Quinten’s New Project

Quinten is the reason we started unschooling. He wanted no part of standardized education and we were doing a lot of the “school at home” methods. It was a battle until he was about 10. We decided to allow him to do whatever he wanted for school. Letting him choose was the best thing we did for him.

One of the things Quinten was drawn to was building things and tools. His toys were things like hammers, nails and scrap wood. Last year, he was really inspired by Abby who made the furniture for my salon. When she moved she gave him one of her older saws, and between the homestead budget and the boys working (and some of the GFM money) we’ve been able to build a great tool collection. He’s helped build just about everything on the homestead and did the chicken coop himself. He’s also helped work on a few projects outside the homestead including the salon rebuild. He’s got a good eye for it, and does good work. And he’s learned far more about reading and math than he would have being forced to do worksheets.

Now he’s starting his own business. A month before he turns 16. He’s started with these boxes. These are really nice. He made a darker stained rectangular one for himself as his first try, this is his second one, Lucas has claimed it. He needs to put a handle on it after Lucas chooses the one he wants. He will make 8 more, made for each of his siblings. He will then start selling these and other projects to the public. After seeing the door he and Jacob built at the salon he’s received a few other project orders. We are all really proud of him.  I can’t wait to see what other projects he produces. If you are local and have something in mind, you can contact us via the contact form here or via our FB page. image


Edited to add: he’s finished Lucas box while Lucas waits impatiently lol. And his first box

image image image


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  1. Liz

    Just cover up those exposed nails inside the box and they’d be 100% awesome! He obviously has a great talent there.

  2. Linda Howard

    I had s son who did not do well in regular schooling. We tried public, private, and home schooling. But for him unschooling was what worked also. Only I didn’t know to call it that. He was a self taught welder/carpenter and could build most anything he put his mind to. When he first started with unschooling he was 14 and still could not count money or tell time. Anything to do with numbers put him in a panic. After he began unschooling, those things, among many many others, were also self taught. Sadly, his story has a tragic end. We lost him at age 26 to an undiagnosed heart defect. Looking back, my main regret with him was that we tried to force traditional schooling down his throat for so long.

  3. Meagan

    This really is wonderful! It is also wonderful that you recognized that your son needed to be taught in a different manner. Most parents/teachers/school systems do not realize that and it causes problems everywhere. It is very loving, and nurturing of you to help them develop what they want to do. 🙂 Your son is doing a great job. 🙂

  4. Mechelle Stauffer

    I would like to purchase some of his woodwork. Just message me when he starts selling. I live in Breck county.


    Great Job Qyintin..I love wood working..my family did some woodworking in the Manti utah temple..ur talent is unstoppable. .and I’m sure u know that already..

  6. Angel

    I wished we lived closer I would have me make us some for our school. You are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work.

  7. Mary

    Quinten, doing a good job! I could use a boy like you around here. I need to make some cabinets and bench seats with storage for a camper redo. Wood built stuff lasts and looks better than all that plastic and better for the environment.

  8. Ma-mere

    Quinten has been a “Bob the Builder” most of his life! He is one awesome grandson!! ;)<3

  9. thatsanono

    Awesome job Quintin! Yea Quintin! You should pickup a book on building Tiny Houses on Wheels. It’s a huge thing right now, and even if you just got in on the designing end of it using some of the FREE 3D computer software out there, you could really go places designing and building. There are many young people getting in on that and you could get in on the ground floor 🙂

    Have mom email me. I’ll send you a book on How to build a Tiny House on Wheels and you can check it out 🙂 There awesome! Just like you 🙂

    Bright Blessings, dear

    You’re going places.

  10. Sue

    Oh, treehouse sounds like a wonderful option – it would make everyone happy! There are endless possibilities with treehouses! You can live in them, and they can be as large as one-bedroom apartments. Just find a couple really mature, really strong trees that grow near or around one another!

    May God Bless your family!

  11. Somewhere in Texas

    Looks great!! He may become a very accomplished home builder one day with his interest, passion, and talent. Kudos, Quinten!

  12. Micki

    They are great and if I didn’t live so far away I would order two of them. Good work Quintin, you could become a great cabinet maker.

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