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Field Of Screams

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  1. Claire

    Enjoyed the post and pictures. The costumes look great, what a fun job and experience.

  2. Robyn Durkin

    My kiddo volunteered there a few nights this year, but she worked at 7th Street haunt… My ex husband is one of the builders for the field.of screams too.. they work on rebuilding it all year long..

    Everyone I Kno that works in the haunts LOVE IT.. it becomes a way of life for them even.. they are a tightly bound family too once you’re “in there”. I’ll have to ask Mickey if she met your boys.

  3. April

    Awesome job, J & Q! My brother was big into the haunted house scene… It is something that can turn into a year-round gig, if you know what you are doing. Making props, etc…

  4. Mom

    Wow! You boys look great! Congrats on the awards!!❤

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