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Ditching the Refrigerator

Ditching the Refrigerator

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  1. Dawn

    If you have running water near by, you can by-pass it to store eggs and milk like in the old spring houses. You could research how they kept food from perishing in the “old days”. If there’s no water near by, keeping stuff in a clay container with water keeps things cold, something about the evaporation, cooling it down. Not positive…. Just stuff I’ve read.

  2. Ben

    Like you said, learning to adapt is the key to being able to live without certain things. Thanks!

  3. Chava

    We have spent most of the last 10 years off grid. The best book I ever bought was Cooking Off the Grid by Denise Hansen. It’s a must buy.

  4. kathy hodges

    WE HAD TO LIVE A MONTH ONE WINTER WITHOUT A FRIDGE. WE HAD 4 KIDS. IT WAS EASY BECA– USE WE COULD STORE THINGS OUTSIDE IN THE COOLER. SUMMER TIME IS MORE COSTLy AND HARDER. BY THE time you buy all that ice, fridge would probably cost about the same. Convenience would be other reason. I like electric but I also like solar. For about $150 a month, we use lots of electric. I could survive off grid….you have to want to and I dont. Maybe if I was younger..but nope! Not now. Each family has their very own needs and wants and everyone lives to that tune. I love reading about your families adventures and what yo do off grid. Nice car. Hope its a good one. Never know about a used car. New ones are outrageously expensive.

  5. Meagan

    One year our fridge went out and we couldn’t repair it for 2 months. We learned to go without it. It’s not as hard as it seems.

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