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  1. Mari

    I am so sorry for what you are going through
    I respect your strength.
    Keep up the faith as well as document all they do.
    I’ll pray for your family.

  2. Tiffany

    It’s awful that people cannot mind their own business. It’s awful that people won’t just leave you and your family alone. It shows how mentally disturb and obsessive they are of you and your family. I am sorry that a handful of asinine local people are trying to disturb you and your family’s way of life. It’s not right.

    I think it’s great that you do have local support, it is great that people have appreciation and a general understanding of what you are trying to do. When people are as loud mouth about the support you “don’t have” it shows their fear. It reminds me of children who don’t want to accept new facts, fingers in their ears screaming something loud and obnoxious over and over again.

    It is wonderful that you are standing up for yourself, your family, and your right to live as you please. Thank you showing people a different way about things and not to tolerate bullshit from the naysayers.

  3. Sue

    God bless, Nicole!
    Jesus was persecuted and he died for our sins. In turn, we are all sinners; me, you, your neighbors. Maybe the locals over there take that for granted. I really hope youre showing them humility and the Grace of God with your behavior and all that you do – its the best way to share your testament, and affect their lives for the better through the Lord our savior. Perhaps, if they see that you have an amazing heart, kindness and humility – even in your circumstances, with 11 children – they will be really affected and changed by your testament and political ideologies. Because you wont get anywhere with anger and a negative attitude. Keep your chin up and overcome the persecution, prayers are being sent your way so that you may do just that!

  4. SueLynn

    Nicole, I am truly sorry you are still going through this. I do think keeping the light of public disclosure on these people is a good defensive approach. They appear to be crazy with hate. I don’t get it, I never will. We had a “bad neighbor” once. When we reached our limit we built a privacy fence. He came over while my husband was working on it and said his wife wanted to know how high we were building it. (Jokingly he had told her probably 11 feet high.) My guy looked at him and said “No, just eight.” Lol. The point being, if they have a problem, let them build the fence. And by the way, we worked things out and parted amicably. So, live your life, enjoy your home and family and be, as far as it depends on you, peaceable.

  5. Chana

    Not sure why they would want to run you off because then they would all be bored to death… they need to get a life and leave yours alone.

  6. BlessedLittleHomestead

    We have quite a bit of local support. Don’t let these few loudmouths fool you

  7. Misty Barber

    Wow! That idiot even ADMITS he wants to chase you and your family out of the community. The dipshit just incriminated himself!!! ?????

  8. KAM

    Have you ever wondered why everyone in the area is friends and they all seem to dislike you so much?
    The common denominator here is you. Maybe there is something in what you are putting out into the community that is attracting such negativity from all those around you.

  9. Carrie

    I’m sorry you are still going through this 🙁
    Why can’t they just get a life and leave your family alone? They sound like a bunch of wanna be redneck thugs….

  10. BlessedLittleHomestead

    We saw him close up. And got his plate number. For police reference.

  11. Meagan

    I really do wish they would get a life and leave you all alone. This is absolute nonsense and apparently they have nothing better to do with their time.
    I am sorry they keep harassing you, you don’t deserve this, nor do your children. I’m glad that you keep these aspects updated.

  12. Kay

    From that distance how can you claim to know who that is?

  13. Delana Wise

    Wow, it is amazing the amount harassment and ignorance you have to deal with, when all you want to do is live a simple life of peace!

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