In 2015 a terrible chapter of our lives began. It kind of split into two stories out of one. First is the story of how we had to fight the Commonwealth of Kentucky via the Breckinridge County courts for the right to raise our family the way we saw fit under the law, the second was fighting an aspect of society that can be just as dangerous, bullies.

I had a separate blog for that story, but I am now combining for financial reasons (the year is almost up for the hosting) and it’s easier to keep my blogging in one area. I also had people helping write but I just want to keep it as simple as possible. I’ve rewritten a few things as they are moved here.

The Synopsis

Homesteading isn’t the same as farming. Homesteading is a lifestyle, farming is a job. People choose this back to basics lifestyle for many reasons. There is not a one size fits all way to do it.

In May 2015, our family had recently embarked on this back to basics homesteading life was under attack from local authorities. We were accused of doing things the wrong way. When we stood up for our rights and due process, the authorities retaliated. In a matter of a day, our entire family was ripped apart. My husband and I were separated ( I was in jail) and our children taken to several different foster homes except the two oldest boys who were put into a facility much like a juvenile detention center.

Thanks to a great support system, the our story went viral. A friend set up a Go Fund Me account in my husbands name while he focused on getting me out of jail and our children out of state custody.

We had been living in a rough hand built cabin. It was a stepping stone in our path to self sufficiency. While it looked rough to most, it was clean and safe for our entire family.

This is the cabin we built. The open area is where the infamous “4th” wall existed. Some critics believe there was no 4th wall. Most people understand that a lack of a wall on that side of the cabin would have meant we were highly exposed to the elements of winter and would have barely survived. Photos of our children in that time frame show they were happy and healthy and not like children who had just suffered through winter a 3 walled cabin. The logical conclusion is that there was a 4th wall, removed for good weather.

The fence, as you see here, was hand built. Its a beautiful fence, and makes a great addition to the outdoor eating area that had a tarp for a canopy. The outdoor kitchen used a rocket stove to cook. It was rugged and back to basics, but it worked.

We invited the media out to see the homestead on clean up day. Of the 28 acres, the photos were limited to the same few things. You can see them here, Some people had a fit over these photos. Things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes they are. There is no context in these photos. They are widely misunderstood. Lets look at the cabin right after our children were taken. The “stick walls” are actually a fence for the outdoor kitchen. The trash was located on a separate area of the homestead. Not near the cabin. The photos of the trash was trash that was in a dumpster.. The trash barrels were dumped there. The photos of the rubble was rubble the we had been cleaning up bit by bit since we moved in. The cabin was rugged. We never denied that. It was built it for the sole purpose of surviving the winter and to save enough money to build a new cabin come spring. I had been working my own house call grooming business while getting my new salon open. My husband and our two oldest sons had jobs lined up for cash and supplies and they would build the cabin bit by bit over the spring/summer months to have it ready by my due date. Had the state never intervened, it would have been done.

But instead the we spent the next 8 weeks fighting for our children while also trying to get the grooming business up and running. In July the we were finally given physical custody and at the next court date, legal custody was returned. The only findings of CPS were that we did not register as homeschoolers per state law. No abuse or neglect findings were made.

In addition to the custody case, we had separate criminal charges. My husband was charged with menacing, a charge that was filed a few days before the children were seized. He was at the property of an acquaintance, with permission of the property owner, when an argument ensued with one of the tenants and she claimed she was threatened with a gun. I was charged with disorderly conduct for my opposition to the sheriff taking my children without presenting me with a warrant, and resisting after I tried to protect my unborn child when the sheriff and his deputy slammed me against the patrol car. Since the criminal charges were wrapped up with the family court case, ( which is unusual and unfair) my cases were deferred and my husband was forced to take an Alford Plea so that we could retain custody of our children.

In regards to the GoFundMe, there was some discrepancy to how much money we raised. Many news outlets reported the business loan in with the donations. The business loan was acquired several months before our children were taken and the business was just days from opening when the Go Fund Me was set up. The go fund me was not used for legal fees. Those were paid for privately by friends and other donations. Although it is legal to use GFM for the legal fees in our case.

This story is a story because first the we wanted the story told. We have been journaling our lives for over a decade. And this was no different. We wanted to show the bias and corruption of the system. We wanted people to see what happens when you are a bit different. Our children were happy, healthy and educated. They were cared for. But as with any news story, things got twisted, gossip spread and people logged an attack on us with the intent of keeping our children from being returned, and once they were returned, they wanted to do everything they could to see the children were removed again, our business destroyed and my husband and I locked up. Their reasons vary, some are politically motivated, some are busy bodies, some are just plain spiteful. They despise everything my family does, from home birth to homeschooling. They want us silenced.

This blog serves to tell the story of the now over 2 years of harassment, stalking, cyber-bullying of our family.



These are randomly written, but listed in order of time line the best I can

Why This Blog             The First 24 hours                 What Led Up to That Day

Who Are These People?

We are working on bios on the people involved in this story. This list is currently incomplete, but published as to allow some basic information to be presented. Names are presented alphabetically. Some of these people are still active, some are not, but they are all part of the story and you will see their names repeatedly throughout the blog posts.

Alex Brow- Alex is my husbands son from a previous relationship. Alex has lived with his great uncle since he was 5. He is almost 22. He had not spoken to us until he contacted us numerous times via FB, phone and text 6 months prior to our children being taken. He never made mention of sexual or physical abuse until he was brought to Kentucky. He stated his great uncle Keith Bedell told him to come down here. He has been mostly silent since his court and tv appearance in 2015. He has not made any attempts to contact any of his siblings, not then and not now, even tho our oldest is 18. He never made any attempts advocate for them aside from the initial court date.

Al Wilson- Al is a local who lives just a few miles from the Blessed Little Homestead. He became very vocal just days after the story broke as he felt we embarrassed his county and his sheriff.

Bethannie Horn -Bethannie is from Stevensville, Montana. She has been very vocal about her dislike for our family. Unfortunately she spreads quite a bit of misinformation, while claiming to have inside info and used that to spread misinformation to discredit our family. She still uses the internet to rally others to gang up on us. She has made demands that we must comply with or she will continue to harass us.

Cheri Wheet Beasley – Joseph worked with Cheri for a week or so back in 2011. She has been vocally opposed to everything about us and has created numerous fake profiles and FB pages to spread gossip and misinformation. She has also made threats of physical assault.

Courtney White – Courtney caught the attention of the Blessed Little Homestead supporters when she started recruiting people to her private group. Courtney claimed early on to have inside information and used that to spread misinformation to discredit the family. She still uses the internet to rally others to gang up on the family. She and Bethannie are what we refer to as the “minions”

Leah Pigram– is an active non supporter who lives in Louisville. She is one of the “minions” aka people who help perpetuate lies. It is unknown if she was connected to Lisa Luthi before May 2015.

Lisa Duran Luthi – Lisa is a semi local who is a retired attorney from Louisville, KY. She became active in the story because she is friends with the woman who called CPS on us. She runs the FB page Blessed Little Trolls and their Minions. She has stalked us physically in person and has sought out and contacted people who live or work in close proximity to us in hopes of having more people to use against us.

Melissa Foster– Melissa sent us numerous messages in the beginning about how to fight CPS and even set up a phone call. Things fell through in the commotion of everything and Melissa got a thorn in her side. She has since spread gossip and lies under the guise of having inside information on our case. She has also actively posted to smear our family business.

Melissa Hylander – We attended church with Melissa where her husband served as bishop. Melissa was highly offended by my political views and along with Melissa’s judgement of a struggling family, called CPS on us and made false claims against my husband for talking to her adult daughter at church. This is when we stopped attending church. When our story broke, Melissa began again with her false allegations.

Patricia Prince Pandoff – Patricia is a local groomer that I worked for for a short time. There was some professional differences and I declined the contract Patricia offered and we parted ways. Patricia then took to degrading my family after their story broke.

Sally Davis – Sally is the tabloid blogger. She and her husband David live a few hours from the Blessed Little Homestead in Russel Springs, Kentucky. She has never met me, and only met Joe when she drove past our home one evening with a group of other known “trolls” who took photographs. Sally failed to introduce herself. Sally has ties to the Breckenridge County Sheriffs Office.

Teresa Frogue – Teresa is an active non supporter who took it upon herself to make numerous FB pages about our many of which have been taken down.

See For Yourself 

These are the Pages created to stalk and harass my family. This goes beyond discussing opinions. Some of the links are broken. Some Pages have been taken down by Facebook, some have been removed by the admin.

1. Blessed Little Trolls

2. Blessed Little Trolls and their Minions

3. Blessed Little Homestead of the Cosmic Imagination

4. Unblessed Little Shit Shack Remixed

5. One Flew Over The Garden Shed

6. Blessed Little Blog

7. Blessed Little Truth

8. A Shed And White Buckets

9. Un Blessed Little Homestead 1

10. Un Blessed Little Homestead 2

11. Un Blessed Little Homestead 3

12. Un Blessed Little Homestead 4

13. Are the Nauglers For Real

14. Out Noggle a Nog

15. The Shack

16. Blessed Little Homestead Concern and Discussions

17. Bless the Filthy Homestead

18. Blessed Dirty Bucket

19. The Naugler Report

20. The Real Truth About the Nogs

21. The Real Truth About the Nogs 2

22. The Real Truth About the Nogs Jr

23. The Real Truth About the Nogs Jr 2

24. The Nasty Little Homestead

Missing URL at this time

25. Naugler News

26. Naugler Animal Abuse

27. Who Does That Mouthy Bitch

28. Innocent Bystander

29. Save the Naugler Animals

30. The Real Truth About the Nogs 3

31. Real Truth About the Nauglers

32. Unblessed Little Shitshack

33. Page used just to comment on troll pages

34. Joe Bloom is a page created just to comment on troll pages

35. Blessed Little Squatters

36.Trolling The Trolls

37. Naugler Nation

38. Great and Secret Show…/

39. Blessed Dirty Bucket…/

40. Blessed Little Rabbit Hole…/

41. The Internet Never Forgets

42. Shed and White Buckets…/

43. Buckets Sheds and Animals…/

44. Morning Cup of Joe

45. Sheer Luck Holmes


And of course, The tabloid blog

Sock Accounts associated with harassment

A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by the user pretending to be another person.
Nitt //
Jim Miller
Jenny Lee Blackford
Sophie Larkin
under investigation as real account
Josie Lee
Bixie Grace
Sean Duran
Nicole Perry
Suzanne Wege
Jennifer Leigh
Penelope Waters

*This information in this section is not complete. Information is added as it is collected and hyperlinks are being fixed.




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