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The Pond

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  1. Eulanda Hibler

    U are so will be ur families paradise..only Adam n Eve lived in paradise the rest were planned out n done..great plans..looking each update..we figured out after spending 12 hrs looking for land..we need a stream n lots of trees..stay safe through the hurricane

  2. Ben

    Beautiful pond and a valuable asset to your homestead!

  3. Claire

    Ponds are a great addition to a property and its nice to see you enjoying yours.

  4. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Mostly rat snakes which are friendly, aside from eating eggs lol. But the dogs keep them away. They are good about that.

  5. Toni

    Just wondering if you see many around the homestead. I am scared to death of snakes lol

  6. Toni

    Do you see many snakes ?

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