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Oh Crap.

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    I am so in awe and yes I am not the best at putting thoughts into words..and no I don’t ever go to the troll page..why? Cause u make me sick..and I want to puke on it..I don’t have the time to troll..sorry I’m to busy myself raising my kiddos..but I do love Joe Nicole and the kiddos..and anyone that trolls to bring harm to others will be judged one day..I wish I lived back a hundred years..all this trolling would be obsolete. .their way of life would be everyone’s way of life..I’m not here to troll..cause to me I am their friend for life. .I don’t get this we have isis training camps right here in America on our to destroy us..all if they get the chance..why don’t u perfect people leave my friends alone so they can prepresent to be able to keep their loving family safe..put urself in the shoes of the pioneers..back a hundred yrs ago who only relied on rain..ect..ect..even animals wild in the woods shit n pee..and the land is safe to camp go shit where u want..what a thing to worry about..I have 6 dogs that shit in my yard..and I’m not sick..omg just so sad that people won’t leave them alone..I am so sad life has come to this I’m old..guess the stories my grandparents told me how they survived was all in vane..I’m pist at all the u Nauglers all of u

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Chris Miller I assume you copied and pasted this?

    Let me fix it before you go posting it all over the Internet and make a fool of yourself.
    “Squatting is the action of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land–or a building, usually residential—that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have lawful permission to use.” Considering I not only have permission,but I pay for my land,and have been for 3 years, I can’t fathom how you or anyone else can refer to us as squatters. But then again, I’ve seen quite a bit of ignorance from your camp.

    I’m not sure how you can claim any of what you say as truth. “True homesteaders”? I think you mean expert homesteaders. You would be correct. We are not expert homesteaders. Never claimed to be.

    Most everyone depends on food, water and energy sources off their land. I do not see how that’s an issue. But sure. Run with it. Go! Quick!

    Considering we have about 6 weeks of food storage (for 13 people and 4 dogs) and livestock animals plus food we can hunt and forage, we would actually survive many many months. Add in the ability to grow new food with our seed bank, our rainwater collection and solar panels and limited electrical needs, I have no doubts in our ability to survive.

  3. April Jo Perez

    Chris, you need to invest in a dictionary… do you even know what a squatter is? You obviously don’t know what a homesteader is, either.

  4. Chris

    Read this. I know you will know it’s origins. This is the honest truth, you can not deny!

    You are not true homesteaders!

    “You are squatters living without utilities in a garden shed. You depend totally on water from a source off “your” land, on food from sources off “your” land, on power from sources off “your” land except for the tiny bit of juice you generate with two small solar panels. Take away your off-the-land resources and you would all be dead in two weeks for sure and probably sooner than that.”

  5. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Im not giving that garbage page hits. Let me guess what it says
    Al and Sally are awesome and perfect and my husband and I suck. Did I get it right?

  6. Leona

    Al and Sally made a post so that you could better understand the process. It’s a great blog! Very informative.

  7. Stephens family farm

    I applaud you and your family. I wish we had started when our children were younger. All we have at home is our (baby) 16 year old.

    We have been on our property for 2 years, started in a tent with no bathroom at all just a bucket and cedar bedding.

    Cps was called out and promptly left because they saw nothing that would harmful to our son.

    We compost our human waste the same as you do. And frankly it smells much better than the manure left behind by our ducks and geese… lol…

    Keep posting, keep educating..

    We also unschooled our son and his tests are much better than when he was in public school.

    I know you live your area but look into my area… the county has already told us that we only need permits for a commercial hog operation or a power plant. Anything else is our way as long as we own our property! …

    And the parents right to teach is guaranteed in our state Constitution,

  8. April Jo Perez

    Thatsanono, you contradict yourself. You came to the blog to learn more about living off grid, but they should be more private and not post so many details. If they are using a composting toilet, they should not post about it, because if they are doing it right, the neighbors will never know, but they should post a video of the whole process because it is educational. You make no sense.

  9. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thanks. I see it all over as well. It’s just getting worse. I wish more people would wake up

  10. Ben

    This is a small example of how much power the Local Government has over the average citizen. I read about a similar case in another County, where a man was forced to sell his house and its adjoining property, all because his neighbors were constantly complaining about his off grid lifestyle. This is government run amok. Long before modern septic tanks (septic tanks contaminate underground water veins, you know) were created, people crapped outside. Any average citizen who thinks the government is their friend is badly mistaken. The government is made of up people who have no commonsense, no understanding, and no compassion. I regret that you good folks are having to constantly deal with this type of harassment.

  11. thatsanono

    Hello dear,

    Just received a email referring to your latest post and thought I would pop-in and see how the little homestead is doing; when I happened to see Heidi Moores post on composting human waste.

    “If you are in fact composting your waste and disposing of it properly why haven’t you shown that process? It seems simple enough; post the pics and/or video of it. You seem to blog/vlog and post pics of everything else with the exception of that.”

    I guess I over looked it before. Though I think it came off as being a snarky, on her part. That’s not a bad idea!

    I love to see educational stuff like that and how different people are doing it. Mean while you could educate some of these mud slinging nah sayers. God knows, some of them could use it!

    I’d really enjoy seeing how you do it. That’s the kind of stuff that drew me to your site, and I think you have a lot to offer on how to go about this.

    Sorry to see so many are being so naughty toward. Hope things smooth out soon.

    Wishing you all the best.

  12. BlessedLittleHomestead

    That’s not what happened. They dropped the bs about contamination. That was our big issue. We did not have a permit. We agree with that. What we contested was that we asked about a permit and was told there wasn’t one. We now have the permit info so we can proceed with getting permission to compost rather than composting without permission. While I disagree that we need to even ask, we do not disagree with the court. There are no charges. The paperwork is standard for the county. It’s not a concession, nor are we concerned.

  13. Beth

    And of course as always as soon as your husband walked into court he changed his tune. He accepted a deferral and has to be good for a year. If you were right why not fight the charges? Because you know that you never were. It’s all right there in black and white.

  14. thatsanono

    I’m dumb founded. I came to your blog sometime back hoping to learn a little more about living off the grid. Personally I thought you were doing an awesome job both with the homestead and your little family. My grandparents, their grandparents and many, many others before them lived off the grid, with out door toilets and water for baths.

    Today you can go on the Internet and enroll your children, at the cost of the state no less, on accredited online schools. This should not be a problem. Not to mention that YOUR children learn so much more about daily life and how to care for themselves and the environment, than most inner city kids.

    But I can’t believe you and these other idiots would air your laundry online. What are you people thinking? That’s just asking for trouble. The Internet can be a very vicious place to be. Everybody thinks they can do your life better than you can. And fact is they need to work on their own stuff. That should keep them plenty busy.

    Side note….That said, if you are using a composting toilet, like hundreds of thousands are doing now, what with the tiny house community and off gridders being so popular, and your neighbors know it without you telling it. Then you are doing it wrong. Human composting is very health for gardens and sustainable living IF you are doing it right.

    I agree with you on one point. When I was raising my son alone. People would say, you are to easy on your son. Then the next week those same people would say I am to hard on him. Funny, my son had several styles of martial arts under him, had his own booth where he made a couple of hundred dollars a weekend, selling toys HE MADE at the age of 10 up, at the local craft fairs we attended. He was home schooled, the head of/President of Y.O.U youth ministry at the age of 14. And when I finally put him in a Christian Private school to finish off his Jr High and High School years. Not only did he ace it, but went to college to finish off 10th, 11th, and 12th. Because I forced the college to test him and allow him to attend, he was so far ahead that he could!

    I think what you have to offer your children, in life skills and education, way surpasses the drugs, bullying, gangs and god knows what else the average kid goes though today BEFORE they come home to the empty house, where parents are absent most of the time.

    But you should really try to keep somethings private. The more they see you out there, the more they are going to throw eggs at you. It’s just the way it is. Many people don’t like it when they see someone else doing what they themselves can’t do, or don’t have the guts to do.

    Pick your battles.

    I know you may think I am not in your corner but you’re wrong. I am with you up and to a point. And wish you all the best.

  15. Kathy Hodges

    How much has Mr Hinton caused your family to pay out by means of having to get a port a potty? How much do you have to pay for it and for the pumping fee? Id just build 2 or three outhouses around my property. You have your own way of doingthe waste and that’s should be your business.

  16. BlessedLittleHomestead

    It will be addressed soon

  17. Gina

    You and your husband are joke! The last time a journalist commented on your situation you went on her Facebook page and demanded she take it down. That didn’t work did it? Now your demanding that the newspaper correct what was said about you in the front page. That info is all public court record knowledge, there’s nothing to correct. Joe said you were gonna go viral and now that all your shortcomings have you cry that your a victim. You two have to follow the laws of this land, just like we all do. If you don’t like it find a new country. Things aren’t gonna change for you!

  18. lauren

    still in moderation,but will you answer the newspaper clip that says you’ve contaminated the land you live on

  19. Missi

    Well is poor feeble Alaskans. However do we manage with our off grid ways, outhouses, not having the luxuries that most of the lower 48 think are necessities. Things that most people believe are what all children must have to live a healthy life are luxuries to most people who live in Alaska, not necessities.

  20. Jodi

    Wow do you mean nasty people even know where half of your crap goes. Oh yes we all think it goes to the big sewer in the sky or maybe city or state regulated system to be washed of all its stink when a septic is pumped. Funny though because I know septic company’s that pump and dump on neighbors crop lands. Yep true story. We got a talking to for flushing tampons!! Oh the horror of thinking somebody saw my crap in a field, but that’s a different story. I asked how he even knew and it’s because they have this handy little thing that goes inside your septic and stirs up your waste and catches all those dangly things. 🙂 as much as I’d like to stand in the bathroom (NOT) and make sure all whom enter my home do not flush one it’s probably not going to happen. Watch what you eat sheeple your corn cob might be a tampon!!!! Composting human waste is not rocket science many cabins here by the lakes have above ground composting toilets and I truly think the trolls on here are probably the people starting all or some of your troubles. I am not up on your states regulations but I can tell everyone that things are not always as they seem. Did you also know a CT scan emits as much radiation as 200 xrays and in fact that’s as much as we are exposed to in a 7year period. Doctors aren’t liars they just don’t tell you. Now we’ve all been duped! Hmmm who knew. Have a good day!

  21. Dee

    When I was growing up everyone had outhouses an drank well water an grew their gardens on the same property, we were rarely sick an neighbors did the what is the big harm one neighbor composting ? People just need to mind their own business..unless someone is getting hurt which I don’t see happening ..leave these people alone an let them raise their beautiful homeschool is the best the way schools are now days…❤️❤️❤️

  22. Dee

    I believe these people hate your husband for him stepping up to them get your permits and do as needed God has you and is not going put you thru anything you can’t handle this is all a test show everyone you got this and it will all be ok everyone needs to leave this family alone ,but I agree the lack of knowledge is frieghting when it comes to the local officials who the hell voted them in? Oh yeah the same ingonant people causing issues I guarantee no one would be taking my kids pictures as they play at my house

  23. Jeannie

    I am not completely sure you get the point…from the pictures she posted on FB, the outhouse toilet is above ground, meaning their waste goes into a bucket that then gets carried to a compost pile. The laws for human waste composting, for health reasons, is very specific. There has to be layers of saw dust or straw and lye, because in order to kill the harmful microbes in human waste, the compost pile must reach a certain temperature and maintain that temperature. That’s why a structure is required and all the other necessary elements to achieve the heat. Forget the health risks involved with children using toilets without hand washing available and children carrying buckets of crap and dumping on a pile of crap that’s not contained or properly contained, forget also that there is no rinsing mechanism for the bucket that was dumped and must be carried back to the shack they call a toilet, but think about the cross contamination of animals that walk over the crap and around the outdoor kitchen….children deserve better and don’t say it’s a matter of opinion because it isn’t opinion it’s science….logic….and truth.

  24. Julie

    Myself and my daughter have attended a Girl Scout camp for 2 decades…. Guess what…. We composted our waste…. Always have … Always will…. Next to a lake….. On corps of engineer land …… Our camp doesn’t jump thru these hoops….. It’s your land …. You need to start taking pictures of the trolls taking pics and start blasting them!!!!! This makes me sad for our country …. It’s no longer land of the free….. And it’s all about the all mighty dollar ?

  25. Mary

    People come and pump out my septic tank using a big truck. Where do they dump it? I was told they have land that they pump/spray it onto. Do they treat it with some chemicals to break down the solid waste? I am told they do. What does the chemicals do to the land they dump /spray it on? I have no idea. Out houses ..hole in the ground. Dump lime in..cover it up..dig another hole…yep..saw it on Alaska the last frontier.

  26. ammevoz

    I’m so confused by why people think we would want to see pictures of the composting of human waste. I agree if it is a problem let the health department handle it. And you can call any of the media trolls if you like because that is exactly what they are not to mention liars. I would file a suit for Specific Performance and sue them for painting you and your family in a false light. As long as you and your children are safe and happy live your life. But I do think you might need to obtain the help of a pro bono lawyer at this point because whenever people step outside of the box too many will stand against you and the law is never on your side. Plus I think porta-potties are disgusting and I can only imagine it smells. The waste just sits there until a truck comes and pulls it out right? Yuck!

  27. Namesrgone

    Why do you keep referring to contamination? I don’t see that on the County’s correspondance. Simply that you are dumping human waste above ground which is illegal whether you are composting it, or not. There’s just too many things that could go wrong and make people ill. Your family included. Why don’t you compost it in a bin like it’s described in the Humanure Handbook. You could skirt the whole issue of putting raw sewage on top of the ground.

  28. Allen

    Wow, “The Crow”(Joe) you’re a really angry person aren’t you? You have no way to know if there is contamination or not since no tests have been done yet. Correct? You do indeed have freedom but if that freedom causes problems for others that becomes an issue! If you would have been composting correctly in the first place all these fees you speak of wouldn’t exist.

  29. Sue

    God Bless you, Mr. The Crow,
    I know you are passionate about this cause, and that is good. Use it for good.
    God calls for lesser role of Government, maybe in time that will happen. But in the meantime… If I may answer your question, “Why is the government involved beforehand?”
    Preventative measures. As I understand it, the respective state governments regulates waste disposal, to prevent harm from happening – so it does not happen in the first place. Regulating a certain site, after the fact, would do no good. So, they regulate all of the land, again – to prevent – environmental impact. It is all about preventative measures. Everyone is subjected to them. And regarding your closing expression, that attitude is not a winning one. It is with Gods Grace that we are here, and we should be humble and kind, in His name. Take action against the Government, start a campaign, fight the good fight, but for God’s sake, do not “F*** the law!”, or you will instead find yourself on the the receiving end of such a sentiment.

    I advocate for less government. It is best, I think. I believe that is how government would be, in His name. Sad, it is not the case. As far as property rights, my husband informs me (we run a property-management business) that, the property rights that you claim are stripped from you and “[sold back] for a fee”, are in fact, used to protect you. What if your neighbors actually were harming your land, creating negative effects and harmful environmental impact to your property? Those fees, are used to help insure that that will not happen. You could sue them, if they hadn’t done their job. Now, I don’t know how I feel about that, really. Again, I would advocate for less government. Alas, that is the current law of the land. What we can do, is learn from His teachings to carry us through life as best we can, and provide for our family’s happiness and spirit, in Jesus’ name. In any case, we are really rooting for the Nauglers!! Al the way from CA. Pray they will find a way, and thrive, with all their beautiful blessings!

  30. The Crow

    And the question you should be asking, dear the Sue, is why the government needs to regulate composting human waste WHERE NO MATERIAL HARM to adjacent property, and no detectable environmental impact can be shown – WHY is the government involved before-hand? Making people jump through hoops. That’s not freedom. That’s taking your property rights away from you, then selling them back for a fee. So pardon my expression, but fuck the law.

  31. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Because what we didn’t have was a permit. I thought getting a permit woukd be easy, however we are looking at a binder full of paperwork that would take a lot of time and money to put together and the temporary solution for that is the port a potty. Did you read the blog?

  32. Sue

    The point that has not gotten across, dear The Crow, is that, composting human waste above ground, is illegal in KY, for one reason or another. One needs a septic, and a permit, obviously, as explained in the posted letter. That isnt up for debate.Later, after everything is squared away, fight for change. Help God, help yourselves. He has blessed you! Wow, 11 blessings! With the Grace of God, the Nauglers can overcome this! Were rooting for you!! Go Nauglers!!

  33. Allen

    I could see how a photo may be misconstrued but what about a video? It just seems as if you have excuse after excuse for not producing any evidence. If you know for a fact, 100% that your in compliance what’s the need for the porta potty? Facts just aren’t adding up.

  34. SueLynn

    I am with Lucy on this. They (trolls) demand explanations and photos as though they are entitled to them. Once their demands are met, they and I do quote, “go over them with a fine tooth comb.” Then anything they feel is even slightly off, they are on the phone with authorities and/or on the ‘net using their hate pages to stir up the mob! I say don’t give them a thing! Your friends and supporters are glad to wait, the others? Meh.

  35. Lucy

    People demanded pictures of goats, what came after? You went to court because of goats. People demanded proof of accident, what followed? The driver of the offending vehicle was excused and coddled while you, the victims, were raked over the coals. People demanded pictures of the toilet, what happened? You’re now dealing with court over PICTURES! Nicole, don’t show them anything! Once everything is settled that would be the time to share if YOU choose to. These people say they care about your children but throw nonstop drama in your lives. How does that help anything except making them feel they have power over you. Give them nothing, you owe them nothing!

  36. The Crow

    My real name? Listen, Pasty, why don’t you post your social name, address, and social security number… for verification purposes, of course.

    Joe and Nicole don’t need pseudonyms when they respond to asshat trolls. Nether do I, actually. I just really enjoy pissing trolls like you off and furthering intrigue.

  37. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Because a photo wouldn’t be enough and it would be misconstrued.

  38. Phillip

    I’ve seen many people ask why you haven’t posted a pic of your composting pile however you never answer the question. Why is that? Wouldn’t that clear things up and show that you are in compliance and the health department is wrong?

  39. Patsy

    Ok the crow I mean Joe. Just post your real name.

  40. The Crow

    I think a lot of you are missing the freaking point. Composting toilets are a pretty old technology. They’ve been used for a long time, and it’s not that difficult to do it correctly. So why does the state need to be involved? If there’s a complaint of material harm to an adjacent property, the property owner should be able to pursue civil action.

    At NO point does a government bureaucracy need to be involved in licensing and inspecting a hole in the ground into which crap is dumped. I mean seriously – is there a person at some government bureau whose job title is “shit-hole inspector?”

    And Peg. With all due respect, go screw yourself. And do remember, I said that with all due respect. The Naugler’s aren’t making anything harder for “real” homesteading and homeschooling families. You know who is? The government. Stop victim-blaming. If you want to be pissed about your lack of freedom, go find a politician. Blaming other people is exactly what they want you to do – shift the blame away from them. Grow up and start taking responsibility for yourself instead of trying to shift blame will you?

    You should be thanking the Nauglers for highlighting just how many freedoms have been stolen from you.

  41. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Oh fancy Nancy, but I do 🙂

  42. Peg

    If you are doing everything correctly, why are there never pictures of this process? Composting human waste is a very scientific process and not just a matter of having one of your kids hauling a bucket of crap out to a compost pile. Where is the photo evidence of this? Or the photo evidence that you are providing proper shelter for your children? Or the unschooling which apparently consists of days on the beach. Your family makes it very hard for real homesteading and homeschooling families. Grow up and start being parents will you?

  43. Sue

    Edit to add: It is out of kindness that I comment. I meant all of the following because, in all of your recorded calls, etc., you sound very hostile and loaded. And it is impossible to communicate successfully, to have your message understood, speaking in such a manner. Look for strength to have patience! With grace and patience, with the other party is more willing to hear you.
    GOD BLESS! Sending best wishes for your family, from CA!

  44. Sue

    As always, I offer my prayers!! We’ve been rooting for you these 3 years!

    Everyone has to have an inspection and permit issued. I could see how you didn’t know this, if you are first-time property owners. So many surprises and setbacks for first-time home or property owners.

    I would plead with you to take a deep breath, and approach the county health department with kindness, respect, and grace of God. They are educated in the codes, and it is their job to serve the community. They want to help you. But I know you are always on the defense – what with all of your trials – its hard not to be. Just remember all of your blessings, and show your testament through humility and grace! God’s grace will get you further than a sharp tongue.

    If you are not following a law – and in this case, it is illegal to compost human waste above ground (even if you are composting correctly) – unfortunately there are repercussions, even if you mean well – and we know you do – or even if you didnt know that you needed a permit for any and all sewage treatment. Nobody agrees with all laws. But you can always work to lobby to change them. In the meantime, obey the law. God’s grace will help you – you are so blessed, with 11 beautiful gifts from Him. Those should be your focus. Dont let principles come before your children – this stress and chaos transfers to them. It is OK to be human. We are all humans, who make mistakes. God Almighty forgives and gives us strength to move forward!

    Suzzanne Rodgers and Family

  45. Nancy

    I can imagine that the reporter that you reference would not be too happy to see that you have in fact called her a “troll”. I would never make a public accusation about someone unless I knew absolutely for sure that it was in fact true. I would hope that you would have proof of that claim.I would probably edit that out, you’re in enough trouble already.

  46. Heidi Moore

    If you are in fact composting your waste and disposing of it properly why haven’t you shown that process? It seems simple enough; post the pics and/or video of it. You seem to blog/vlog and post pics of everything else with the exception of that.

  47. Roberta


    I was just curious if N or J had contacted a lab to take samples. While the health department/sanitation department will come out and test, it’s possible to have a private lab do testing too (I use to do this work for the county). Having an independent, private lab (affiliated with the EPA) do testing would either confirm or deny the contamination issue. If someone was accusing me of contaminating water or soil, I would definitely have another lab test it besides the government lab for more proof, but that’s just me 🙂

  48. Daisy Dew

    Their ignorance is breathtaking – simply googling would give them what they need to know, surely?

  49. Robin

    Robweta, that would be under the authority of the health department. If there is a contamination complaint they are supposed to come out and take samples. r_

  50. Roberta

    How do you know you’re not contaminating your neighbor’s property? Have you taken samples to an independent lab to be tested to prove you’re right, or are you just assuming you’re not?

  51. Mari G.

    This is a crap excuse from the government.
    I respect your fight, and I wish you all the best.

  52. Connie

    The same thing happened to the lady who had off grid wanna-be’s. They had to keep the porta potty.

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