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It’s A Cabin

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    My husband and I were working on grandpa’s cabin to get it sold, it was a bit melancholy because I love this part of Arizona, and was raised visiting this place almost every summer.

  2. Tamara Prewitt

    How did you guys insulate your cabin? Was it hard to have your beds moved in? Was there a reason you didn’t choose a bigger building? How can I go about doing this on my property as a summer home?

    Where do you guys bathe? How does trash collection or food storage work with such a small space? Is the outdoor kitchen too cold for food storage? Cans freeze, and can explode. You guys can your veggies from the summer garden right? Will those freeze, or is it different from commercial canning?

    How do you convince the kids to get out of their comfy beds and feed/water the animals?

    I am a third grade teacher and would love to teach my class about your lifestyle!

  3. Blessed Bloggers

    They are built for numerous purposes, and the foundation is no different than a pier and beam or mobile home, trailer etc. These “Lofted Cabins” are used as homes and/or businesses by many and are built well enough that they are sturdy and safe. Just because they are portable does not make them any less of a home.

    None of the children are denied basics, nor were they ever.

  4. Emmy

    These buildings are intended to be used as sheds. That’s why it’s being called a garden shed. It is. If you want to try passing it off as a legitimate cabin, put it on foundation instead of hanging it off a hill. Make is permanent instead of a little wood shed that can be moved around.

    Where a type of living becomes wrong is when children are being denied basics. Just because something is done in the slums of Calcutta doesn’t make it acceptable here.

  5. Meagan

    It is ridiculous that people are so damn picky.
    My husband and I are planning on taking our three kids and buying a small cabin, and some land in a year or so. We have plans as well to live off of the land. There is nothing wrong with what you, and your family are doing.
    Small living is pretty awesome, in my opinion, especially if you have land to live off of and explore during the day and in between tasks.

  6. Dawn

    More and more people are buying these little Cabins to raise their family in. Some people choose to upcycle a school bus and make it a home, others live in Campers or Traveling Trailers. Home is where your heart is. All is needed is a roof over your head and protection from the elements. Running water is not needed but water is and can be obtained in many ways. I for one will still be a fan of composting human waste then wasting precious water. Tiny House living leaves less of a carbon footprint. I am so sorry that people are so small minded that think the only way to live is to live in very large modern homes, that leave such large carbon footprints and to live their life in high debt. You and Joe are able to raise your large family by living Tiny and frugal which equals less debt. I am so happy that Jacob and Faith have chosen to live Tiny as well and will start their new life with hardly any debt. Congrats to all. I truly hope more people will chose Tiny House living <3

  7. HighHopes

    I read a lot of blogs about homesteading and tiny house living. Many folks have done the same thing as you guys, and have had to suffer through the same type of negative comments. So some have begun to call their little homes “shabins.” (shed+cabin) I think that is a great way to own your choice! By the way, I really like the choice Jacob and Faith made, it is really cute.

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