The End Game

Yesterday we became aware of yet another hater page. This page had made a post with some of my son Quinten’s posts on his page that were public. Of course they had to make hateful comments about our family, accuse my husband and son of horrible things and degrading William. They have to be as over the top as possible because the reality isn’t enough to keep their pages interesting.

This isn’t an isolated incident. This has been the story for nearly 4 years. The hater pages come and go, but the goal is the same. To try to make us look bad. But all it does is show who they really are.

Mean Girls. That’s the simplest term. I don’t know why they have focused on me and my family but they did. They just can’t let anything go by without making hateful comments. And really, I don’t care, I support free speech until it becomes an action that harms someone. But this post is about so much more than a hateful FB post.

Yesterday when we saw that post, my son commented on it. He asked why they were talking about him. Shortly after several of the haters came over and attacked the original poster, acting all saint like. “Fuck this post, you don’t deserve this at all” says Bethannie Horn. Mindy Dunder says “the kid can’t help who his parents are”. Danielle Masters suggests Quinten just ignores them. Several other haters such as Cheri Beasley and Marie White parrot the disdain for the post made by person running the page.

And this am see that the post was taken down (we all reported it, but the page owner took it down before FB saw it). But even the tabloid blogger Sally Davis had to make her claim that this was just not acceptable behavior, and outs the page owners Mary and Sarah Weusten. Two of the nastier ladies in the hater group.

It’s a bunch of bullshit. They are trying to distance themselves from it now that they have had an implosion and have split into two hater teams, attacking each other.

But let me make one thing clear. Sally Davis, Lisa Luthi, Al WIlson, Deb Whitehouse, Bethany Long, Bethannie Horn, Jahaza Duncan, and all the others have been just as hateful and cruel as the page they claim to call out. And don’t but into their disconnect. I had no idea who ran that page but Sally did. In fact they all know who runs which pages. A friend tested the water last year and created two fake hater pages at different times. They immediately got called out. They all know who runs pages, so if your hater page hasn’t been verified by them they call you out. That was a very telling experiment. This isn’t just social media  commentary.

And Danielle Masters, a woman I use to call a friend, has no place to tell my son to ignore the post made about him on a page dedicated to tearing down his family. She has not ignored us. In fact she even went so far as to share a carefully clipped screen shot of our private conversations. I have never done anything to her to justify such behavior and although tempted, I’ve not ever shared the rest of our private conversations. Yet for nearly 4 years she has been a part of a secret group that has worked together to tear my family down.

When you don’t like someone, you walk away. Why these people don’t do that is beyond me. We have distanced ourselves as much as we can, but there comes a point where all of this has to stop.

People act like “oh we just go after the parents” but that’s not how this works. We are a family. Connected and intertwined. When you go after one you go after us all.

My sons were 14 and 16 when this all happened. They are adults now and they remember what happened to them, not what happened to me and Joe, what happened to them. They know what the state did. They know what you stalkers did. Like us they are patient and forgiving. Or else this would have blown up long ago.

The haters aren’t a concern. However Sally Davis and Al Wilson and Bethany Long and whoever else they have in their little stalker party are. Last week I downloaded a video and photos of the posts made by Al Wilson and his chopper over my property. I emailed them to Kevin C May along with other information I have received. You probably  don’t know who Kevin is, but Al does.

If you haters can’t say anything nice, then maybe try to be a decent person and shut your mouth.  And if you stalkers keep asking us to bring it, you might want to think long and hard about what exactly we are going to bring…

This ends now. However it ends, it ends. People need to decide how they want it to end.

May 6, 2018. The End.

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6 Responses

  1. BlessedLittleHomestead

    In reply to Lurking in the shadows

    Yes. Psycho tabloid blogger is what I call her lol. I’m glad others see it now. She was never the other side of the story. She just hates everything about us and made us her hobby. The court case should end that for good.

  2. Lurking in the shadows

    I have followed your family from a far for many years and I’ll honestly say I don’t always agree with your choices and keep my opinions to myself because what does it matter? Its not my life to live. Anyhow, I stumbled onto the other blog about a year ago and was just taken back. Who could be that miserable to blog about a family, ANY family regardless of their decisions. Sally is quite hypocritical and doesn’t see it which it makes it almost sad, it’s almost like dementia or delirium is starting to take hold.

    ***She calls out Doxing yet before shutting off comments she started doxing those that didn’t agree with her. “BTW, just for the record, I know who you are, IndianaGirl. I can alter your comment to show your name if I want to. Should I do that? Why are you hiding who you are?” “You post with the screen name “David,” and that is clearly not your name, and you are clearly not male. You use a VPN that shows you first from California and now from the Netherlands.”
    **She calls out those that bring your children into their game but doesn’t hesitate to mention William. “William Naugler was a fetus who died in utero.” Refering to him simply as a “fetus” is so DEGRADING.
    “He existed in utero. He died there. End of story.” <- this is an example of her presenting her argument that William never existed so he's open to her putrid words
    I may be wrong but her son(?) Nathan was a junky and died end of story right? Sharing where to buy his Music.. why would we, he died, he killed himself due to his horrible life decisions so why share his story and music? It's the end of his story because Sally says so. What do you remember when your die? Nothing you know the same as in Utero, because those with any religion or beliefs of afterlife are wrong according to some backwoods old lady with Delirium.
    ***one of my personal favorites: mocking you for screenshots but then says: ."I will not reproduce the screen shots that were taken of various stuff he post" . Apparently the one that calls out others seems to be the queen of screenshots herself.
    ***mocks a dead child but then has the gall to type this: "Sarah and Mary Weusten, take that shit down. It’s horrible and you’re vile."

    Its time for Sally to step away from the computer and find herself a hobby before someone finally commits her to a home.

    I apologize for the "book" but she has crossed from a tabloid blogger into a psycho.

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    No toys were stolen. But thanks for proving defamation. That’s exactly how it works. Blogger posts lies. People believe lies. Malice intent to destroy ones reputation. Easily proven in court. This will be a cake walk.

  4. Shay

    Sally is just an old deranged woman who is bitter about everything. Deb is a shit stirring psychopath that revels in contention and drama. Al was born the wrong gender. Al hangs and gossips with women. Al is the center of all the stalking. Sally has replaced her son with Al. Deb has replaced her husband with Al. It is only a matter of time imo, before their click blows up in their face. Lots of times,there’s real life consequences to online behavior…even on blogs.

  5. Kathy D Hodges

    Sorry you just arent allowed any peace. You mind your life and they are so jealous because they cant carve out their own small place in this world…..imagine when OLE ST PETER opens their book……just a thougjt.

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