Troublemakers Everywhere

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  1. Cathy Malecha

    Amen Cindy, amen.

  2. cindy

    @ Cathy Malecha: Hear, Hear!!! i think you’ve very clearly and succinctly written what most of us think. All Patricia is doing is making herself look like a control-freak, an idiot, and a dullard who slams others to make herself feel good – ego complex, insecurity syndrome, etc, etc. Wow, i must say i haven’t encountered that kind of behavior since, oh, grade school. i’m guessing that Patricia has an IQ second only to that of a potted plant. at least that’s what she chooses to show the world.

  3. Karen

    Ugh. The independent contractor controversy is a big deal. Nicole is right. They even did an article about it in “groomer to groomer” magazine. Anyone who stays on top of industry issues would know that Nicole is right. Sounds like her ex boss was old school, and uneducated. Times are changing though! Thank goodness!

  4. Yahoo!

    Your children are undocumented, you wouldn’t be able to claim them as dependents. How could you profit from the tax system?

  5. Meagan

    My hubs and I encountered employers and landlords who acted similarly. They are usually on a power trip, and have issues with other people not being in their control, or doing exactly as they want, or under their thumb…whatever you want to call it. It is good that you got out. Sad they are trying to slander your name. There is nothing you can do about it, it just speaks about their character. All you can do is warn people about how you were treated, and hope that the person changes and learns to be better.

  6. Cathy Malecha

    @Patricia — WHY? Why can people not leave others alone? There have been plenty of people in my life who have done me wrong, but I choose the higher path and to leave it be. What good would it do for me to drag it out and try to pound people into the ground? What good are you doing? The only one who looks bad here is —- you. I don’t sympathize with people who are looking for an army to attack someone over something this stupid. No one else was there to witness it so does your attempt to get others to lay judgement on this family make you feel good? If so, it’s not working for me, and to top if off, I don’t give a rats ass what happened and I’m sure there are plenty others who don’t either. Find a hobby.

  7. MiracleMakinMom

    Well, isn’t that interesting that somehow your former employer Patricia the Groomer was hanging out with celebrity blogger Sally Davis drinking beer in ATV’s, and that were just so innocently driving along the road from one neighbor’s house to visit another neighbor on your road? And they just so innocently drove past your house with all of these other people who supposedly “didn’t even know anything about you” but yet “wanted to see your property” and did absolutely nothing wrong. Just minding their own business on a country drive, and it only went to hell due to Joe’s behavior, because he dared to come out to the road and see what in the hell they were doing. Right. This admission that the “girl in the pink hair” was your ex-boss hanging out with a person who has made blogging about you and your family almost a full-time job confirms that there was nothing innocent whatsoever about that little jaunt — not that any of us believed it anyway — but it clearly shows that their feigned innocence is bull.

    Also, Patricia’s statement above that she has mostly remained in the background and only occasionally commented isn’t quite true either. She was telling those stories back in May last year. Perhaps not so much on Facebook, but on other internet forums and comments to pages.

  8. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I apologize. Yes. I do recall now. But that does not change the fact that I was always respectful of your business and never left messes. I cannot even fathom why you would say such things.

  9. Patricia

    if you didn’t have a key to the shop, how were you able to get in and groom dogs the days I was snowed in and could not get to work? … lies lies everywhere lies

  10. Cathy Malecha

    It’s really sad to see that grown women still like to babble in petty bullshit. It’s clear that they have nothing but idle time on their hands if they’re so consumed with what you and your family are doing. Grow up ladies – and find a hobby other than bashing people. It will all catch up to you in time.

  11. Tiffany

    SMH. These people are asses. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with people this crappy.

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