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  1. Seriously!

    Wow, it’s hard to believe that someone would be that cruel! At a time when a young couple are trying to figure things out and plan their future, a person decides they need to step in and say these things about Jacob and his family. That whole message reeks of trying to stir up trouble. The comments about Alex should not have been included since no action was taken at the time of his testimony. For others to keep bringing it up is painful to all parties involved. If true, Alex may not want it posted over and over. If not true, it further tarnishes Joe’s reputation and stands as a barrier to him and Alex ever having a relationship. The only ones who know for sure if anything happened is Joe and Alex. Everyone needs to stop interfering in that issue. Alex, may at some point, seek professional help to overcome whatever scars he received in his childhood. Allow him the time to decide what he needs to do. The other 11 children don’t need this blasted all over about their father. If, at some point, there is proof one way or another it should be used by those involved to try to get the best outcome and the closure of all involved. It doesn’t need to be shared or made public, unless those directly affected choose to share it. Those who scream in behalf of Alex are not doing him any favors. Until he is ready to seek help to deal with his past, people just need to leave him out of it. Nicole, I read your blog about Alex before he ever became a part of all this. You seemed honest and sincere in your writing. You talked about the struggle you had over learning about him and the jealousy you felt about Joe and his mother. The heartbreak you felt over miscarrying Joe’s child. The connection you made with Alex and then bearing a son and a few years later another and the live Alex and Jacob had for each other. The loss and helplessness you felt when you were tricked into sending Alex to see his grandmother. The timing of events and hopelessness at being to poor to fight the system. How you tried to contact the authorities through the years to reconnect the family. It all had a ring of truth to it. I pray if Joe is innocent in this, that at some point he and Alex can have a real relationship. It could lead to a healing for many of his firstborn’s wounds. What happened was traumatic for all involved. If Joe is guilty, I pray that Alex can find a way to heal and at some point reconnect with his siblings. No matter what, Alex was given a raw deal at an early age.

  2. Meagan

    UGH, WHYYYYYY do people have to act like such assholes and intervene where they are not wanted or needed. Your son and his fiance would find a way out if that is what they wanted. It is apparent she feels fine/safe/okay where she is, and it is apparent that Jacob is doing well, especially for a soon to be young father.

    You are doing good Nicole. I am sorry these asses continually harass you and your loved ones. I truly hope they find a life of their own.

  3. Lauren

    I really hope that Joe’s older child doesn’t bow down to your threats and holds firm to the truth. I am really disappointed that you would exploit his issues for that. You realise kids that are abused physically or sexually have more mental disabilities than children in a safe, stable environment right?

    I’m incredibly sad that your kids won’t be able to show their strengths through higher education. God forbid they want to do something with their life, they are going to have a long road ahead of them. I think about them often.

  4. Gayle

    Okay. How about starting with the fact that you kept your whole family in a shack through the winter, but as soon as CPS took the kids, you and Joe laid up in a hotel for weeks, leaving your animals to fend for themselves while you soaked up running water, a nice bed, and fast food. Just start there.

    Then go on to justify how it is that you blackmail your stepson, who by your own admission has mental health issues, to “apologize, or else”. How does one do that to a child they are supposed to love, and one with mental health issues no less? A child that was literally abandoned by his father, one he has never received any support from, while his father continues on producing yet another eleven children he still does nothing to keep out of the throws of poverty.

    Maybe elaborate about all of your labeled stalkers that supposedly stalk your home and business, filming your children, and yet those videos and images have never appeared anywhere.

    Just start there.

  5. Blessed Bloggers

    If you have evidence to support that feel free to post.

  6. Gayle

    And relatively little of what you post here, Nicole, is the whole truth.

  7. Blessed Bloggers

    Not everything is worth a rebuttal.

  8. Emmy

    I challenge you to turn off moderation. If you want what you claim is “the truth” out there, then let every comment post, and then one by one rebut them with your side, correct info, whatever you say are the real facts.

  9. Emmy

    It’s not that hard to score higher than 56% of kids who took the test from that school. Home of the Innocents School says this on its website: “Home of the Innocents operates licensed residential facilities for abandoned, abused, neglected, and homeless children.” So he’s mediocre for a child who fits that.

    I know you want to think that your parenting methods result in a kid trying hard at a fast food job, but have you ever thought that he wants better than you and Joe have been willing to give your kids? My mother was a piece of shit herself, but she at least wanted me and my brother to have better than she had. She didn’t go to nursing school because the dad who beat and raped her and mother who literally didn’t care about the child she tried to abort were such stellar parents. She knew her way out, and that’s what Jacob is doing.

    You had audio posted at one point where you were screaming at a sheriff to shoot you while he remained remarkably calm. How is he the aggressor?

    Like Megan, I also read what you said about Alex as a threat. He either grovels or, at your convenience, you will try to destroy his life. If Joe has not paid child support, then he did abandon Alex.

  10. Blessed Bloggers

    If that’s how you want to spin it.

  11. megan

    Are you threatening your step son into apologising by saying you’ll disclose private information about him if he doesn’t?

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