The Homestead Journal~Volume 2~Week 1~ A New Year

I’ve been meaning to get the blog up and going and I always seem to put it off. It was a hobby of mine and I have realized in the past year or so I had lost interest in most of my hobbies. Thinking about it last night, I decided to blog. This is a new year with new goals. For myself and the family.


  1. To blog more
  2. Focus on my photography (see what I did there)
  3. To have the family cabin built
  4. Build our apiary
  5. Establish our growing system for greenhouse, aquaponics and raised beds.
  6. To share the full story of the events that twisted our life last year.

The blog is easy. I’m on the path. I need to get my camera fixed and get to it! The iPhone takes good photos, but I miss the DSLR. We planned to build the cabin last summer but we got derailed. We have the same plan and will move forward with it this year. I am working on the plans for my apiary (we all have areas of the homestead we are in charge of and I am doing the apiary with Zachary). We should have bees come spring. We are working on the raided beds now. Our goal is one a week. And of course we are working on getting our story put together. We just aren’t sure which approach we want to take.

In regards to the garden, people seem to think you just pop up a garden. In our case it’s not so easy. Our land is very woodsy and rocky. We had one nice patch in the front of the property. We borrowed a tiller and planted. It dwarfed. We couldn’t figure out why. Then they came by to spray. See this nice patch was under the power lines. And every year they spray the trees to prevent them growing on the power lines. And of course that effected our garden.

This past summer we moved further back and planted some raised beds. It was doing well, but with all the things going on, it was neglected, the goats broke down part of the fence and it was just left to grow on its own. Jacob has found some things growing randomly. Now we can move forward.

I will do a journal layout like I had been and post weekly, Sunday/Monday postings. Due to internet trolling and spam, comments will be moderated.


Have a blessed 2016


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2 Responses

  1. Fern

    Your soil sounds like ours, we make dirt as a hobby haha. It takes a while to build the fertility up for a garden. I am glad you are getting back to blogging, I look forward to more posts.

  2. Annette

    You and the family can use the winter months to get it all planned out. Do what you can but finish each project before you start the next. It’s too easy to start everything at once and become overwhelmed. So happy to see you blogging again.

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