Back into Blogging with a Big Announcement

Its been far too long since I posted a blog.. We spent most of the winter without a computer. But we finally got that resolved.

I will get back on the blogging wagon this weekend.. But untill then…

I mentioned on the FB page a few months ago we would have a few big things for March.. I was a bit behind and I never got the Tiny House tour up. I did however post about our new business, scheduled to be open next month

And one that wasn’t planned or expected…  Baby #11 expected in October.

We have known since the beginning of February.. We were cautious to wait until after the 1st trimester to tell anyone aside from the children. I am 14 weeks along. I feel pretty good, as I have with all my others.  I am having hot flashes, which is a first.. That’s taking some getting use to…

This wont be the first time I opened a salon and grew a baby.. Actually, its the third time.. Thinking back, When I opened my first salon in Texas I found out I was pregnant with Isaac that same month. A month before I opened my Etown salon I found out I was pregnant with Ezra.. So I guess its now tradition..

Another thing I found fascinating, is that my EDD is the same date as the pregnancy I lost in 2009. Jacob was born on the EDD of my first pregnancy loss. For some that may seem irrelevant but for those who know where I am coming from, it makes sense.

Its exciting, and slightly overwhelming.. I know I can handle it, and I appreciate supportive comments. I am sure there will be some unkind ones along the way, but as anyone who has had more than 4 children can tell you, its to be expected…

I will get the Homestead Journal back on track this weekend with a new blog posts updating the cabin progress and how we survived winter… I know you are all anxiously awaiting it!

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