The Homestead Journal

The Homestead Journal~ Week 135-138~ June 22-July 20 Playing Catch Up

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  1. Jennifer G

    I am really sorry about the chickens and all the other stuff you are dealing with. We often go through the same financial issues. 3 steps ahead and 5 back. It is frustrating and makes me sick. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I love the new blog. I like the look and feel of it.

  2. jan

    nice look for the new blog…dogs and chickens that can be a problem…I’ve run into this myself. I assume it was not the Pyrenees. I agree that you won’t be able to stop them which means that you won’t be able to free range your chickens or any other fowl which means you will loose some great benefits–like tick/weed control and eggs/meat from a range diet. I wish I had a better solution but I do think you will have to choose and frankly I think you will wish you had found a new home for the dogs. It is possible they will get worse– They will get better and better at break loose/breaking in maybe going after things like the baby goats. You can’t blame the dogs for being dogs–some have the “hunting” gene and some have the herding gene…As a hobby farmer the city girl in me had to learn some hard fact of farm life–It’s not a story book.

  3. Susan Holub

    Your making progress…. Just not as fast as you want to, I know. As for the dogs and the chickens, once they get the taste for blood, you will never stop them. What a shame. If you are to have chickens, they will have to have a secure coop. Don’t get rid of the dogs…. they are protection for the children. Great Job with the journal. Keep your head up…. it will work out how it’s supposed to! 🙂

  4. Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

    Just think of where the homestead has come from, all the changes. Just a few years ago there was NO homestead. It’ll get there! Cute goats! But ugh on the dogs. Unfortunately if your dogs are like that they will continue to kill the chickens. We barely let ours out to free range anymore because a dog from the next road tried to run off with one in the fall. Now that he knows, he could very well be back.

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