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When Laws Are Cherry Picked

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  1. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I said some mean things to Sally but they have no bearing on William. Sally is a disgusting woman. I lashed back on a woman who targeted me. She bullies people she doesn’t agree with.

    And the issue with my granddaughter will be resolved when paternity is established. I have no care about Sally’s life. I’m quite happy with mine.

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Hollie

    Hi there. I only found you today because some sicko posted a post mortem picture of your deceased child on a gore group. She had some accusations about the deceased child of course. Naturally the woman was shamed and deleted her post, but not without bad mouthing your family and linking your page and blog. She is a disgusting human. Anyway, that rabbit hole led me here and I felt the need to apologize for what these disgusting human trash bags have done to your family. I am beyond floored by the amount of harassment you and yours are enduring I assume you are the complete opposite of me, but I am not spiritual nor religious and I have no problems wishing a slow painful death for these pieces of crap! My lifestyle is nothing like yours, however, it’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS. You deserve none of this! Stay strong and know that there are people out here that find this whole thing absolutely horrifying. Good luck.

  4. lauren

    nicole do you ever think of karma? you harped on about sally killing her son,you are now the mother of a deceased son,you waxed lyrical that she wasn’t allowed contact with her granddaughter,you are now facing the same future without your granddaughter,now all you need is francis,minnie & an inside toilet,youve got this girl,youve got it indeed

  5. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thanks for your well thought out response. I have no issue being a sore to assholes. In fact I take great pride in it. I hope that I can continue to irritate assholes.

  6. Eulanda Hibler

    Cherry picking..that’s why I always have hated school..they targeted me as a child..n it never stopped..they were suppose to be the mom set them straight..but it left a bad taste in my mouth..

  7. loreita

    you are a complete and utter dumbass who is a sore on the asshole of society

  8. Reese

    Re: jury trials in family court is also about what the society can benefit. In criminal court, it’s the government representing society vs. the person. In family court, it’s the person vs. another person. This is the same reason why civil court has no jury.

    In a family case, society doesn’t benefit from a person/person lawsuit. Only those people in the case gets the benefit of the resolution. But society does benefit from a criminal prosecution — society benefits from locking up a criminal, and society benefits from freeing an innocent person accused of a crime, and the jury is there to maximise either.

    All of the above points is ultimately why family law (and the family court) is about pure application of the law. All of the parties are responsible and not responsible at the same time. The law is there to uphold and promote the rights due to the parties.

    Getting juries for family court is also an impossible undertaking. Getting juries for criminal courts is already hard enough for many countries. To be frank, people have to be forced into serving jury duty. The procedures are done deliberately that people cannot easily bunk out. Indeed, some countries are giving up and now settle for juryless trials for certain types of criminal cases, just to reduce the court caseload.

    If that’s picture for criminal court, imagine the situation facing a potential family-court juror — having to hear the husband or wife having an affair with someone else, domestic trouble or violence, two young kids (with one born out of wedlock to an ex-lover), a crumbling house on a bad mortgage, and one party jobless and the other whose lowly job won’t be able to pay any relief.

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