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  1. Meagan

    I was just reading through again. I do love your blog, and have shared it with my husband. (Who also loves it) and YES, we have done the big ole’ google search too. I also get sucked in by reading their posts and usually end up wasting my time, as their findings aren’t truly findings, and their statements are essentially word salad, or significantly twisted out of context.

    I find that the people who write about you are either news folk (which equates to biased crap), or people who are trying to cover the fact that on the inside they are truly dead, rotten and awful people. They are so miserable with their lives, they want to do anything to make yours miserable as well. (Only, they don’t have that power, and they hate it, which is why they have all of those pages about you, and your family, they want to try to gain that power.)

    They remind me of one of my family members, for one truth told about her she has a million other lies/twists/word salad scenarios to throw out there to divert from the truth being spoken about her character.

    A portion of the few non-sock accounts that they have are people who are internally miserable desperate for attention, desperate for some sort of validation, to “fit in” with a crowd. It is similar to what you would see in a public school, the outcast child so desperate for acceptance they follow whatever crowd will take them, and more often than not, it’s not a good crowd.

    You’d figure since most of them are out of high school, that the school game pettiness would stop too.
    I am sorry that it hasn’t and I am happy that you are continuing to blog your life, and “do you” so to speak. You’re a light in a world of bullshit negativity and ridiculous demand of conformity.

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    If there was any truth to what you said, I could see your point. However, your point is full of misinformation and ignorant assumptions.

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    It’s for an infinite number of things. Lots of people should get jobs. Let’s start with every stay at home welfare mom. And all government officials whom I deem their jobs useless. Im sure there are plenty of unemployed people in the Newark OH area. You should start a job coaching program to help those in the area who are jobless.

  4. Taryn

    Why do you ask for money via paypal? What is it for? Maybe hubby should get a job

  5. Jenny

    Who cares if you don’t attend church. My problem with you lies in the fact that you portray yourself as homesteaders and you keep producing children you want that PayPal button on the bottom of your blog to pay for. Your family is nothing but a bunch of poster children for a Feed the Children commercial. Tell Joe to be a man and support his family like he should, put your children in school and straighten yourselves up. Yep, that’s right school! Otherwise they are going to grow up and have to scam money off people too when they discover they cannot get a job or higher education because of your “unschooling” methods.

  6. Meagan

    It’s funny how the people who know the least, speak the most. I hate it for your and your family.
    I hope that you all are safe.

  7. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thanks for the support and feedback. I was playing with font colors last week but the hosting site was doing upgrades and nothing was working right. I will try to fight with it later

  8. BlessedLittleHomestead

    You mean the recordings where he’s having to defend his family from constant harassment? He’s actually quite diplomatic if you ask me.

  9. Yesenia

    Going by the recordings you’ve posted of Joe, it seems like he’s not really good at getting along with people either.

  10. Ruth Ann

    i love the color brown too but combined with the font color you’ve chosen, it makes it difficult to read your blog. I’ll read it no matter what but since you’re looking for high readership for the Amazon ads, PayPal, and square store, I thought I’d give you that honest feedback. Even white font would help. I’ve monetized several blogs and assure you it will help and it’s an easy fix compared to trying to engage readers in other ways. ?
    Sorry about all the drama that follows you around. Best you can do is accept the truth and do the most you can to be a good person for your kids.


    I so agree..I need a lot of land..and have been looking..I’m not the type of person to jump out and say let’s be friends. .I always say look out for the lady with the cookies cause she’ll be the one to gossep and back stab u..learn that when I rent yrs ago ..the lady brought me cupcakes..told me who to watch put for..yep she was the one I had to watch out for..I to am lds..jack of the mormons..but just cause u stand in a garage don’t make u a car..so org@nixed religion is out for me..the last place I rented the neighbor brought me cookies..yep..he kids couldn’t play in the back yard of I was out in mine..so owning land u would think people would leave u the hell alone..but thank god I ran into u..to see wow now what when I shopping for land do I need to camp out there for a week..and make sure no one brings me cookies..I talk politics religion. .I’m so screwed..my fb is mine and yet people want to live my fb life from their page..tell me how to think..what to do..I will never try to tell u what to do..but I bet allowing vets to live for free on ur land for a year..might might not run off the hatters..hate is its own subject..why..I try to love but the circle is small..very small..bitterness is becoming more of a reality as the day grow shorter the older I become..what must one do to find peace. .all the land u have one would think..that no one would bother u..but one rotten apple cab rot the rest..I would love to smack the wilsons..and lots of others..but then I’ve stooped down to their level..how does one maintain peace. .and not become bitter..cause there is not must sweet left in me..it’s become bitter..now I need to find a piece full lot of land..but will that become my worst nightmare…ur strength shows u must go on..but how u do it..is baffling other then the love of what u created..around u..ur loving family..and that’s my take. .f the wolves in sheep skin..my heartfelt love send to u and urs

  12. Mary

    It’s like the kids game where you line up a bunch of kids and the first one in line makes a statement. By time you get to the end of the line the statement has been changed to be something way different than the original statement . Only when grownups play the game it causes major problems. The grape vine is majority broken.

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