The Homestead Journal ~ Vol 2 Week 9-13 ~ Was It Really 5 Weeks?

I’ve been so busy that one day turned into the next and this weekend turned into next weekend. I’m working on making blogging a habit but I’m aware the Homestead Journal is lacking. I regret getting out of it. But I’ll have a slightly new layout next week. I’m also trying to find time to write the book. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s emotionally draining. Some have said why bother. Closure. That’s why.. My family agrees.

On The Homestead 🏡 

It snowed!! Well a few weeks ago anyhow. And on a day off! We had a blast. The children made a big snowman, I made a little one. They demolished theirs before I got a photo.


Tick season is creeping up fast. The rule of the roosters is you can live if you don’t pick fights.

I’ve spent the last few weekends working on bow orders and bows for the salon. Gabriel loves to help

Mosiah turned 5 this week!

We’ve been doing some spring clean up. We have so much work to do tho. Sometimes projects require more resources than we have access to, and that is frustrating. We need to clear some land and replant trees, and that is a very long term project. We have planted some fruit bearing trees and bushes but it will be a few years before they produce, it will be a lesson in patience.

                                 Our Adventures 🚀

As it warms up we are getting out more, but art class is always fun. This was my cow.

We took a little drive one day, Kentucky is so pretty

And of course we always have to watch for deer, I see them on my way to work and on my way home.

Joe and I took Ezra to play pool. It was his first time, he learned pretty quick and sunk quite a few. He had a blast.

This was the theme of my night. Almost every ball I hit hung out on the edge

Once a month we do homeschool day at  Sky’s The Limit. I love this photo even if it’s blurry. Gabriel jumped on my back while I was talking photos

Lucas and Quinten climbing

For my birthday Joe took me to Jailhouse Pizza. It’s a neat place, we’ve never been before. We checked out the new murals they had down by the lake park. This are amazing. Brandenburg is a cute little town. The pizza was great, and filling, and I found out I love fried pickles.

Ezra is my big help at work, here he is helping me with our Easter goodies


On The Menu 🌮

I’ve been quite lazy with meal ideas but starting next week I’m doing something a bit different.

Big hearty winter meals..and extra bacon on my birthday french toast…


🖍 📖 Unschool Life 📓✏️

Olivia works as my receptionist/assistant 3 days a week. She is learning office management skills. This is her job, she writes down all the pets that come in on the green paper, along with instructions, time in and time scheduled out. On the gold paper she writes down the clients names and payment information. She checks this with the register, which is a digital register via Square, on the ipad. Then she takes the total daily information and logs it on the pink paper. She is good at her job. One day last week she was counting cash and said “OH NO!!” I was like oh crap how much are we off, thinking we had to go over the whole day to find $20-$30 or so… She was off 10. I said over or under? She said under.. I grabbed a dime from my coin jar and said there, fixed

We did a mini science experiment. We had this chain piece that was quite rusty so we soaked it in Coca-Cola to see how it would work. It was in the soak for about 7 hours, and it cleaned up pretty well. Side note: they swore they would never drink Coca Cola.

Isaac made this adorable shirt. He’s coming up with some great projects.

Hes also gotten a few commercial projects.


Favorite Photos 📷



Photography  📸 and Art 🎨



I think this is Abigails most impressive piece to date. It’s pencil and watercolor. It’s from a Nikon ad.

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