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Supporter Attacks

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  1. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I’m not sure a list of blacked out names woukd have the same effect

  2. Melissa

    I can’t believe that grown women are acting this way! I don’t remember the girls back in high school acting this childish. Go do something positive and productive with your time. I’m sure it would make you feel a lot better than dealing with this drama.

  3. Rita Brooks

    Are these notes sent to supporters or notes to her crazy self?

  4. Layla

    I support your choices to live the way that you guys do. But please reconsider removing or blacking out the names on ‘your’ screenshot for the people who have requested it. Whilst Lisa had used this image on her personal profile, you have shared it. I understand why you have shared it but it isn’t fair that certain people were put on that list or that it was shared without their knowledge and have since requested the blacking out of their names to your refusal. Even if this Lisa person removed the list on her profile etc the one that you have posted is still a copy of the original . It’s all well and good to make your points but not to the detriment of supporters, the very people you have written this post to attract.

  5. BlessedLittleHomestead

    You are missing quite a bit. Because that’s not even close to who that list is made of.

  6. Patti

    I am not on the list either but i fully support you 100%

  7. Kay

    So a lady made a list of people for her friends and family not to accept friends requests of. Because of that it’s ok to include my sister in one of your blogs on an unrelated screen shot and you will take it down if the lady apologizes for a list? What am I missing?

  8. Rita Brooks

    BLH, I think Kay is talking about the screenshot above about Valerie.

  9. BlessedLittleHomestead

    That screen shot is Lisa Luthi’s list. Did you ask her to remove the list and apologize to everyone on it?

  10. Kay

    She’s not on any list she is David and crystal on Facebook in your screen shot. You need to remove her and anyone who requests it. You can’t bitch about others doing shit to you when you do it.

  11. BlessedLittleHomestead

    So me posting the pages and people running pages and making attacks on my family is the sane as posting names of innocent family members, friends and supporters? No, it’s completely different.

  12. Jackie

    I do remember you posting screen shots of profile pics and names of people claiming they were bullies on your Nicole Naugler Facebook page. How is that any different than what you claim they are doing? I would probably get my facts straight before I started pointing fingers at someone else!

  13. Tiffany

    I am a supporter, unless you end up killing someone out of pure spite, I think that I will always be. You should be able to live as you please and do as you please. People should be able to support others without harassment, or suggested threats. I believe in your freedom, as I do with everyone’s. However, these stalkers are a mess. They are going to mess with the wrong family one day. Someone won’t take it as peacefully as you have. I hope you and all of your followers fight them back tooth and nail, and protect your rights and yourselves by whatever means are necessary. πŸ™‚

  14. BlessedLittleHomestead

    It’s not my list. You need to contact Lisa Duran Luthi

  15. BlessedLittleHomestead

    It’s not my list. You need to contact Lisa Duran Luthi.

  16. Kay

    You need to remove my sister from your screen shot. She wasn’t bothering you in fact she was one of your supporters at that time. All she did to you was tell you that your were becoming just as bad as they were.

  17. Lori

    can someone please block out my name on this list? Since you banned me I haven’t commented on anything and I would appreciate my name being left out of all this stupid ass bullshit

  18. Paul Steven Bevington

    I see this whole issue as a “Freedom” issue…Nichole, you and your family would just like to live your life in the manner you wish, having autonomy upon your own property to live and pursue what dreams you may have. Your children have a unique experience to grow and learn in a totally different manner than what is pushed on the rest of the populace, and if it is not for them, then they may make the decision when they are old enough to live a different way. I applaud your family’s pioneer spirit and wish you the best. As for those providing the constant harassment of your family, my suggestion to them is to follow the Bible (that is assuming that they are Christians) since Jesus said “Let he who has no sin, cast the first stone”. Either you are being trolled by Saints and person’s the Catholic Church will want to cannonize, or you are being harassed by evil people who are agents of the “other side”. My point should be clear, Live and let Live, stay out of other peoples business, and live your own life and care for your OWN family, don’t bother other people and try to make them conform to YOUR expectations…if your into that, move to a Communist country (say North Korea) and see how your mentality works on a grand scale. Hang in there Nichole!!!

  19. Christina

    This is my 1st comment ever on your blog, perhaps once or twice on your FB but I can’t keep quiet on this one!
    I’m a supporter. I could not live the way you do because, quite honestly, I’m too materialistic. It’s plane and simply that BUT I ha e so much respect for you & your family. I do not know how you do it but you do, and y’all do it well!
    That being said… for them to have this much time on their hands yet complain that “your husband needs to find a job” just blows my damn mind!! Anyone who has as much time on their hands as this person who went thru and created this list is Infact the person who needs to find a job, a hobby, A LIFE! I am embarrassed for the person or people who do this to your family. They must have such a sad sad life. I can’t even imagine.
    Nauglers… keep doing what you do with your heads held high! You’re family is strong, brave, and down right amazing β™‘

  20. Monica

    All of this is so childish! On both your part and theirs! Get off social media and take care of your children, your family, do something good for someone, visit a nursing home, do something positive! All of you should be ashamed!

  21. Ken A Starcher

    I don’t know the Nauglers personally, but I’ve known many like them. You might call their little piece of land a homestead, off-the-grid, hobby farm, subsistence farm, or that place down the road. They may be yuppies, hippies, or rednecks. What they have in common is their desire to live a life closer to nature, away from the pettiness, drama, and shallow social expectations that most urban/suburban dwellers consider normal, maybe preferable. My family considered joining their ranks but rejected it. I am basically lazy. Living on the land and raising a family is a lot of work. Although my wife was up to the task, and I had the desire, I knew my weaknesses. I doubt that I could have worked the land and be a stay at home dad. It is much easier to go to a job, but it is certainly not as rewarding.

    To all of those “do gooder” drama queens in your miserable urban/suburban fantasy world, you need to find something truly constructive with your lives before your bitterness destroys you. There are many opportunities to volunteer at places that can give meaning to that emptiness that you’re trying to fill with hate. Or is it envy?

  22. Robyn Ruggeroli

    I wish people could just mind their own business. Your kids are healthy and well cared for. I think part of the problem with this country is people can’t stand to see others live a lifestyle they don’t agree with.

  23. BS Detector

    Here is the source link for Lisa Luthi’s not blocked or locked down but rather public photo of a spreadsheet provided to her by a contracted undisclosed 3rd party with information on vocal supporters and family members of Joe & Nicole as well as their state of residence (cropped). I’m confused? Did she pay someone to do her stalking for her?

  24. Jillian Renee

    I don’t get what they think is so wrong with your life, back in the 50’s you would have been the average family. Yes times change but we don’t all have to conform to society’s standards. What is the definition of the perfect life? Money doesn’t make you any happier. Material possesions are not what life is about. Why do people feel the need to concern themselves with others lives period….. this is craziness, pure and simple. Surely she has a friend or family member that can see that she needs help. Noreal people don’t bully others because of a certain lifestyle.

  25. concerned citizen

    The thing is these lunatics think they are above the law, above other human beings and have a socialist and communistic mind. This is why our country is going to pot. Women thinking they know it all. They can put a man down faster than anything because they think it’s their God given right. They can tell other women how to run their lives and their homes. Each human being makes a choice and also lives with the results of that choice. That doesn’t mean we have a right to judge the person because they are not the same or raise their families the same. I can see that there is decisions on both sides and alot of feelings and opinions. These trolls need to mind their own families and stick to their own lives. When things go to pot in this country completely there will be the ones that have provided the means to take care of their families and have a knowledge of survival and those that will be saying I don’t know what to do. How do I live without… it’s just sad that these people feel the need to threaten everyone so it makes them look good and it’s obvious by their language, threats what kind of people they really are. Who died and left them judge of humanity?? No one. It’ll come back to bite them hard.

  26. Brittany

    Well, I see I made the list as well. To my knowledge, I haven’t been bothered via FB (but I block people on FB who bother me haha), and good luck finding me in real life to do it. πŸ˜‰

    Keep at it, Nicole. Your way of life is yours and you’re doing it beautifully. What the nay-sayers refuse to accept is that the same State they’re trying to get to take your children away has already cleared you. Reality can be a hard thing for people to live in sometimes, as evidenced by the lives of those who confine to harass you and those who stand with you.

  27. No name please

    I have refrained from publicly posting because I’ve been harassed by some of the same people that are harassing you. I think calling these people trolls is inaccurate. A troll merely shows up and states something offensive or inflammatory to get their kicks, then move on to their next target. For a troll it is a game. Trolls don’t know anything about you, nor do they care. They just are poking people online. That is not what is happening here with you and your supporters. These people are stalking and harassing you and your supporters. It is an organized and systematic campaign of stalking and harassment. It is highly alarming and disturbing. These people, some that are local to you, are gossipmongering and sensationalizing your story in an attempt to smear your name while also attempting to make themselves out to be done kind of heros. It is freakishly narcissistic and psychopathic. They are predatory. They are cyberstalkers. They like to hide behind the umbrella of free speech and claim you are a public figure. But there is a reason that there is a legal distinction between a public figure (such as a government official or famous actor taking heat) and a limited public figure such as yourselves who have been made more public due to news coverage or some other circumstance. It is not protected speech when what is said (or written) is intended to cause an emotion response or to manipulate you into doing something like moving or refraining from blogging or facebooking. Bethannie Horn stating that your husband is a pedophile, Lisa Luthi stating you are dangerous, and Sally Davis stating that she will stop when you remove your blog and Facebook pages are prime examples. But there are many others.
    I will make an effort to reply more here on your blog. I feel safer here than on Facebook. I hope your family can get out from under the oppressive harassment and fear inducing stalkers.

  28. Amanda McMahon

    My name is on that list and I’m happy it’s there! I may have done away with Facebook, but my support still lies with your family. This lady is more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal if she thinks I left because of her. To her I say “You didn’t chase me off. I simply have my own family, life, household, and career to take care of. Life is too short to try to change the opinion of somebody who so narrow-minded they refuse to agree to disagree gracefully. To the Nauglers, keep fighting!

  29. Dawn

    Yes! it’s very true that supporters have been attacked. Many have no longer felt comfortable commenting since they have seen their comments ss and posted to the hate pages or the hate blog. Pics of their children posted on hate pages. They have been contacted via pms accusing them of calling trolls families, work places, and doxxing the trolls. They are accused just because they are vocal supporters.They have also been contacted if they post to the grooming page, with trolls trying to get them to not use Nicole. They call the supporters leghumpers, sheeple, blind followers. They have made it their mission to attack the Nauglers and their supporters since they did not get their way and the children have been returned. They will not stop. They have made pages to make them look as if the Nauglers or their supporters made them. They have made duplicate profiles of supporters, to try and show the supporters were not really supporters or they were a mole. They faked conversations with fake profiles trying to get Nicole to think her close friends or family have turned on her. I know my profile was duplicated and the person who did it had me blocked. I got numerous messages and ss to tell me what was going on. The supporters knew it was not my style of writing or wording and felt they should contact me so I could report it, as they also reported the fake profile. I have been harassed in public online as well in private on pms. The Trolls are the ones doing everything they accuse the Nauglers and their supporters of doing. I feel the list LDL posted of supporters was indeed a target list. She can try to spin it differently or back pedal all she wants. But we all know attorneys lie especially retired ones. This all can stop, all they have to do is go about their own lives and leave the Nauglers alone. The Nauglers have always had a blog and face book page and they can allow who they want on their pages and post about what ever they choose. These Trolls have been posting about the Naugler family their life, their trials for over a year. They are the ones clearly obsessed with someone else’s life. They need to truly get a life of their own. They need to leave the Nauglers and their supporters alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lisa Azbill

    I’m so sorry for what your family has gone through, and is still enduring. Unfortunately, so many parts of Ky are still so unaccepting of the off grid lifestyle. Its just not normal, they think. I live in eastern Ky, and most people in our area are the same. Yet, it’s how their own grandparents lived and raised happy, healthy children. I don’t often get to keep up with your blog, but check in when I can. Your family is an inspiration to us, may God continue to bless you all & keep you safe, shielding you from these people who obviously just have way too much time on their hands.

  31. MLK

    Too bad they didn’t include me. I am for freedom to live your life how you choose. These trolls must have lots of time on their hands!

  32. Andrea Bruns

    I have never made a comment to any of your posts yet, but I have been quietly supporting you Nicole. I think it’s disgusting the way you and your family are being bullied. This reminds me of school when the bullies picked on the weaker kids. I was always told the bullies are the ones with the real problems. I guess it made them feel good about themselves when they attacked the other kids? It is unbelievable to me that these grown adults are acting this way. Your life is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!!
    I don’t know you Nicole, but I know you have a right to live and raise your kids however you want to. The authorities gave your kids back to you, and that is good enough for me. I’m so sorry for the continued harassment you have had to deal with from the people in your town, and online.
    If they are making lists of your supporters, they can ADD ME TO THE LIST!

  33. Meagan

    They criticize you for not allowing trolls to be a**holes on your blog, yet they are going to go after people who are using their freedom of speech? What hypocrites!
    It really does show how boring their lives are, and how little they have to do with themselves, when they have to go after other people. It seems as though there is a lot lacking in these trolls lives, when they have to focus on a family (or many in Sally’s case). SMH. It is sad knowing that these people are completely okay with being useless “trolls” on the internet, when they could be doing so much more with their lives to better the society around them. I hate it for them.
    In the end, they will get theirs.Everything comes out in the wash, and their wash is about done with its cycle.
    I wish safety for your family, and for those who made that list. These trolls aren’t worth allowing fear in anyones heart, but lord knows what psychotic BS they will try to pull on anyone else.

  34. Margaret Thomas

    This was in my feed today from Ray Comfort, it reminded me of these scummy people that are harassing you. They will be judged by their actions, unless they accept Jesus, repent and judge themselves now, and turn from their hatred. Hatred, envy (yes, they envy you!) and bitterness will keep you out of heaven and in eternal torment. They’ve made an idol out of their hatred, and they worship it instead of the One who can save them:
    “Proverbs 16:30
    β€œHe shuts his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he brings evil to pass.”
    Evil always begins in the human heart. It is devised. The influence comes from within rather than without. This is a foundational biblical truth that the world refuses to accept–that man to the core is evil.
    Jesus said that out of the heart comes evil things. He said that the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart.
    The reluctance to acknowledge blame is often seen when someone does something that is clearly evil, like the deliberate killing other human beings. Instead of speaking of the murderer as being evil, it’s said that he struggled with mental problems, or that he came from a broken family. The culprit becomes the victim of mitigating circumstances and the wickedness is justified rather condemned.
    This will not be the case on Judgment Day.”

  35. Rita Brooks

    I made the list, Lisa go fuck yourself!!!

  36. Annette

    I have witnessed many supporters getting harassed. Sometimes just for liking a comment. I have seen them posted about on blogs and pages that don’t support you. I kept quiet for a long time and even now when I comment, I try to choose my words carefully. So many have become quiet. I miss some of the regular commenters as they really seemed nice and level headed. They didn’t always agree with your family but they were still kind to you and always were encouraging. Some of them even tried to have conversations on other pages and were mocked for supporting you. I hope they are still watching and reading your blog. Their views were appreciated by many.

  37. redheadednurse

    I started out not having much support for you but as I observe what is being done to you and your family I’m starting to have more support for you. I wouldn’t want to live off the grid but I have friends who do, they were even able to adopt two children even though they have a composting toilet and no running water. There’s nothing sacred about which parent is the stay at home parent. Two of my neighbors had stay-at-home fathers. In one case the mother much preferred to work outside the home and in the other the mother had a much higher income. Both fathers were great stay at home Dads and it worked for them.

    It must be difficult but I would try to ignore these people trying to tear you down. Don’t respond, that is what they want.

  38. dysfunctionalbear

    i enjoy the blog. i like that ur creative in ways to do things. i camp a lot and like to be self reliant. thats something i teach my son as well.

  39. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I still get a kick out of hylander saying your opinion wasn’t relative because you knew us.. What an idiot.

    I’m grateful for a friend like you. More people should be like April

  40. BlessedLittleHomestead

    That’s not how that works.

  41. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I’m approving this because something caught my eye.. SM huh? What’s SM lol
    I never said I wasn’t going to be going off line. I said I would be posting less on FB, but I woukd still post. I also said I would be posting more events after the fact. Like we have changed beach day. And we won’t post about it.

    I’m not complaining about my mistakes. I’ve made many and I own up to them. My issue is with those who create lies and drama. You know who you are.

    My family is taken care of. Well fed and clean. Thanks to my lazy husband. Because taking care of a family is a real full time job. You may see it as poverty. We live comfortably. You may not agree, but it’s not your place to decide.

  42. Debbie

    Can you block them or monitor your comments? If I were in your situation, I think I’d close my blog and start another one with a different name…

  43. musherpeg

    Do you ever stop lying? Ever? You are not a victim. Your life is the result of your poor decisions. You stated just a few days ago you were not going to be on SM as much and yet you post multiple times a day. You sound paranoid and crazy.
    How about you take care of your family? I mean really take care of them. Cook for them. Make sure they are clean and fed. And how about your lazy husband get a real, honest-to-goodness job.
    I feel so bad for your children. Growing up in abject poverty, surrounded by filth because their parents are nuts.

  44. April Jo Perez

    So nice to see that I made Lisa’s list. Yes, I support the Nauglers. Yes, I know them in real life, and I have for going on 10 years now. Yes, the people opposing the Nauglers have posted pics of my kids, etc., but guess what? I don’t intimidate that easily. Nicole is one of my best friends, and I am proud to call her my friend. She is a strong, amazing woman, and she has a wonderful family.

  45. Ben

    Bullies are cowards. And they use weak people (people they can control) to do their dirty deeds. But a bully understands strength, and when a strong-willed person confronts them they run like a scared rat.

  46. Mary

    My name isn’t on the list but, even if it was it wouldn’t stop me from sticking up for you and your family. I have gone through some pretty nasty crap caused by my own sister and I came out ahead. She threatened me on my answering machine. Called the police. They came over and listened to the tape. Went to her home and asked her if she called my house. She said no..they pulled out the tape and didn’t say anything. She confessed. They fined her for harassment. They kept the tape and told her any more and she could get jail time. I could have sued her for much of what she did and I didn’t. Hitting her as well as someone else in the pocket book hurts them. I would press charges and sue anyone that pulls crap on me again.

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