Spies, Lies and Videotape

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The BLH Stalkers are at it again. They have been working on a “documentary” of sorts but so far as we can see, they have very little facts and much elaboration. We haven’t seen much of what they have, but they may have to put a disclaimer ” loosely based on a true story”








What has happened is a desperate attempt to find something to use against my family. They have alluded to putting recording devices on the property lines, using drones to record and taking photos using zoom lenses. One of the locals, Al Wilson, who claims he is not involved but continues to be involved, has made numerous comments of his eye witness accounts as he has flown over the BLH in his line of work as pilot.


So as it looks the BLH family is under private surveillance at home and at work. We aren’t sure if this is just threats to intimidate or actual actions to intimidate.


Yesterday a sock account account posted to the Nicole C Naugler page about said envelopes.


Today, the BLH stalkers showed the exact harassment we said they are involved in. Today CPS was required to follow up on the nearly 3 year old injuries two of my children sustained. They received an envelope which contained two blownup photos, one of Quintens hand and one of Isaac’s head. The report stated that the children sustained injuries and were not given medical attention. Which is false.

In both cases the we documented the medical treatment and healing process of said injuries. You can see them here. Quintens hand and again and Isaacs head were both taken care of so well, Isaac has a tiny scar and Quintens has no visible scars. These were also examined last year when the children were in CPS custody.

The escalation as presented in this post and the previous one are concerning. This is beyond commentary. This is clear stalking and harassment. The safety of my family is a concern.

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  1. Lucy

    I believe you are being targeted by a group of vengeful people. Most people have skeletons in their closet. They also have people who don’t like them and people who are indifferent to them and people who do like them and people who love them. If we did deep enough we could find all of those types of people who would speak about the blogger or the lawyer or the neighbor or the creepy guy too. The difference is that most sane people wouldn’t venture down that road. Many targeting you have stated a reason for doing so. You didn’t let them call you out on your page or you called their work to get them to stop harassing you or you retaliated and said something mean about them or their child… The point is, they have done all of those things over and over to you too! They try to attack your business, they call your children inbred, they say you’ve hidden dead babies, they make fun of your appearance, your clothes, your husband, your home, your land, they call as many agencies as they can to get you in trouble. You are living in a nightmare! The saddest part is that this began while you were grieving the loss of your children being taken suddenly and while you were pregnant! That was when they lost my sympathy. They made it a game, they made page after page and blog after blog about your perceived life. It has not let up for 19 months! I grew up in a small town. You know what we did when someone didn’t fit in or seemed to have a chip on their shoulder? We tried our hardest to get to know them and include them and work to gain a relationship with them. I can’t think of one person or family who didn’t respond to that or we didn’t learn something from. We were a community not a club! Now I’d like to address a few of the situations that have come up. The goats and composting: it was easy to see you were being manipulated to give info and post pictures so they could spin their story. They then used it all against you. They did not want to hear your side of the story. Well, some of us heard it. You and your neighbor were on ok terms at that point, there was a neighborly agreement between you. Then steps in creepy guy who befriends your neighbor because he needs someone to help him butcher, funny how this happens after you indicate that your neighbor does that and that he wants to teach your son and have him help him out. Suddenly your son has no job, you and said neighbor are in bad terms, and you’re going to court over goats. Composting: they hound you for pictures and method, you give what they ask for, they hound for more information, you get fed up and take pictures of the inside of your compost toilet room, which by the way, looks pretty much like any other compost room, a seat with a lid, a bucket underneath, a couple of buckets to hold leaves or sawdust, an extra bucket to switch out, pretty standard. Next thing you know they’re making posts all over the place of you contaminating the neighbor’s land! Reports are made and now your in trouble about that. The inspector says he only saw a piece of paper that could have been tissue. After seeing your compost piles they say you need a permit. Once again, pretty easy for anyone with half a brain to see you were being set up. That is only 2 of the very visible collusion that has taken place against you. At least one of their closed groups was exposed and it included the reporter that wrote about the compost situation. This is just the tip of the iceberg and it seems it will continue unless someone in authority in the community takes the first step to stop the bullying and harassment you’re receiving. People wonder why you get so upset or have a meltdown, well that’s funny considering that they were called out by you once or twice, or by a supporter, who they expect you to stop, yet you’ve been dealing with it from a mob group for over a year and a half and they don’t stop each other. BTW, all of the above is just my opinion based on what I’ve seen posted over the last 19 months.

  2. Dawn

    Wow this Heather can not just mind her own dam business. She does not know anyone of the Nauglers, yet makes it her mission to post on all the pages and here on the blog as if she knows the truth. Her opinion of you guys does not matter but I do worry about the Crazy Stalkers which she could be one of them. Since LE is not helping you guys I would post on the property and on your pages that they take their own risk, if they should try to come to your property, business or approach you anywhere. You all have the right to protect yourself and each other from the crazy people who think they have the right to tell you how you should live. They need to worry about their own lives and not worry about what you and your family does. They all have way to much time on their hands to put so much time and effort in watching what you all do and complain about it.

  3. Heather

    Blessed Bloggers ~ “We are strong. We are ok right now. We are just worried how far they will take things.”

    Bullshit. You lie, you bait and you stir the pot then scream that you’re scared. You know who else has these problems? NO ONE! You start these shit storms as a hobby.

    The people who are giving you sympathy here aren’t watching this mess with both eyes.

  4. Blessed Bloggers

    Nothung happened to the horse and it has never left the property.

  5. Mary

    What happened to your horse? I read some where that it got loose.

  6. Emmy

    My husband knocked a pan of hot oil on his hand last year. It caused a second-degree burn. I couldn’t get him to go to the ER. I couldn’t talk that idiot into doing anything for it. He has no scar. Some people just don’t scar. That doesn’t mean something was taken very good care of. I, on the other hand, scar freakishly easy, even with the best medical help to minimize scarring there is.

    Head injuries that cause bleeding gashes need to be handled in the ER to make sure there is no other damage. Your son was lucky, nothing more.

  7. Elizabeth

    This is So Wrong! They Need to Leave your Family Alone and Worry About Their Own Messed Up Families. So Very Sorry for Your Family that You All Have to Put Up with these Insane People.

  8. Jane Dale-beaumont

    How are they allowed to continually harass you? If you were a celeb they would have been have been locked up long ago. It is worrying.

  9. Blessed Bloggers

    We are all bewildered by the actions, or rather inaction, of the legal justice system. We will be addressing this matter. It’s highly concerning that joe can go to court over loose goats but the neighbor admits to hitting the van twice because they were in her way and no charges were filed. We have numerous examples of this bias, including actual recordings.

  10. Nikki

    Obviously these people have no life. Sad that they want to meddle in yours so that they can feel they have purpose. Definitely seems like videoing your children without permission would be illegal. At the very least its weird and makes one wonder about the mental stability of these people. I’m really not understanding the failure of the legal system to act in your family’s defense.

  11. Blessed Bloggers

    We are strong. We are ok right now. We are just worried how far they will take things.

  12. Tammy

    What is wrong with these people? Omg, I can’t believe you are going through more bs. I am so sorry you are dealing with this stuff. I will pray you will find the strength to over come all the hurtful stuff being done to your family.

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