Bat Shit Crazy

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  1. Renee

    Dear Sister Nicole,

    You may already know or have heard this before, we live in a time of great evil and it is growing worse by the day. You, your family, and many others are experiencing it first hand. When you say, or do what is right or good, the other side completely detests it. They have no love or truth within them, only hatred and darkness. It truly isn’t coming from them but the demons that are controlling and using them.

    I know it is hard, I’ve been down similar roads in my life. If you can pray and forgive these people, God can free and heal them from the demons of hatred that control them. We know and understand very little of what is happening in the spirit realm. We can clearly see and experience the outward expressions of it in this world.

    Please take the necessary legal steps to protect your family and seek God’s guidance and will daily. I will be praying for Creator’s powerful love, healing, and protection for each of these people, you, and your family also.

    “and forgive us our sins, just as much as we forgive those that sin against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil in this world” (Matt. 6:12)

    With much love & concern for you all,

  2. MiracleMakinMom

    The threats and harassment are escalating to a dangerous level, I’m getting seriously concerned.

  3. ItsAlwaysSunny

    No matter what we do in life, there will always be individuals that disagree. Whats unfortunate about this whole thing is that instead if just disagreeing, people are starting to get a little crazy. And out of control. It amazes me that people spend their time judging what you do, rather than living their own lives, doing their own things. Nothing in life is worth pursuing, if it isn’t questioned. But stay safe and stay strong. I live what you and your family are doing and think so many others would benefit from the same. Best wishes and lots of love. <3

  4. Chana

    will these people in your area ever get a life? oh wait they do have a life and its watching everything you and your family does. Sad little people!

  5. Mary

    I can’t even believe the audacity of this girl! That is a threat and I would make sure you report it as such! Someone saying stuff like that about me and my beliefs and my family and my property and my business better think twice! Ugh…I am so so sorry to hear that you still have people like this trying to assert their beliefs in your life and threaten you. People just need to learn to mind their own business. Praying for your (and your family’s) safety and protection!

  6. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I have not posted any blogs recently but I have been updating the FB page quite often. But this insnt a blog about homesteading. It’s a blog about our family. It’s just named for our homestead. Kind of like the 80,s tv show Dallas. It wasn’t about the city of Dallas, rather it was about a family who lived in Dallas (area)

  7. Betsy

    Do you ever blog about homesteading anymore?

  8. Alyssa Dahlberg

    I’d go to the police with this.
    I’m sorry Nicole.
    Whether people agree with your lifestyle or not, they shouldn’t be mean to you or your family.
    So sad

  9. Sheila

    That’s just frightening. Why would someone be stalking you like this?? I’d seriously take precautions against them. Like a 150 pound rottie. Or a gun!

  10. Kim van Deutekom

    Ok, so lemme get this juuuust right. She’s PROUD to be a troll?? I just don’t get it. Can you tell me the website so I can go be her troll??

  11. Nome

    Wow they are really obsessed with you guys. So sad they have nothing better to do with their lives. She speaks of a customer service attitude as being somehow wrong. All good business owners leave their home lives out of the store. That’s just a flipping duh Sally Davis you retard! Have you ever once worked in a professional environment? You claim to be a retired nurse but if you really are and I ever had you come in my room I would report you to the management if you started talking to me about anything personal. Ever heard of privacy laws (I actually know you don’t since your blogs scream personal invasion) or HIPPA? I bet you broke that one many times thinking you were so suave about it and really everyone talked about you behind your back saying how they wish you would just quit your job so they can do theirs. It’s funny, A lady here was doing the exact same thing you do to this family and their farm was just raided, and she was taken off to jail and then sent to prison for harassment. You think you can’t be touched on the internet but it’s not hard for the FBI to come a knocking and if your farm is as great as you say I’m surprised you aren’t more worried about losing it. You sad sad cow Sally.

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