The Troll Phenonenon

False Allegations

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  1. Brittany

    The comments they’ve made are alarming and most definitely can be considered threatening (especially the one about your oldest son!). I hope you can get around the corruption in your county to get something legally done (since that’s the only thing these people will listen to).

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Sadly, I find myself secretly hoping the trolls find a similar fate as the ones you dealt with. Hopefully before they bankrupt us. I hope you have peace now

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    No. I don’t think anyone was being stalked at the gas station that day. It was pure coincidence and someone decided to make an issue. She was in sight of my family for about 30 seconds, long enough to notice someone pulled up and walked into the store. But that doesn’t fit your creeper agenda, you’ve got to make my husband and sons look bad don’t you. Otherwise your stories don’t hold water.

    My husband wasn’t convicted of menacing. It was a plea deal under duress. And in time, that will all be explained.

    Misunderstood in Texas? By church? Alex? And now? That’s a strangely vague and simplified statement in an attempt to discredut us.

  4. BlessedLittleHomestead

    A rape victim actually. Sally has been taunting a rape victim for several years. Stand up gal Sally Davis is.

  5. Ben

    A few years back, an individual falsely accused me of stalking – in fact I didn’t even know she was within miles of me. She made up the whole story, because she unable to get the location straight. She was a drug head and liar, and she and her mother were trying to get me sent to jail. They never succeeded in getting me jailed, but over the span of five years I spent nearly twenty thousand dollars defending myself against their repeated lies. Then suddenly tragedy struck within their family, and it seemed like one tragic event after another struck, and they finally stopped harassing me. People who fabricate lies and falsely assert that someone is stalking them are very dangerous people. I pray for you and your family.

  6. Sue

    That IS the problem! These mean people ARE reporting things to authorities. That brought Nicole’s husband to court for menacing charges, the neighbor reported the goats, and that brought him to court again, and again the neighbor reported the compost/waste and trash went to his property, to authorities, and in turn, to court again. These mean people are a huge problem. Then again, they had problems with others back in Texas too, if you dont remember. But that means, it’s not the Nauglers fault, its just people -and everyone in general beside the Nauglers- that are the real problem. People are not minding their own business.What is wrong with our country? Neighbors shouldnt care about welfare of their neighbors children. Everyone should leave them alone!! They should have the freedom to do whatever they want. Honestly, who is to say, that they cant have the freedom to do -literally- whatever they want to?!
    I say build a fence. A tall fence! And get them neighbors to pay for it!
    I am praying for you, Nicole.

  7. Sue

    So we have two versions of similar events. One, a pretty 17 year old girl, with a job, friends and her own car and who is going to college in the fall, takes time out of her days filled with work, friends and family, to stalk your husband and your business.
    Or two, your husband, you know…the one with convictions for menacing, hung around to leer, stare and make her feel uncomfortable enough to call her father.
    Which one sounds more plausible? Hmmmm, pretty sure t’s the first one. You really think that girl stalked your husband and family? Are you out of your mind? You might do well to really have a good think about how ridiculous you are sounding.
    Why does everything bad happens to the poor Nauglers. Misunderstood in Texas, misunderstood at the church you used to go to, misunderstood by Alex and his family, and now misunderstood in Breckenridge. But guess who the common denominator in it all is? You and Joe. Because it’s you and Joe that are the problem, not everyone else.

  8. Jane Dale-beaumont

    I wonder who they persecuted before you came along?

  9. MiracleMakinMom

    This is getting more and more alarming by the day. When Sally went on her little escapade up and down your road just innocently visiting the neighbors (haha), along with hearing some her relationships with people, I had assumed (silly me) that she was local. An hour and a half a way is, however, not “local”. So she drove an hour and a half a way — along with, of all people, one of your former employers — in order to hang out with some of your neighbors, is frightening.

    Of course, that’s not stalking or harassment, but another neighbor pulling into the gas station behind your family is classified as *you* stalking them. Right. Now she is essentially stating that Al is threatening to use force against you. That goes right along with the woman threatening to enter your shop with “legal protection”.

    These people have threatened me as well via the comments of a local news station’s page. Instead of lessening with time, their behavior is escalating every day. It’s more frightening by the moment and local law enforcement needs to stop ignoring this behavior.

  10. Melissa

    Can someone please explain what the term Troll means to these people? It’s not a good thing. Sadly I doubt they will ever change. This seems to give them a reason to keep living their pathic life. I wish you the best in the future.

  11. Mickie

    You should take all documentation with you. circumvent the local yocals and go higher in government. Surely there is someone higher up that can stop the character defamation, stalking and abuse of these people. They sound like the scum of the earth.

  12. Beth

    I’ve browsed their troll site, and the fixation is alarming. If they were truly concerned for the well-being of the children, then why are they not reporting to police and letting the proper authorities handle it? If the manner in which your waste is disposed is unhealthy or improper, why would local authorities not be citing you for it? If your goats and whatever else are damaging neighbors’ properties as they state, why are they not having it handled appropriately and legally? It seems to me, that the concern isn’t for the children period. They seem to just want to be nasty, hateful people and target you for their own self satisfaction. I know they read comments on your blog rather regularly, thus my reason for posting here. If they have any real concern, they would go through proper channels and not call themselves “trolls” in the first place. Maybe they don’t understand what being a “troll” is online. It’s harassing and bullying for no real reason; just to torment someone or instigate drama and anger. I don’t live near there, I don’t know more to the situation other than what is posted, but it just seems to me calling oneself a troll and engaging in a smear campaign against a family isn’t resolving the issue. It’s akin to being a kindergarten bully shoving someone in a locker. They do it for the joy of causing trouble. Completely tactless behavior.

    On a side note, is there a particular reason why your family would not want to move out of the region? I wouldn’t want to be around people like that. I wouldn’t want my children around people doing things like that. I understand standing your ground and fighting for what you believe in, but there comes a point where safety and happiness supersede the fight, particularly when children are involved. I honestly believe that despite what work you’ve put into the place, it would be more beneficial for your family, your homestead, and your business to find a location less surrounded by negativity, but that’s just my opinion.

  13. Liz Dillon

    SOrry to hear of so many unhappy people in your area that they are ready to make negative comment about your family. Very sick people for sure. THey are everywhere in the US and world. Blessings to you and family. Liz

  14. rachel

    seriously why can’t people let you alone…You are obviously taking good care of your family…loving them to the moon and back more than some families do…I say leave you alone..

  15. Barbara

    It’s a shame you have to live with this. Even more shame is the fact that the authorities are ignorant to what is actuality. Not surprising, but shameful. Perhaps you should start taking pictures every time they pull up behind or beside you, or come into a store when you’re there, as it seems to me, they are doing the stalking. Praying for you.

  16. Mary

    Those people that post that crap is scrum as far as I see it. Gee…if your kids with a father like the one the girl has I would be watching my back too. Never no what the heck they would do if you turn your back. I guess the girl is so full of her self she thinks everyone wants her butt lmbo.

  17. Delana Wise

    They should be charged with stalking, harassment and endangering minors! They seem to be mentally off. To be so fixated with someone else’s life is just creepy!

  18. Meagan

    They are so sad. I’m sorry you have to deal with them and I am again glad that you are continuing to document all of this.
    I hope these useless human beings that are stalking you eventually get a life.
    I pray that you and your family have Safety. 🙂

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