The Homestead Journal

The Homestead Journal~Volume 3 Week 6~ Hello

The Homestead Journal~Volume 3 Week 6~ Hello

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  1. Vic

    I really enjoy reading your blogs! I feel like I’m also on vacation! Keep it up and looking forward on your future posts!

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thank you Claire

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thanks Kathryn. It’s a tiny home for our family size! The loft spaces are divided up but roomy for small children. The older children have spaces downstairs, pretty cozy tho.

  4. Kathryn

    Omg…. the kids rooms are so…. roomy! I don’t know why I thought you lived in a tiny house. Do you have each child’s room walled off, or is it all open space like the one you showed? It’s so lovely and homey.

  5. Claire

    I really enjoy your posts… nice to see how well you all are doing. Love your life!

  6. Mom

    Love seeing all this. The children/animal pics are cool! Hard to believe Issac is so tall! Gonna be a big guy.
    The flower garden with seats sounds nice. I’ve always wanted one with blue and white flowers-they both reflect the moonlight, and are awesome to see under a full moon!
    Love to all!!❤

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