Seriously FB?

I haven’t blogged since mid May. I didn’t even finish our quarantine journal. I am very inconsistent and I keep saying I will do better and don’t.

I decided a few months ago that I was going to archive my FB pages and minimize my FB presence. I really do not like Facebook company. The deceptive “fact checking” the bias and attacks on people and pages is clear censorship, because FB is embedded in everything its almost hard to not be on FB, and FB is drunk with power.. I have been slowly backing up and archiving my pages. I have more finite stuff to do but I am at a point now I am no longer concerned over FB shut downs. The last straw was this warning about my business page.
Let me explain

Like most people who run FB pages I have a back up profile in case one gets put in FB jail. Back when I had an ambush of psycho trolls I had my FB page locked out so many times because of ID reports I made a bunch of admins on my homestead and business pages so I would not lose them. Once it died down I just used two of my own profiles.

Recently FB has cracked down even more on censorship etc. Last weekend I was put in a 24 FB jail for posting this

I have been in FB jail before because of this image but FB said oh wait, you can post that. My original post is still up but I was still put in time out for posting it in the comments of a another pages thread. I had to post photos on my business page so I went to my back up profile to post… and well, it was also put in FB jail. No explanation, it was just unable to post. 🤔 I checked with the other admins and none of them were in time out, just my profiles.

I was a little concerned but what can I do, it just validated my new social networking path. 5 days later I sign in to get this message.

Now I am pissed. This is ridiculous. I know that we are only supposed to have one account but what seems to have triggered this notice is the fact I use two different cell phones to access my main FB profile and business page because my business and personal phones are linked to the same FB page to run the business.

In all of this somehow my personal blog (which only had a few entries) disappeared. I talked to both web hosting companies and no one knows what happened. Oh well. Its still frustrating.

I know FB owns Instagram but I will still be using IG for personal and business until its not there. The BLH page will be used as it is now if at all. I have no desire to join any new social media sites. If I have something to share it will be here on the website.

Back to internet basics.





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