The Homestead Journal ~Volume 2 Week 3 ~ Snow

On The Homestead

Winter still hasn’t showed up.. We had a few days of freezing temps and even snow. It wasn’t much, just a light dusting. And it was icy. It started off as freezing rain. Jacob and Quinten went out tracking and target shooting. They found lots of tracks but didn’t catch any rabbits. Still, they had fun. The back part of the property is really nice, even tho we don’t get out there much.


We have reconfigured the outhouse a few times. It’s been moved twice. Since we will be putting the permanent cabin further back we decided just to put a simple outhouse here. I get a kick out of this photo.. Joe is showing off his infamous orange crocs and Quinten is “hidden” in his camo. Jacob is in mid swing hammering a nail. The boys love to build things. We are always looking for scrap material to repurpose for our projects. We did use new boards and plywood for this, along with repurposed pallets.



Our Adventures

Isaac and I had fun with the camera on the way to work Monday. The icy snow and the winter sunrise made for some great photo opportunities. More photos are on our FB page under the Drive By Shooting album


As I have said before the children have been working with me at the salon. The older ones bathe dogs and help clean, the younger ones help with little chores and Gabriel. Abigail has been learning to groom. She has been practicing using the scissors and clippers on our own dogs, About 2 months ago I started her with trimming feet and she has done well. IMO scissor work is very important and I wanted her to learn that first. This week I had a dog that would be perfect for her to use clippers on. She did the body and I finished the head. She did a great job and is comfortable with the equipment. She has a good eye and a natural skill. She enjoys it.



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4 Responses

  1. Valerie Thrap Ross

    The boys are learning important skills. It’s nice to see young ones working alongside dad and mom.

    Love the photos on the way to work. Nice ‘eye’ Isaac!

    Abigail has a knack because she loves animals and is artistic like her mama!

  2. Michelle

    I reall like seeing what you all build. We use pallets for everything! Abigail did do a great job! I like that you are teaching your children useful skills that will help them make their way. 🙂

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