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So Why Do We Live In A Garden Shed?

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  1. BlessedLittleHomestead

    -depends on the child. Some are more organized than others. Some like shelves, some like totes.
    -we have a storage area and totes. If you roll clothing you can fit almost twice as much in a tote. And of course, not hoarding clothing
    -we keep dirty laundry on the porch in laundry baskets. We wash once a week.
    -we have a tote for linens, our bed is a platform bed and we can fit 12 totes under it. We also avoid too many bulky bus keys an opt for layers.
    -we try not to accumulate junk, but we do have a place for tools and animal supplies.
    -yes, the children love the lofts. They are low, but I’ve seen quite a few adults use the lofts for themselves. Quinten didn’t like the loft and wanted a room downstairs, plus he’s built himself a work area in his room. The girls didn’t care but it was more practical to put them downstairs. Now the second loft has been cut back to open up to cabin more and it’s just enough to store clothing totes. The boys loft is being fixed up right now, Issac is building his area first and we will work from there. I’ll post photos once it’s done. But we have some nights they are a little wild but mostly it’s been that way their whole life so it’s not a big deal…

  2. Ben

    I cannot think of one good reason to complain about anyone who chooses to live in a garden shed. Actually around these parts where I live, garden sheds are slowly becoming pretty popular for living in. I’m simply not a fan of “big living”, having more house than I need. Lots of people are starting to wake up to the “keeping up with the Jones'” mentality and are choosing smaller living spaces. I’m happy for you folks! God bless you and your family!

  3. Sharon Grama

    I love your place!! We actually live in a 1865 2 story log home but most of the day I’m in my 10×20 barn roof storage building like yours with lofts. I made it into a office for my ebay selling we put insulation drywall and painted it and put me up a pretty wall border with mountains and woods on it and put carpet down in it and I absolutely love it. I have a big u-shape desk and a futon and tv, fridge, and microwave in there. I need a bathroom in it though and I swear I could live in here with no problems whatsoever. Then we bought another one and sit directly behind it almost touching and took the wooden doors off in between them and put up a accordion door and that we built shelving all the way around the walls for all my storage of items. LOL Now I just need another small one to add on for a bathroom. We live in Western NC up in the woods in the mountains and love living simple away from people. I actually only go into town like every 2-3 weeks and hate it when I have to be around people. Good luck in all your ventures and hopefully government people will and nosy neighbors will leave you alone someday and let you live your lives in peace.

  4. Kathryn Reynolds

    So very many questions about small home living!

    – How do the children store their own personal items? Tubs? Shelves? How do they store their clothing, shoes, socks etc?
    – Where do you store off-season gear like winter coats, hats, boots etc? I know that takes up a great deal of our storage area. Would love some ideas on that.
    – Where do you store the dirty laundry that must accumulate in great masses every day? At my house there is always a washer and dryer going so it’s a constant battle.
    – How do you store linens like sheets and towels? Does every family member keep track of their own items?
    – Do you have a lot of out buildings that store things like tools, bikes, etc that you don’t use every day? Just trying to picture how I could manage that.
    – So I believe the girls and your eldest son have their own rooms. Do the other kids sleep in the loft area? Do they have their own beds? How do you manage sleeping for that many in such a small area? My kids would be up all night messing around with each other lol.

  5. Carole

    I luve in a stirege building not lifted because my husband and i are both over 50. We love our life and our cabin. When deciding to go with a small cabin we had to look really hard at what was important and what was just clutter. Moving from a 3 bedroom house to 1 bedroom limited what we could keep, once we started it wasnt that difficult at all. I agree its not for everyone but that dosent mean its wrong or crazy (lol). Ihooe you and your children enjoy yours as much as we do.

  6. Meagan

    I think it is lovely and a neat way to live.

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