicole and Joe decided to leave it (the circumstances have been debated, but it sounds like they were required to leave for failing to maintain the property), and move the children to a literal stick shack where they were stealing water (Joe pled no contest to the charge of menacing rather than not guilty) and refusing to contain human waste. Those children are abused, and they’re used to it. That doesn’t make it okay, not my any metric in the world.

    Nicole had options other than threatening to kill the dog. She could have taken him to a shelter (she said she wouldn’t since he might die, even though her own plan was to kill him), or she could have taken him to a rescue. An out-of-state rescue was willing to take the dog, but she instead blocked the liaison who connected her to that rescue.

    I’m not a part of the documentary that’s in the works. However, making documentaries doesn’t mean obsession. Do you see every documentary as being an obsession, or only this one? This family is an interesting case study in how a couple people can go from seeming relatively stable and with a house and a valid attempt at homeschooling to sliding into a place where they see living in a shed and food from mystery cans and not bothering to try educating and labeling pictures of kids sleeping as unschooling. Maybe awareness of people like them could help save other children from the same fate.

  6. Here We Go Again

    Good god how many different “blogs” do you need to “defend” yourself? You’ve made a statement on THIS particular blog that you will be providing documents of harassment…still waiting. If I had documentation of harassment that was a cause of duress to my family that would be the first thing I would populate on my “blog.” Guessing you will block this, as your have my other posts. Why you care what the general public thinks is SAD.

  7. Leah

    I am not a sock. I’ve had a very long day. I appreciate you removing my information. I’m grabbing lunch. I understand you have wanted to have a meeting at the federal building here. I’ll meet you there I have the clearance to walk in. Do you?

  8. Ari

    Why were your kids taken by cps?

  9. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Leah Pigram? If you are not a sock, I will remove you from that list. So you are confirming that is your real name, correct?

  10. Aro

    Though CPS has been involved with your family for over a year and your children are at home, it’s not enough for the online stalkers. How could they know more behind a keyboard than those who are interacting in real life? The accusations made make no sense.

    The only employer you’ve contacted, that I can recall, was in reference to the employee harassing you online while at work. Most companies have policies about personal use of their equipment.

    The post about your dog wasn’t a threat against the dog. You were reaching out for help in getting him a home so he wouldn’t be put down. It wasn’t the first time you tried to find him a home. How or why this was misconstrued to attack you is beyond sane.

    Now it’s been posted that someone is planning a big reveal on you after traveling to all the places you’ve lived. That pretty much seals the idea that you have become an obsession.

    As far as locals go, the ones who are attacking you, encouraging neighbors and clients to shun you, plastering any perceived fault you may have all over the internet, well, it reflects badly on them. It makes the vocal community appear petty, unforgiving, unsupportive, and weak. They are the ones bringing reproach and a negative light to it.

    These are just a few things some of us have seen. No, I don’t think you’re a perfect family, I don’t agree with many of your choices, and your political and religious beliefs are very different from mine, but that’s ok. There is not another person I’ve ever met who agrees on everything. There is no such thing as a perfect family and most of us think our way is the best way, and it probably is for us, that’s why we do it our way. Live and let live is a philosophy that has pretty much been lost. We live in sad times when a family reaches out for help during a critical time and receives endless harassment by those who disagree.

    You have a right to tell your story, don’t give up.

  11. Tim

    You nasty mean ugly hearted people who keep harassing this family NEED TO STOP!!!!!!
    I am so disgusted by you so called human beings! I so wish you would put yourself and your personal life out there like they do so we can see who you really are!!!!

    COWARDS….. behind your keyboard hiding.
    Please please all of you put your real names out there!! Yep that’s right….too scared!
    The Nauglers are SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANY OF YOU! They are definitely not cowards and they no what they are doing. They are very blessed Children to have them as parents. As a matter of fact what you don’t see is that you are ONLY making the kids and this family stronger and better humans than you will ever be!! So watch and see what you will reap 😉

  12. Leah

    I, unlike Charles, am not a sock. You may call me a troll I am fine with that. Thank you for posting my Facebook information again. You really have no critical thinking skills.

  13. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Which logical facts?

  14. Mary

    This blog seems like a great idea. You want to tell your story, but argue with logical people who state facts.

    Good luck!

  15. Emmy

    Meagan, the Nauglers have gone after the income of other people. Why is it okay for them to dox other people and try to get others fired, but it’s not okay for people to talk about things Nicole does that is directly relevant to the type of care people can expect when leaving their pets in her care?

  16. Meagan

    It is sad that people would go after your income. It is horrible that they are even considered human. I am sorry that you have had to deal with this, but you are going to push through on it like you have everywhere else.

  17. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    You seem to have forgotten your own role in making Jacobs life difficult for him by telling the neighbor you didn’t want Jacob working with him, and riling up nonsense eventually costing Jacob a job and creating problems with a neighbor where there weren’t any. But we will tell that story later.

  18. Al Wilson

    It’ll be interesting to see what your spin on my “involvement with the Nauglers” is. Let me encapsulate it for you. I believe you have in fact embarrassed the community. I do believe that Joe is a failed man, husband, and father. I do believe you are disingenuous.
    Without a doubt, you attempt to intimidate others into silence. Anybody that doesn’t agree with you, that is critical of your debacle is immediately targeted. I believe you are setting those children up for a very difficult life. That’s it. That’s the end of it.

    But you’ll have your own spin. Your own dramatic interludes and lies. Blog away sugarbritches.

  19. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Nothing was said about you that you haven’t said yourself. You made yourself psrt of a story that didn’t involve you. It’s not a game Al. You keep acting like it is. This is the lives of 13 people, who you seem to have a grudge against. We are not writing about your life, we are writing about your involvement with the Nauglers.

  20. Al Wilson


    Does getting mentioned on your Lil copycat wannabe blog as a nefarious character come with a cheaply made carnival koopie doll?

    I’d really like to shrug you people off like the skin irritants you are. But you just don’t seem to get it.

    So… continues.


  21. Emmy

    Anon, paragraph breaks are very narrow. Check your own comment.

    Other dogs being killed for being a danger don’t apply here. Ranger wasn’t a danger to people, and even though other people put down healthy dogs, they do it humanely whereas the Nauglers obviously wouldn’t have taken Ranger to a vet.

    I have the time to follow some of this because I don’t have cable. Rather than watch TV for a few hours a night, I check in on this soap opera once or twice a day, and rarely for more than 15 minutes at a time.

    If you want to talk minor typos, check your own reply, and do something about your allergy to commas.

    Nicole chose to put her life out there publicly. When you decide to make yourself a public figure, you accept the likelihood of critics. If you don’t want to risk public criticism, then make the decision to be a private individual. I decided I didn’t want a public life, and so walked away from from television shows before I had a chance to be listed in the credits of more than a couple. (The last episode I was in airs I think December 18th.) I instead went back to my small business full time.

    It’s a choice. Nicole chose differently. Public life means public criticism. It’s put conceit to think that any public like will only get praise. Surely Nicole’s smart enough to know her decisions are very controversial, and surely she chose to make her life public knowing that a lot of people wouldn’t agree with her and would be vocal about it.

    Or do you want us to believe she’s too ignorant to understand? I may be giving her more credit than you are, Anon.

    And at least I’m using part of my name.

  22. Anon

    Wow Emily, I can’t believe that you even have a business. You are completely clueless and invest so much time in her business it’s shameful. There were so many errors in your rant that I had to read it twice. Use paragraphs and spell check if you are going after someone’s lack of education.

    How many healthy dogs are murdered daily legally for being a danger? Look it up since you clearly have all the time in the world. Unlike you I have a business and even after a few years reading BLH I don’t know as much as you do.

    I support her blocking judgmental trolls and really wish that I knew who you were and block you too.

  23. Emmy

    If others put down healthy dogs, then yes, I do look down on them. Having a non-livestock animal is a commitment that means making sure they are safe and healthy, not killed when they become a burden. If an animal becomes ill, then a humane euthanasia at a vet is fine. I used to work in a vet hospital, and it’s peaceful. I witnessed many euthanaias.

    Dogs who shoot dogs without cause are also wrong.

    Children shouldn’t be working. They should be getting real educations. It should be a crime for children to be deprived of a full education to instead be put to work in a parent’s business. Hire an employee. Stop making children do that work.

    No, no one should be expected to do business with you. No one is obligated to do business with you. If you conduct yourself in bad ways, that will reflect on a business, and you aren’t entitled to the business of others. That is how commerce works. Conduct yourself badly, and people will talk. By the way, you have gone after at least one person at her place of employment. What about the people that woman was trying to feed? Why is it okay to dox that woman and contact her boss, but shame shame on people who post reviews about how Ranger was treated, and the missing pig?

    The established pattern with you is that you do talk about animals that were butchered to eat. You have talked about the children shooting their goat and skinning it. Refusal to say something as simple as “we ate the pig” is a deviation from your established norm, which is the red flag. Threatening to kill a healthy dog is a red flag. You weren’t merely rehoming Ranger. If someone didn’t take him, you were going to kill him. That’s the red flag. NO ONE AT ALL would have blamed you if you were willing to take the time to find him a home. We understand a livestock-killing animal can’t remain in a place with livestock, and we know you can’t afford to build a fence (yet how you think you can afford a horse is beyond anyone’s comprehension, and yes, you’re paying for it, not Abby–all her money comes from you). It was your plan to kill a healthy dog, and obviously without going to a vet, that got people up in arms.

    In one of your videos, post-goat-slaughter, one of your older sons said that they heart makes blood. That’s wrong. Do they know what red blood cells are? Do they know what a fulcrum is? Do your older kids know what the pythagorean theorem is, or the treaty of tripoli? Do they know the first four words of the second article of the constitution? Without looking anything up, of course. If your kids could pass grade level, then why not have them tested regularly? Also, Abby’s inability to do basic research or math is evident in your claim that she did the research and figuring on owning a horses, and she can afford it. Even if she received that sweet, sweet dollar a day from you, $30 a month isn’t enough to take care oh a horse. On top of that, you’ve said you didn’t know where one of your children learned to read, which means that you aren’t homeschooling them, and Joe isn’t or else he could have told you he was working on teaching them. Your poorly-educated children have to teach themselves and each other, and I guarantee you that there is no way children can learn everything they need to know that way.

    If any of those children wanted a real career, they’re out of luck. If any of them wanted to go to cosmetology school, be a doctor or nurse, become a science or art teacher, go into information technology or agricultural science, they can’t. Part of being a good parent is making sure the doors to dreams children may have are open. Those poor children have locked doors. I doubt the oldest could even get into a remedial class at a community college (have him apply for the FASFA–with the family’s low income, he’d qualify for grants, which is cash-money, and none of the college fees would come out of your pocket). My heart literally hurts thinking about how dreaming for bigger things is a waste of time for kids whose educations stall out somewhere in lower elementary school. Those children, just for existing, deserve to get to dream dreams and have a reasonable expectation of them coming true or at least have the door be wide open for them to try.

    I didn’t say tax dollars are currently feeding the kids. Reading comprehension would do you some good, and that is taught starting in the early years of elementary school. I said people would prefer they work instead of taking tax money, and while we’re all glad Nicole’s trying (though the red flags are fair for people to share), Joe isn’t. Nicole posts about the kids doing stuff on the land, the kids planting stuff, the kids trying to harvest. Joe may as well not exist other than to shoot some sperm. Joe could get a job, but he won’t. Those kids take care of the land, and try to educate each other. Joe isn’t needed there. He literally contributes nothing, and is worthless. And I’d rather see food stamps be used to supplement the children’s diets, though obviously with at least one adult trying to feed them through work. And that doesn’t mean the oldest son.

    People have been blocked from your Facebook pages and other blogs for less. If you want people to think you don’t ban, then I suggest unbanning those who are banned.

  24. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Not necessary.

    Do you feel the same about others who put their dogs down, shelters who red flag dogs or cops who shoot dogs point blank with no cause?
    Who says the work is being passed off. The children assist in the business. They aren’t groomers, they are helpers. I think you have a misunderstanding of how business works. You said the cost of feeding a family shouldn’t include expecting others to do business with them? I’m pretty sure that’s how commerce works. The welfare of the their animals is fine. And no one is obligated to notify you every time they sell or butcher an animal. There are no red flags, you are creating something from nothing. And its not fair.

    Again, neither the animals or the children are mistreated. The children are educated. To say otherwise is a bold statement. Do you have a way to back that up?

    Believe it or not, Nicole and Joe do work to feed their children. They are not living on tax dollars. And if there were it would be no different than millions of other families in the US

    And your comment was not deleted, nor were you blocked because thats how we actually roll.
    ~ Might Not Be Nicole.

  25. Emmy

    Couple notes. I suggest you have whoever’s writing a post sign it somehow.

    Second, you’ve shown a frightening disregard for animal lives by red-lining your own dog, threatening to kill him if someone else didn’t take him off your hands within a week. That’s the sort of thing I’d want to know of my dog groomer is doing. I also don’t want my dog groomer to pass the work off to a bunch of kids. The cost of feeding your family shouldn’t include expecting others to leave their pets with you. I suggest you stop having children work with your clients’ animals unless you get written permission that they consent to your children doing the work, and I suggest you stop disregarding the welfare of the animals you own. Yes, what happened to the pig is a concern to many. We understand livestock and killing animals to eat, yet you won’t even say that that’s what happened. There are just too many red flags.

    Sometimes someone’s personal life is relevant to their business life. I speak from experience as a business owner. Straighten up your public life, stop making your young children work when they should be getting real educations, and stop advertising your mistreatment of animals.

    Believe it or not, most people want you AND JOE to work to feed the too-many kids you had rather than to have tax dollars have to feed the kids of able-bodied people, but many people also are alarmed at what you publicly post about your own animals and children.

    I expect this comment will be deleted and I’ll be blocked because that’s how you’ve shown yourself to roll.

  26. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    There are several people working together to write this blog. Its written in third person by me, but not by all. Its to allow consistency in the story telling.

  27. A

    Why is this in 3rd person? Who is writing this blog?

  28. Nemo

    It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Taking income from any family is just wrong. First, you are called grifters and beggars then, antics like this to try and stop you from working. No matter what you do it won’t be good enough.

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