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There is a group of individuals who have been aggressively stalking, harassing and defaming my family for over two years. Sally Davis is the author of the Blessed Little Blog, Lisa Duran Hyphen Luthi is the author of the FB page Blessed Little Troll’s, Debra Whitehouse is the author of the FB page and podcast The Nation~ formerly known as Naugler Nation. Al Wilson is their little mascot. There are others involved but these 4 seem to be involved in everything.

For the most part all these individuals seem to do is get drunk and make fools of themselves. I’ve actually listened to the audio. But they also try to stir up trouble. When they first appeared we referred to them as internet trolls. These individuals have been promoted to psycho stalkers. I have no issue with people discussing facts in our case, or the merits of our lifestyle choices, but that is not what is happening.

The issue I am concerned about right now is bigger than I thought when I first looked into it. So let me start from the beginning.

Last year Sally Davis began asking for donations for the Kentucky Sheriffs Boys And Girls Ranch.

What stands out to me and most people is that the donate button does not link you to the ranch PayPal. It’s linked to Sally’s. Sally writes another blog, Romancing the Victims, a blog to harass a rape victim, in which she takes donations for as well. Maybe she is pocketing donations, or maybe she just enjoys the social media praise and tax write offs for herself. Who knows.

But recently they have been more aggressive in their marketing. They started to make troll dolls to mock and harass  my family and our supporters, leg humpers is how they refer to them

They then decided to auction off troll dolls for more donations. It’s clever really. Use a charity to boost your hate blog. Drive traffic to their websites by expanding their marketing. And the Ranch is financially benefitting from the harassment, defamation and bullying of my family. I believe they have paid them around $1,500 to date.

When I first started looking into this I thought my gosh somebody needs  to contact the sheriffs ranch and let them know how these donations are being raised so I did just that. I contacted Tracy Powell the director of the Ranch and was sent to Jerry Wagner the director of the Kentucky sheriffs Association. They have both seen all of the information that I have posted here in this blog. It has been two weeks and they have not addressed my issue. This leads me to believe that Sally is correct in the fact that they were aware of her blog and what her blog did and they didn’t care.

Now the funds being transferred here are being sent from Deborah Whitehouse’s husband to Tracy Powell‘s husband.  By the way I have an account with PayPal and I do know that as a business you can have a business or a charity paypal accounts since they have donation tab that run through PayPal I don’t understand why this hasn’t been done. Maybe it has and there is a different reason why they’re using personal PayPal accounts for donations for a 501c3.

Anyone who reads this blog knows our history with the Breckinridge  County Sheriff Pate. Two years ago I linked Sally and Lisa to the clerk at the sheriffs office. You can read about that here. Breckinridge County Sheriff Todd Pate is on the board of the Sheriffs Association.

And when you bring Al “I’m Not Involved” Wilson into the mix things look even more suspicious. Al Wilson has been agitating people against us since May 2015. He also works with county government as a pilot for an emergency services company. From the first time I ever saw his name posting my phone number on the inter-webs and posting my location of where I was staying in May 2015 to this post last week, he has not left us alone.

I can provide hundreds of screenshots, as well as the podcast he did while drunk, instigating aggression against my family and making threats of having us run out of our home, to meetings at his home to discuss how to make that happen then instigating my next door neighbor with lies such as telling him I posted on my blog that my children bathe in his pond.

This comment he made about two weeks ago was the final straw.  I had had enough. This is not the first time he has posted about flying over and even taking pics.

That Monday I called the office where he works to speak to someone in charge. Instead of getting a phone call back I got this

I have since spoken to a higher up and am awaiting a call back.

I am done being bullied. thIngs like this, a photo of me taken in radcliff KY was sent to Debra Whitehouse in Rhode Island in July.

This is the troll doll maker

Using troll dolls to market their hate….


This is beyond a few people sharing opinions. This is an organized and financed attack that involves individuals from all over including here in our local government. I don’t know how deep this goes, but I will keep digging.

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11 Responses

  1. Mary Kellogg

    I would just ignore the knuckledragging trolls harassing you. You are giving them attention which is what they are seeking. I would save every penny I could and move out of the area. Life to way too short to put up with this.

  2. Micah

    I would think this post has more than enough evidence to get the police involved. This is so sick what they are doing to do! But keep your chin up. They will reap what they sow, and God cares about what you’re going through. Remember, no weapon formed against you will prosper! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Micah

    This stuff is seriously sick. Get the law involved and report all of this to the police. This blog post itself should be enough evidence. I’ll be praying for you. Just remember, no weapon formed against you will prosper, and they will reap what they sow, just wait on God.

  4. lauren

    but deb got sally’s address wholly and soley because of your doxxing,had you not put up sally’s address to rehome her dog,deb wouldn’t have known where to send the dolls.& a troll was made of sally,al & lisa they took it in good humour,why don’t you? if I inspired such creativity & in inspiring said creativity sent kids to camp,i’d totally own it

  5. Jane

    So by your logic then if people tell your customers stuff about you it doesn’t matter if it isn’t true correct?

  6. BlessedLittleHomestead

    If he’s not doing anything wrong he has nothing to Worry about, right?

  7. Local

    Calling his work and trying to get him in trouble . . . Especially your ridiculous accusations shows exactly how crazy you people are.

  8. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Because He was using his position to harass and intimidate us and post defamatory things on pages and blog that harass us and It’s not ok. And yes, I am afraid of retaliation. In fact, that’s exact what Al is doing. But I will protect my family.

  9. Josie

    Why would you call Al’s work? Aren’t you afraid of retaliation??

  10. Sharon Wright

    When someone donates to the ranch do they get a receipt so they can turn it in with their taxes at the end of the year? If I was to donate to you would I get a receipt to turn in at the end of the year? How does donating by PayPal Work? I’d much rather my money go for things I support than towards the government. I get to write off donations to Goodwill, my tithing, etc.. I don’t know enough about how taxes work though if I donate to a place like the ranch or to you and your wonderful family through PayPal. I do think it is rude that those people do not want you to have donations and are stealing what donations could be going towards your family. I’m all for directing my givings to things I support. I hate that my taxes go towards things like abortions and other things I don’t agree with. I do support paying for roads, military, schools (at the state level), parks, libraries, welfare, elderly, food stamps, and things that benifit us.

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