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Tiny Off Grid Cabin Q&A

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  1. Dawn

    Living in a Tiny Cabin with 13 people was once the norm. I applaud you and your family for living this way. We have become a Society that thinks Bigger is Better, that you must pay a high price for something or it is of no value. That you must buy buy buy and be in debt. Good things are just thrown away. We are consuming so much natural resources and leaving such a huge imprint behind. What will become of the next generation with all this waste. We have gone from living a simple life to living in the fast lane and stepping over anyone to get there. Our children have become backseat in our lives, to keep up with demanding careers for all the material junk. Outer beauty is more important at any cost. It really is sad how things have become. I adore Tiny Houses and the movement. The people that have joined it and are thinking of doing so care about the Earth, care about others and giving back. They want to work less and spend more time with loved ones. Spending time raising their children and spending time with each other. Their motto is living more with less. That is exactly how your family has been living. Your children get to have more time with their parents. They have 28 acres to make adventures. Building forts, gardens, going for a walk and exploring new plants, trees and wild life, able to have animals. Playing with each other and learning in a friendly environment hands on. Your family works together as a team which gets the chores done faster and gives more time for play. I love that you allow your children to work for you. It teaches them responsibility, they can earn some of their own money, they get to learn customer service, a trade, how to run a business. If you had to pay for a large mortgage, you would not be able to pay for your own business.Instead both parents would have to be working long hours for someone else, away from your children and each other and having to pay child care. Living Tiny and Off the Grid allows your family to truly live a better life. The most important is the closeness of the family bond. Way to go Naugler family <3

  2. eugenia

    They still have the cabin just seen a photo of it not to long ago. When your homesteading it takes awhile to get things in order if people would quit interfereing with her and family it would move quicker.

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Where are you getting your information?

  4. musherpeg

    But you don’t have this cabin anymore. It was lost because of non-payment. And as far as I can see all your other plans have not happened. Don’t you see this??

  5. Henry

    Has the Health Department contacted you about having to put in a septic system?

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