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I saw this post and felt compelled to question the individual who was observing my successful business and debated on harassing my clients. Thankfully she held back. I’ve worked my butt off to build a business where I can do what I love and I can provide for my family. The constant attack on both has made me more outspoken. I will do anything to protect my life and livelihood. Do not underestimate me.

The psycho blogger and her friends spend all day every day doing stuff like this. But this Aimee persons comment prompted me to take action. So I sent her a message so I could talk to her one on one.

She went on to say she people had no reason to lie and was not open to knowing the truth.

This is exactly what my husband and I have been talking about for the past three years. I will be contacting the manager at save a lot tomorrow. I will also be working on addressing the fact that these rumors have been spread and that some were spread by the Sheriff himself. The psycho blogger admits she has inside information.  I believe she does have some inside information. I have her directly linked to the sheriffs office and the judges office.  These links are after our case went public, she did not know these people before then. She has posted information before such as private court dates, that only someone on the inside would know. Why she picks and chooses what she shares is quite telling in her agenda. Maybe her inside info is limited. Personal opinion is one thing, but flat out lies and malicious behavior will be addressed. These rumors and lies and gossip are being spread to cause harm to my family and my business. The corruption in the court and county offices is rampant.

Ive been very tolerant this far. I have been patient in hoping this would be resolved correctly. It’s not and I am pulling off the gloves and ending this once and for all.

If you are part of the defamation and harassment of my family you will be held accountable for it. I don’t care who you are.  Positions titles and money mean nothing.

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