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An attempt to silence me. Us.

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  1. Meagan

    Keep on, Keeping on! I love that you are doing this. Not that you need my approval. It just warms my heart to see that you are making an effort to try to get people to see other sides of stories thrown out to the public by news sources for judgement.

  2. Robin Guilbeaux

    Keep doing what you are doing….Damn trolls have nothing better to do. Don’t like something scroll on by.

  3. Mommy Love

    Kim, “the truth as some people see it”???? Sorry, there is only ONE truth whether you see it or not!

  4. Mommy Love

    Kim and Beth, leave Nicole alone. Why don’t you two stop following her blog and focus on YOUR own children and YOUR community?!

  5. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I know it’s a difficult task for some but I can walk and chew gum at the sAme time. The internet isn’t difficult to maneuver. I’m not fighting with anyone. I defend my family when need be. Outside of that I don’t give a crap what anyone else does. I really don’t.

    As far as the recent video. It was a casual conversation. It wasn’t an interrogation. But I know that is all you people know. Everything with you people is an interrogation. Down girl!

  6. Kim

    Why don’t you try to stay of the internet for a while and concentrate on your 11 children? You are just as bad as anyone else Nicole! The video of your older children was very telling imo I’m not sure what you were expecting to accomplish there, but it only highlighted the fact that your children have zero respect for you. They never really answered any of the questions you asked. They interrupted each other, talked over each other, and made you look like a fool. Do you want your child to only have memories of you hunched over your phone, fighting with people on FB and various blogs?? Think about it. ***I doubt this post will actually make it to your blog, as I know you don’t like the truth as some people see it.

  7. Somewhere in Texas

    It’s people like Beth above that create your “drama” and constantly stir the pot. If someone doesn’t like what you post, there IS the option to continue scrolling…..

  8. Jackie

    We all have freedom of speech and if the lady was wasting her time telling you to stop posting, she should stop reading and remove herself.

  9. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Read my post again and without the focus on the trolls.

  10. Beth

    Oh my goodness! It’s nothing but drama with you-all the time! Take care of your children, get off social media and stop worrying about what all those trolls say! Every time you respond it just shows them that you are bothered by what they post. Those children will be grown before you know and all you’re going to have is this nonsense to look back on. Go out into your community and do something positive for someone. Live for your children, not them!

  11. SueLynn

    Yes, those folks are incapable of discerning thought. I understood your purpose, if you can claim it’s “for the children!” people will allow anything and be angry with you if you don’t. Your trolls understand this very well. After all, it is their go to excuse when someone suggests they are behaving badly. Even though several of them have admitted they don’t care about the children. Still if they are questioned they fall back on “but,but, the children!” and start clutching their pearls.
    I also did not know being ‘uninteresting’ was a violation of the Facebook TOS. That is actually pretty funny. I may have to use that.

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