January 7th 2013

From my FB memories

“Reactions. Its something I have been working on. I am quick to correct.. everyone. Especially my children. I try not to. I try to remind myself. It gets worse when I am under stress. Its not their fault. I use to do better, at gently explaining why I didn’t approve of what they were doing, and then gently explain what I needed them to do. Then I started getting testy, snippy and just yelling.. That does’t work. I have made an effort over the past years to to better, but I still have my moments.. And it makes me feel like crap…

Like just now. Abigail had put some of my material on the baby, to dress him up. I hear her say “Lets go show mommy”. So I look, Lucas has a giant smile and my reaction was to fuss that I didn’t want them getting into my craft stuff. Lucas’s face went to a frown and he just looked at me, like he didn’t understand, and I saw a curious caution in his face, waiting… I immediately smiled and said How cute he was and his smile came back and he relaxed.

It makes me realize what is more important.. His smile is more valuable than the craft supplies he was using. Our relationship with our children is far more important than any material possession. I let them finish what they were doing and calmly asked that they put it away for now, as I don’t want it ruined, as we need them to make supplies and for work. I told them later I would filter through it and give them what I didn’t need. It became a non issue and no one was upset. That’s how its supposed to be.”

I need to print this and post on my wall to remind myself every day.

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