The Troll Phenonenon

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  1. Harry G. Nome

    Anything perceived as different from the viewers’ idea of what “normal” life is seems to be attacked. If the kids are happy and healthy, then where is the issue? I slept on the floor by choice often as a child, and out of a car, etc as a young adult. Only in my mid to late twenties did doing such things begin to bother me due to aching bones. Working and daily tasks promoting self sufficiency sound healthy to me… the people opposed to such probably raised pampered kids that can’t stand on their own two feet as adults in any sense.

  2. Eulanda Hibler

    Wow..the throlls..need treatment now..they need bars..for this abusive harrasment…just wow unbelievable the way they think is dangerous period

  3. Jackie Dupree

    Im sorry you and your family has to go through all of this.

  4. Sue

    That makes me want to cry. Prayers.

  5. BlessedLittleHomestead

    No, the lofts are not too small for a bed. You just think there’s only one type of bed to sleep on.

  6. Blue

    Janea, they don’t. The loft they sleep in is too small for beds at all. It’s plywood for the children.

  7. I know the answer is no.

    I think all kid’s deserve their own bed. A real bed not just some sleeping bags piled up on a plywood floor in a garden shed loft. Do all your children have one?

  8. Ben

    A nasty person with zero respect for the children’s feelings. I could probably understand this person’s dislike for Mom and Dad, but to target the children this way is simply cruel and mean.

  9. Meagan

    These people are absolutely ridiculous. If they truly had an interest in your children they wouldn’t have started what they have, they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing.
    There have been so many posts harassing your kids. Not just what they’re doing but how they’re doing. No constructive criticism, just mind boggling ugliness.

    They’re just ugly people, inside and out.

  10. JR

    I didn’t know all of that was going on. That’s heartbreaking.

  11. Vivian

    Pathetic garbage. I’m not sure u should post this and give the troll any publicity at all. She’s ignorant and should be ignored. Bless you and your family.

  12. Elizabeth Litts

    What kind of crazy woman wrote this? I look and see happy healthy clean kids! Just another self rightous nosy witch.

  13. Jenea

    Do the kids have their own beds? Surely they do.

  14. Mommax3

    do you have a specific response as to why any of this above is incorrect information? It really seems to fit the narrative of your facebook posts. Maybe it is time to take this as a learning moment and see why the change of you losing your children is still there. I dont wish that for anyone but take a step back and read the words that were written

  15. Ben

    The kind of people who write this kind of rubbish, are the kind of people no one can reason with. These people are trying to brainwash your children with their warped stories, in hopes that they (the kids) might believe it and turn against their father and mother. It is sad when people attempt to pit kids against their parents. I pray that all of you can get away from all this.

  16. Amber

    They can’t get more pathetic than that.

  17. Public comment private life.

    I’m confused as to what part of this is false? It seems to follow your own posted time line perfectly.

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