Quarantine Week 2

I am extremely grateful my staycation under duress  is happening in early spring. Its warm enough to have fun but no so hot  to make people cranky. For the most part we are just doing normal weekend stuff.

We are having a few birthdays while on lockdown. Mosiah had his on the 30th. He turned 6! He was our first child born here on the homestead. We bought this property shortly after we found out we were pregnant with him. He loves it here. He loves playing outside and catching frogs

Not going to work is weird. I’ve not taken this many days off before, not even to have a baby.
We go into town one day a week to run errands, take care of things at the salon. This week we bathed all of the dogs even one of the cats came along for the ride.

Magnolia got a haircut. She is a year old now and her hair is filling out nicely. Still a little cottony.

We did some home projects. Olivia and Urijah now share a room and wanted bunk beds. We repurposed some lumber and they got to make their own bunkbeds with their Industrial Arts teacher.

All done. And its sturdy enough to hold my husband.

I have more time to photograph spring

Earlier this month Olivia’s dog was hit and killed by the methhead next door. Remember the crazy woman who rear ended us twice a few years ago.. The people who’s dog came into my yard and killed our goat. Abigail was working on something at the end of the driveway with the littles, Opal was down by the edge of the road. Abigail was trying to get her back and was just a few feet from her when they came flying down the road, didn’t slow down to avoid her or my daughter and didn’t stop after she was hit. I’m just thankful she died instantly. It was devastating. My heart hurts when any dog is killed and then to compound it with my daughters heart being broken. It still makes my physically ill. Olivia made this in memory.

Last summer we decided to move our cabins further back from the road in an effort to maintain some peace. Once we laid out where to put our cabins we started to lay out the rest of the property. We decided to put a perimeter fence to create a yard area about an acre in size around the cabins. It was our spring project. It kind of worked out perfectly that we ended up being on cornona-lockdown.

Most of the property is overgrown. Clearing it out is a lot of work. We thought clearing in the winter would be good, but this crap doesn’t die back. We decided to hit right as everything starts to bud to make trees and plants easier to identify. Unfortunately even with planning we had to cut down some trees we wish we hadn’t. I salvaged them and made this temporary display. The cat will be made into a garden planter once we get the beds finished.

We cleared quite a bit of area

In the process of this we have to work around the trash pile we are working on and found more.

you can see not even carpert can hold back trees.

Little Boys got haircuts

Ezra had a birthday on the 4th. He’s 10 now. He’s such an amazing child. He’s so sweet and helpful. He loves working on projects. He has some ideas for new things to start.

Our grandson

Of course Abigail has to add art to her baking. She made peach pies for Ezra’s birthday


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6 Responses

  1. BlessedLittleHomestead

    yes, the giggle twins.. 13 months apart
    and yeah, Olivia works hard for her expensive baby doll collection LOL
    Hope all is well with you Dawn

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Abigail made the pie. she enjoys baking, but not cooking

  3. Kym Holt

    Wow! Olivia, your pie looks amazing! Good job, beautiful!

  4. Dawn

    Everything is looking good on the homestead. I know you hate having the Salon closed but this gives you lots of time with all the kids and being able to get what you want done on the homestead.

    The littles are growing so fast. Hard to believe Mo is 6😁

    Uriah and Olivia are they the ones a year a part…their birthdays are very close to each other???

    They did an awesome job on the bunk beds. 🤗❣

    I saw on Facebook an add for real life like babies each almost $100.00… I could not believe they were fake. Their mouth and eyes open, they have fingernails, hair, blotchy skin. They were giving one a bath another dressing and brushing her hair. They look so much alive. I was thinking Olivia would really like one of those ❣😁

    Abaigail’s pie looks delicious, peach is my favorite.

    I have been praying you all keep safe 💕

  5. Ma-mére

    Everything looks awesome! The littles are growing so fast! Olivia and Urijah did a fantastic job on their beds. And Abigail’s pie is perfect! So creative!
    Love to all!❤

  6. April

    Gabriel and Mosiah look so grown up with their new haircuts!! I miss you guys… One of my daughters is asking for a trip back to KY for her birthday present next year. I hope we can swing that, and stop by for a visit, too! 💕

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