Dreadlocks aka Knotty Hair

I’ve had a few questions about my dreads… I like to refer to mine as knotty “naughty” hair, as it doesn’t mind like I want it to lol

October 2014

They (dreads) are nearly 3 years old. This was my hair two weeks after I started them. Today my dreads are just below shoulder length. Dreads shrink your hair length, something I gave a lot of thought too before I decided to go forward.

They say dreads take a while before you like them. You have to be sure it’s what you want. It’s also a bit trying. It’s like growing out a short haircut, you just have to be patient. I wore a tam for the first year, which does help your dreads develop and hides the awkward stage.

November 2014

I did the twist and rip method at first, about 6 months later I had to redo a few dreads and I used the back comb method, which I prefer over the twist and rip. Now most of my new dreads are free form, which I like. 

March 2015

Dreads aren’t dirty, not generally. Brushing removes knots, which I don’t do, I just control the knots. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, which is the same as before dreads. Washing too much is bad for my hair. It takes a bit longer to wash, and a lot longer to dry, but it’s still not a big chore. I wrap with a towel and soak up most of the water, then a second towel and then air dry.

February 2016

I have done a bit of wrapping, and it didn’t stay as well as I wanted. I would like to get some chunky beads. I’ve bleached one dread and I dye it on occasion. It’s half pink, half purple and faded right now. I keep intending on coloring it, I just haven’t. Dreads aren’t as heavy or cumbersome as I had anticipated, but at times they get in my way. I rarely wore my hair down before anyhow. And I can wear them in most any style as I did before, often in a pony tail or half pulled back. My dreads are long enough I can use two side dreads to hold my hair back from my face. As they get longer they will get heavier, but I am doubtful mine will get that long.

November 2016

I’m happy with my dreads at this point. Dreads aren’t for everyone, and I was a bit surprised how many people are actually offended by someone else’s hair. I and others, get two main criticism. First, that dreads are dirty and nasty, which isn’t the case for most people and us no different than any other hairstyle. Second, that dreads are not culturally appropriate for Caucasians. But many cultures had/have dreadlocks, or knotty hair or braids etc. The Rastafarian culture just made dreadlocks more popular. Personally I think those with  Scandinavian heritage look amazing with dreadlocks, and that’s kind of what inspired me.


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6 Responses

  1. Sabrina H

    It’s funny because I had a friend who spent $500 to get dreads done professionally and you did your for free. I say rock those dreads. Wish they were acceptable for my office job because I think they would be great!

  2. loreita

    Dreads? AKA “I’m too lazy to brush my hair so its all knotted now so I just say its dreaded”.

  3. Sue

    I have super-long, thick brown hair. And come summer, it is HOT! The length, the mass makes everything hotter. To top if off, I have to use a spray hose to be able to rinse the shampoo/conditioner out (I wash it once a week).

    Anyway, it keeps getting hotter and I might have to cut it because I cant.take.the.heat! And camping with long hair is a bitch, I tried it – and that was in the Fall. That brings me to my next thought… On your homestead, I’d be Africa-Hot with such hair, pools of sweat down my neck and soaking my hair ‘n scalp. …So, how are you able to care for it, at home, without running water (water pressure)? I just cant imagine. Like I said, I need a straight-up hose, with high water pressure, to even get the shampoo out – and I dont even have dreads! Would you ever consider grabbing the scissors, like I constantly am these days? Self-care would drastically improve, for me at least, and we women need to remember self-care.

    I liked this post! …Prayers from CA,

  4. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Yeah, a few of us here have some wild hairs 🙂

  5. Michelle Simpson

    I know dreads aren’t for everyone but I like yours!And I like seeing the progression of them.

    My son,who is 17 and a senior,has shoulder length blonde curly hair.
    Sometimes “cookie cutter” is boring?

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