Stalking and Harassment…. continues

I am the sole provider for my family, I am the owner/operator of a very busy pet salon. My husband is a stay at home homeschool dad of currently 9 children. We mind our own business and keep to ourselves.

For the past 5 years local/semi local individuals like Lisa Luthi, Nancy Furman and Al Wilson have kept tabs on us. They often use minions to do so. They monitor our home and business, even going so far as to go out of their way to make friends with our neighbors to get closer to us and to get information

Screen shot from 2017, I believe. Thats how far this goes back.


A few years ago (not long after that started) we moved our cabin further back on the property, and last year we moved back even further. We needed more privacy. The helicopters can still fly over but I have made enough calls about the harassment that those have pretty much stopped.

But the stalking and harassment hasn’t. To this day we are still monitored. Since my business is public they have been focusing on that even more. When the virus began they used that as an opportunity to stalk and harass us more.

As of March 22nd I was not asked to close. I was practicing CDC guidelines, closed to the public doing curbside drop off. This did not stop these people from harassing my family and business and recruiting others to do so as well

On the evening of the 23rd the governor ordered all groomers to close, including mobile grooming, so we did.

Someone from our family has stopped by randomly to check on the salon, feed the animals, etc. But we were closed all last week. 5 days of lost income. I am working from home on the non grooming stuff, paperwork, photos, bows, marketing etc. I half joke that I have two jobs, grooming is about 40 hours and management is about 20.

Yesterday I was at the salon for several hours. We had some deep cleaning to finish as we are using this time for that, I took care of our aquatic pets and did maintenance and we groomed all of our dogs, and one of the cats who insisted on going with us.

This morning I discover another post about the harassment of my family and business

You see a few of my clients joked about grooming. Nancy, Lisa and the others use every opportunity to harass us, and even harass my clients. Ive had clients tell me that they were contacted by fake profiles that say “do you know who you are supporting?” and send them links to Sally Davis’ tabloid blog or some of the other tabloid links. The information is not factual even if it contains a few facts. Its defamatory. Its malicious.

We have worked very hard to get where we are at. This setback everyone is facing will be hard on most everyone. Its disgusting to see these people use their time, energy and resources to continue to harass my family and my clients and not to help others in need.

But I’m not surprised. They’ve never cared for the well-being of anyone including my own children, who they pretend to have concern for to garner support. They are opportunists who take advantage of others dire situations for their own entertainment. Its clear to see as you scroll their pages, websites and podcasts. They are true narcissists. They are desperate and dangerous.

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8 Responses

  1. Mary Kellogg

    Ha my neighbors are blocked on my facebook and they informed me they had their “friends” monitoring my posts. Total knuckledraggers. As Coco Chanel said, “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”

    So it might be as intense, but I get the same crap. I’m old and mind my business. I did post on facebook the WA state law on stalking…..they sort of shut them up.

  2. Jo-ann

    Pray for them. It’s really sad that with this terrible plague killing so many around the world, they can’t use this time to reflect on their own lives, and better themselves. Love y’all. Peace.

  3. BlessedLittleHomestead

    1. Sallys blog is still up. Some posts have been scrubbed but not all.
    2.We have followed all health precautions even before it was ordered.
    3. Its not the fly over that is the issue. The pilots admitted to taking photos of our home. I have seen the photos as they were posted on their sites.
    4. My children are neither isolated, illiterate nor paranoid. Those are talking points from the troll pages.

  4. Cathy

    I still can’t wrap my head around everything that they’ve put your family through and I can’t believe that they can sleep at night. Low level, self absorbed trash. I’m sorry that this continues. Their judgement day will come and I hope you can find peace in that. Until then, keep being you.

  5. Edna

    “and send them links to Sally Davis’ tabloid blog”
    Sally closed her blog in January 2019. Hasn’t been active since. Her 2nd blog hasn’t been active since July 2019. Quit kicking that dead cow. Follow the rules and keep your family safe from this virus. It’s no laughing matter.
    There are over 207,000 cases in the US. Over 4700 dead. And it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. Good sanitation, hand washing and social distancing is not a joke. You’ve got 9 kids at home and God Forbid you get sick or Joe gets sick or you lose one or more children to the virus. And what happens if you get so sick you lose your life and livelihood. Can Joe support the family?
    Your complaining about rescue helicopters flying over your acreage reminds me of the nimby neighbors who complain about low flying jet flying over when the airport reverses patterns for weather or wind. You do realize that air pilots are in flight uniforms with full face helmets. You couldn’t tell who was flying one unless they got out of their copter and took the helmet off.
    I’ve followed you since the start of this story and you have done your family a great disservice by isolating them, keeping them illiterate and paranoid. I give up. Too many serious things in this world to pay attention to.

  6. Tanya

    This is so unfortunate. Times are difficult enough without others making them more difficult. I pray for you and your family strength to endure, but I also pray that these people who continue this harassment find the ability within themselves to let go of your life and to focus on their own. Do they realize how much they are missing in their own lives while focusing on yours?

  7. Sheila West

    These are sick people Nichole~ Miserable people who do not have a life~ I wish you were open as my 2 need grooming terrible~ Long long overdue~ Karma will get them sooner or later~ Hate to be them~ These people do not have a life~ They should be at home not stocking people~ You have every right to go to your shop and do your own dogs~ Tell them to suck it up buttercup!!!

  8. April

    So they are encouraging other people to violate a stay-at-home order for the purpose of them going out to spy on you? Yep. That sounds just about right for these trolls. 🤦

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