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The Troll Phenomenon

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  1. Kathy

    As a child I grew up with only cold running water, outhouse for a toilet and raising most of our food. We sold fresh eggs and freshly butchered chickens for income.

    As a 68 year old retiree with an adult child, I can honestly tell you I wish my own child had spent at least part of her childhood living as I did.

    My background made me stronger and more resilient than many. Living as I did I learned to rely on myself for problem solving rather than expecting someone else to come up with solutions for me.

    I was also born at home with no doctor or midwife present.

    With all the similarities in our lifestyle I can safely bet that your children will be strong and productive adults who rely on themselves, rather than expecting mom, dad or society to fix things for them.

    Although my 6 siblings and I grew up with more challenges than our equals I am proud to say that we all grew up to be strong, hardworking citizens. Not one of us relied on welfare,but we all grew up ready to hold out a helping hand to others we see in need.

    Interesting point that I’ve noticed on television shows is that homesteading is growing in favor to viewers. Advertising for these shows are going up in price each year.

    Stay strong and hold your heads up high.

  2. Yahoo!

    Maybe it would be helpful if a few of your older children wrote essays on how this trolling and online bullying has affected them? It would be an excellent homeschool project and an opportunity to see who is really concerned about the Naugler kids and who isn’t.

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    To answer your question, I’m not telling them they can’t post photos of my teeth and laugh at me. Im not telling them they can’t poke fun at Joe’s orange crocs. I will point out how immature they are.. But the lies. The accusations of criminal activity. That’s what I am rebuking.

  4. Lucy


    Well said. They’re the ones who said they would not stop until Nicole quits posting publicly. Closing blogs, and pages to private only. Who is trying to silence whom?

    This family has the right to set the record straight, it’s their name being drug through the mud.

  5. Yahoo!

    Nicole, you are raising your children to be radicals and anarchists, if there is one thing they need to learn its that people are going to talk smack about them . There is not a thing you can do to stop people from that but you can choose to not patronize their blogs and Facebook pages. You could certainly choose not to cut and paste it on to your own blog. People are trying to expose you with posts like this, not change you, Nicole. Expose you. Why are you helping them do it?

  6. Suelynn

    I don’t see where Nicole is trying to silence anyone, I do think she is trying to help others see that the motive behind this extreme criticism isn’t concern for the children. It is that they want to force consequences on her. Why that is important to them I do not know. The fact is though, they have to face consequences as well. Her blog posts are part of that. When she says they have no influence on her, I think she means just that. Those people can make demands all day long, for, oh I don’t know, 8 months maybe, but at the end of the day, she and her family are going to do what they want to do. As far as destroying her family. I would assume the emotional toll of dealing with all this would be pretty intense. Also of note, some of these pages have openly stated that they will not stop until they have made sure the children are back in foster care. They are genuinely trying to destroy this family. It is a goal. Nicole has the right to defend her family, it may not be the road I would choose, but she and Joe get to decide how and when to tell their story.

  7. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I’m not silencing critics. I’m talking about people who are spreading lies and gossip. They have no influence… They don’t get to dictate how we live our life. However, by perpetuating lies, they are attempting to influence how others treat us. That does influence my family. Namely my children.

  8. Seeker of truth

    It seems that you wish to silence the many critics. Often you claim that they have no influence over you and then you claim they are destroying your family.

    You seem to be freedom loving Americans that espouse the virtues of the constitution.

    I’m trying to figure this whole thing out. I’m just not sure what to think. if you do post this, it will tell me that you are at least reasonable.

  9. BlessedLittleHomestead

    They stake claim they care about my childre, but their actions show they disagree with my thoughts and wish to silenc me.

    They make false claims, have “secret” witnesses to things that never took place. They -as in the trolls in general- have made some serious allegations to illegal activity on our part. They are showing the nature of the people who do thing such as calling CPS out of spite.

  10. Lucy

    You’ll never get them to acknowledge how horrible they are. People who troll do so because they’re lonely, bored or rebel rousers. You’re better off not even dealing with them. They don’t own you and you owe them no explanations for anything. Peace out!

  11. Inquiring Mind

    I’m not sure I understand your apparent ‘double talk’. While your post talks about “trolls” the screenshot posted appears to be someone else critiquing and discussing your choices and noting that if you don’t care to have your choices publically debated that you would refrain from putting your ideas out into the public. This seems to be a reasonable observation.

    However, after attacking the screenshot writer’s discussions concerning what you have publically published, you go on further to say that you have no problem with people disagreeing with your choices. This leads me then to ask is your issue with the so called trolls that they are disagreeing with your choices or is it that they are publically discussing their disagreement?

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