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What!? No Holidays!?

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  1. Lydia

    Its ridiculous to say that someone who refuses to celebrate a holiday based on pagan religious practices, but became “christianized” to appease those who were pagans to adopt the Christian religion of not being Christian. Jesus himself commemorated the day of his death as an important event to remember and celebrate annually. Nowhere in the scriptures did he or his chosen apostles even allude to celebrating his birth on an annual basis. In fact, throughout the scriptures, we’re told to stay away from pagan religious practices and that you can’t eat from the table of demons and the table of God and maintain a clean standing. True christians were referred to as the light of the world. They still continue shedding light on false teachings and uphold God’s standards not manmade standards. Any Christian church that promotes it people to partake of these false practices is no better than the Scribes and Pharisees that Jesus condemned for leading his sheep astray.

  2. Kaytee

    While I agree that scaling back is important and Christ was not born in December, to not celebrate the birth of Christ means you cannot possible be a Christian?! How can you believe in a religion when you deny the miracle of his birth whenever it took place. It’s as equally daft as denying his crucifixion and rebirth. You’re not a Christian unless you believe in the miracles surrounding his life.

  3. MLK

    My husband and I put a wreath on the front door.. That’s it. I just won’t get involved in the buy-buy-buy spiral.

  4. Suzanne C

    How do you deal with refrigeration, freezing turkey’s, or hams. I stock up every year too during the holidays. If you count St. Patrick’s Day as a holiday, I always stock up on several corned beef briskets and flats too. My husband will fully smoke 8, or 10 turkeys. He had built a small smokehouse years ago. After that they no longer require refrigeration. We keep a couple and give the rest out to others for their Christmas dinners, or whenever they’d care to eat them. There’s nothing better than a smoked turkey.

  5. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Good question and it helps me realize there are some people who are completely ignorant about issues such as how to cook, wash dishes and dispose of trash. I’ll whip up a blog sometime this week.

  6. Barbara Cooper Adams

    I feel the way you do about Christmas. For the most part, everyone has everything they need already. No need for giving unless to poor families with children. I think Halloween is evil. I like Thanksgiving although we don’t make a big dinner anymore. Don’t do anything at easter time either. I like the same idea of shopping after the holidays for Clarence groceries and sweets etc.

  7. Wanda

    I too, feel Christmas is way over commercialized and prefer a much more simplistic holiday season. It sounds like you “celebrate”, just the way you want to, not how society seems to think you should. And in the end, what is right for you and your family, is all that really matters. (Well that, and the greatly discounted candy corn! lol)

  8. Sharon

    I absolutely love this story and I have many of the same exact feelings on Christmas. It should be about family and not about what you give or receive from someone else.

  9. Sue

    Interesting! I like to keep little white lights up year-round dangling over the patio, great ambiance!

    Regarding holidays, children cant help but notice what their friends are doing. But without peers, or friends from school, there is less for your children to feel insecure about – unless they go online a lot, because there is more social comparison online than in real life, now. In fact, I think its safe to say the internet is more dangerous for kids, than public school.

    Hey! How do you make green bean casserole over the fire – that is, w/o an oven? Is it hard to wash dishes without running water? At first, I thought, ‘just use disposable plates from recycled materials’. But then I reasoned, ‘that is too much trash, it would attract pests and wildlife, since there is nowhere to contain the trash’. Is that right?

    Take care, from San Diego.

  10. Jill Nelson

    That is unfortunate. Do you ever buy your kids gifts just because? For their birthdays even? I never see you post anything like that. And the Holidays you are disparaging are ones that bring people together….Trick or Treating after the fact is pretty lame. Even and especially if its on your “own” time. It’s usually a community activity. Why can your kids not participate in that? And no Christmas gifts based on the Santa myth? Christmas has always will be and continue to be “fun.” Your children have so little. They would certainly love some gifts from “Santa.” Its okay that you cannot afford them but please, PLEASE don’t pretend its based on principle.

  11. Christina Williams

    Hi Nicole & Family,

    What ! No Holidays, was just great and our family all enjoyed it. As the world gets crazier, we find we are simplifying to reduce stress, and looking at our lives through new glasses. Wishing you all many blessings everyday..

  12. Jane

    How do you stock up on turkeys and ham with no freezer? Or do you have a freezer at your place of business?

  13. Mickie

    Bravo!!! Exactly how I feel.

  14. Meagan

    I like this so much.

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