The Homestead Journal

The Homestead Journal~ Volume 2 Week 5~11~ Unrealistic Expectations

The Homestead Journal~ Volume 2 Week 5~11~ Unrealistic Expectations

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  1. Lori Colford

    Glad to see you returning to blogging about your home, family, and interests. It was a pleasure to hear from you (in a different group we were both a part of) long before that cps fiasco began, it was devastating when that all unfolded, and since it’s been over I’ve been inspired watching your family rise above it united even more … while still remaining a homesteading family – not giving that up 😀 KEEP THE FAITH, keep sharing here on the blog, and may God keep you <3

  2. Jenny

    What a journey! I am glad you are finally able to move forward with your plans on the cabin. I hope you have great success with your vegetable garden. My hubby has been planning on doing raised beds. It hasn’t happened yet though! I will be happy with a few tomato plants this year. You must be looking forward to summertime! I sure am, especially today! We are getting ready for a snow storm here in New England. So much for the first day of spring! Thank you for blogging! I love reading about your life! It is such an inspiration as I strive to simplify and get back to basics in my own life!

  3. Sarah Dickison

    Thank you for sharing your heart, we are praying for you all.

  4. Ma-mere

    Love the outdoor sink. And your raised beds. They will be looking good when full of food/flowers! FYI-marigolds keep away a lot of bugs. Most of the bugs will eat them instead of your veges. Love all ya’ll!

  5. Annette

    Wow! What overwhelming obstacles you have faced! Praying that 2016 is the year for many successes on your homestead and in your grooming business. You all are definitely fighters. Please keep sharing your homestead updates.

  6. Liz Dillon

    Nicole I enjoy your postings of your family and life style. Hope things will come together for your family. Appreciate your openness. Blessings to you and family.

  7. Crystal Cook

    Things are looking up for you and your family every day 🙂 enjoy these times! My husband and I have embarked on a journey similar and dealing with property issues and expenses as well , our “Cook Homestead ” is a work in progress and will be for many years to come I’d say…I’ve prayed for you guys and cried for you while reading what you’re family has endured , I’ve followed you for sometime now and you guys are an inspiration! God bless!
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Miss V. Giddygadunk

    Have missed your family updates how is that new baby doing?

  9. Pace Ellsworth

    Nicole, this is a phenomenal post. Thanks for stating clearly and openly our business relationship through Capistan. I’m thrilled that I was already your friend before that project started and I’m so excited for finally better pastures at the new location. I’m happy to see the story of why you have a prefab and that the cabin plans were never abandoned. I hope you guys have a safe and happy home there for a very long time. You’re the best. All my love and support.

  10. Jackie Dupree

    Thank you for your blog. I read it late at night. It relaxes me and kind if takes me in a little vacation. I pray God will protect you and your family. I pray he will bless you with a comfortable home, live, and plenty to eat. I pray he blesses up two with wonderful jobs fir your family. Good night. Jackie Dupree Sulphur Louisiana. I am 72 and taught school for 33 1/2 years. I now homeschool my grandson. God is first in all our lives.

  11. Angela Polder

    Thanks Nicole for sharing your life! I think you guys do an awesomely suburbular ( my own words) job!! We might try it one day! 🙂

  12. April

    Love it! I know all about how plans change or take longer than first anticipated… I am glad that things are settling back into the routine of daily living and hope you have a great time building your dreams together as a family! I miss you guys!

  13. Annie T

    Holy moly, it sounds like Heaven!!!! I envy your life!!

  14. Suelynn

    Glad for the post, don’t get discouraged it always takes more time than anticipated.

  15. Judy Cord

    Enjoyed your update very much. Praying that 2016 is a better year for you. Never give up.

  16. Carrie

    Awesome! I love you and your family!

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