The Homestead Journal ~ Vol 2 Week ~ 40~

Since I started back to work 20 weeks ago (can you believe its been that long?) I have been exhaustingly busy and haven’t had time for most anything. I have a gazillion photos I have never even posted. I am catching THJ up to week 40. 40. That means only 12 weeks left of 2020!

We are blessed to all be doing well. The adult children are doing well at work and both love their jobs. Jacobs little family is adorable and we see them every other weekend. On the opposite weekends I hibernate lol.

Two weekends ago we had a bonfire at Jacobs house.


The younger children are also doing great, Abigail and Issac are focusing on their personal paths, careers, hobbies etc. Issac is interested in Technology paths and Abigail is all about animals and art. The younger ones are just enjoying the last bit of warm weather. Due to COVID they didn’t get to do any of the summer activities we usually plan. We did get to hang out with each other. Ezra loves helping with just about any project. He is helping Jacob change a tire here.

We are working on preparing our garden for the winter. I still need to decide on my layout because I keep changing my mind. I am trying to get short term done when I need to focus long term. That is hard for me because things never go as planned so I just quit planning.

We have quite a few fruit and nut trees that are producing better. They have all been here longer than us and we have been clearing and marking so we know what to keep and what to cut. The littles have been collecting persimmons and walnut and hickory nuts. The kids eat most of them before they become anything except a snack 😉

Norman is doing better but not out of the woods. We  believe he is 4 months old. He is more active and he will find you when its time for milk instead of waiting for it to be delivered. We all take turns feeding him. Olivia of course loved every bit of it.

The grand babies loved seeing the cow. Addalyn love’s seeing all the animals, she asks me to feed chickens every time she comes.

We almost picked up a piglet the same week we got the cow but I can’t do two new animals at once right now. It was still fun to take photos!

I’ve been trying my hand at cooking, I know how, I just don’t enjoy it. And with so many others who need to learn to cook I usually don’t have to cook. Dad usually oversees that. But a client gave us some fresh caught fish and Dad and a few of the older kids went to an activity so I had to cook the fish. I had never done this by myself but Zachary and Ezra helped and Zachary is actually pretty good at de-boming. Zachary loves cooking and loves the Chef Ramsey shows.



I also made a pot of soup from the rotisserie chicken we bought for lunches. It ain’t much but at least I know I can still feed myself 😜

I have gotten a few comments from some on the homestead page asking about more photos and posts of homestead stuff. I still feel the need to maintain a level of privacy, more so than in the past, one I lack time to journal like I use to, and this isn’t a how to homestead page, its the journal of a homestead family which encompasses every aspect of our lives. So you get photos of beautiful skies and adorable grandkids. 🤗

This little piggy stole his uncles apple and screamed when we tried to get it back so we peeled the one side so he could gnaw on it.

Hope you all have a blessed week!
🦋 Nicole ~

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  1. Mom

    Miss you and my grandkids!💔
    Love the photos and updates.❤️

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