Quarantine week 3

I have had a bit more time for photography but unfortunately most of photography is sorting and purging and organizing the nearly 6,000 photos I had on my phone. Limited trips to town but at least it was nice out

The Dogwoods are beautiful

I was so proud of this moon photo. I do all my photography with my iPhone. I’ve had an 11Pro since the fall. I love the camera on it.


We did some more work in the woods. More tagging for me, Magnolia thought it was interesting to watch


We finished up the one section of the fence, and went to more clearing and cleaning. We are doing a lot of planting along the fence so we are getting it prepped. The fence will eventually enclose about an acre,we will have 3-4 gates leading out. On the backside of this fence we will build a larger greenhouse.


While clearing we are making piles for resources, using as much as we can

1. Fence wood

2. Firewood

3. Rocket Stove/Cooking wood

4. Burn Pile

This log had a hole in it, like a little fire window

We have gotten a lot done over the past few weeks but we have also had a lot of downtime.

No schedules to keep, no getting to work by 9. We have the same routine, but more relaxed

Aside from the loss of income from a very busy business and bills piling up, its been life as normal

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  1. April

    I love that fence!! It looks so awesome, and with the flowers in bloom, it will be breathtaking to photo. Love you guys!

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