They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I am often inspired by others, but I like to take idea and add lots of me to it and make it my own.  When I first decided to name our homestead blog/hobby farm I chose Homespun Harvest Farm. So if you see old stuff from us, it has that name. I changed it up a few years later to make it apply to what I envisioned. Blessed /blesid/ because we felt we are. And Little because we just wanted something small and humble. Homestead applied to us more than Farm did. So my husband and I named Blessed Little Homestead about 6 or 7 years ago.

When I decided to open up my own grooming salon it was just practical and fitting to name it Blessed Little Grooming Company. It just sounds wonderful. It’s as unique as we are. So in the beginning of 2015 Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC was created.

As I posted on the FB page earlier this year I had let my registration with the Kentucky Secretary of the State lapse, and the psycho stalkers spent the $40 to register the name in their name. It’s creepy as hell that they were even paying attention to that, but anyhow. In most places name registration is a one time thing, but not here. The Secretary of State does not register names for ownership, they just have to register something for their records. For example I can register any name that has not already been used. I could register as Nicole Industries and open a grooming salon called Walmart. As long as the business are not alike in industry, you can use any name, even trademarked names. That being said in short my name is now registered as My Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC and I continue to legally operate as Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC. Ownership is a matter of opinion. It’s my name, they copied it. Whatever.

Its was very hurtful to have MY name used in a malicious way. This really showed a lot of people the kind of psycho we are dealing with. For people who claim to despise my very existence their actions show otherwise. They are obsessed with me, my family my life. They take so much of my life and apply it to their own while pretending they hate me. Do you know what I do with people I don’t like. I avoid them. I ignore them as much as possible. I certainly don’t emulate them.

I’ve come to terms with the situation as it is. It’s unfair but I’m working on looking at things in a positive way.

Thank you for confirming that I am in fact successful and that my ideas and skills are inspirational. All I’ve ever wanted from my blog is for people to say “You inspired me”. I love inspiring people. I want people to look at me and say “becuase of you I had the confidence to do this” I want people to recognize their own skills and value even when someone else said “you can’t do it…. you shouldn’t do it”. Follow your passions, find your niche and be your own amazing self.

And if you lack the creativity to come up with your own I guess you can just copy someone else. Fake it till you make it.

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