The Homestead Journal ~Volume 2 Week 4~ Slowing Down

On The Homestead

It’s been a mild winter and I’m happy with that. We did get a few inches of snow this week and the children loved it. It was an icy snow so it wasn’t good for building but great for sledding. The littles keep asking the older children to grab them icicles from the roof. They also think it’s fun to bring in snow, melt it and drink it. Its more fun than just getting water from the water jugs ūüėČ we count that as preschool science lol


Mosiah has been a chatterbug. He’s generally been quiet and hasn’t been much for talking. He’s been getting frustrated he isn’t able to communicate as well as he would like. His vocabulary has exploded and its adorable when he uses two-three syllable words. He gets so excited when we understand him.¬†I had some gumdrops and was teaching him colors, and yellow was the only one he would say. I was thinking maybe he was saying yellow meaning candy. But a few days later I was sorting beads and he picked up some yellow ones and said “yellow” and handed them to me.¬†Lucas has been having fun with math. He asks me to play the counting game. For example ask “what’s 2+4” and he uses his hands to show me and yells out the number. He’s memorized most of the number combinations now. He loves to count. He was very helpful sorting beads last week!¬†Gabriel is growing like a weed. He loves attention. He has the best belly laugh.

There’s not much going on right now, but we have a few projects lined up. I’m really anxious for spring. This time of year we read, play games, watch movies. Pixels was one of my favorites.

Our Adventures 

Winter offers beautiful photo opportunities. This is at the end of our road. It’s a tricky spot because it’s on a bend, but on a clear day when the corn is plowed (like this time of year) it’s safe to stop, this day we only had a brief window before traffic came, but I loved the sky colors.


As I said last week Abigail has been learning to groom. She did these feet back in November and has been trimming feet since. It’s trickier than it looks. But she is comfortable with the scissors and holds them properly. I will continue to share her progress. (Before and after feet)


Gabriel loves to watch me groom.


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8 Responses

  1. Fern

    Nice post! I had one like Mosiah, she would get so frustrated all she could do was scream! Then she found her voice and has never shut up since. HaHa!

  2. Mom

    When we were kids we liked to get aglas, pack it down with snow, pour creamon it it with a little sugar, and whip it up-yum! Instant ice cream!

  3. Sherry

    It’s great your daughter enjoys working with animals! Pretty soon she can do the whole dog! Do the littles get to help? They must have fun seeing so many different kinds of dogs (and other animals?). How great for them watching their Momma at work. Your family seems very close. Blessings.

  4. Valerie

    Abigail has a natural talent and love for animals. She has a future in any area of that field she chooses! If she gets that hands on with em know through nurturing them on the homestead and grooming them in the shop, she’ll be a great vet, whether traditional or holistic, if that is still her goal.

    I love that you not only show the kids what you live to do (grooming and photography) but that you let them experience it too.

  5. April

    I am so happy you are doing the homestead journal again. I love how it lets me catch up with your family. I miss you guys!

  6. Lucy

    Love all the updates! Can’t believe how grown the littles are getting. Great blog topics. Peace to your family!

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