An Open Letter To Ron Sneed

Sir, I have never had a qualm with you or your family, until a rainy day in the fall of 2015 when your adult daughter Linda Sneed hit our vehicle, not once but twice, because she was running late and sped up on us. Out of the gate she began screaming vile language at us, and based on her own words, the officer asked us if we wanted to press charges, we said no out of respect for you. (That conversation is recorded) She however, continued to race down the road, scream out her window, and agitated strife. My one regret is that I didn’t insist on charges.

That day we discussed the goats, who would meander over to the fields on occasion. They usually hung at the back of our property. As promised, we built a fence for them. I have evidence of the goats being fenced well before the court filings for livestock at large. While it’s far more common than I thought, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, cattle, run loose in these counties on a daily basis. It doesn’t excuse ours, but we are the only people to ever get a citation for it. The damage done is contestable.

I am watching this video you made and felt obligated to clarify my side, and to ask you to correct the misinformation and retract the bold face lies that are defamatory. Let’s begin with your friend Al Wilson who somehow feels that my husband owed him a meeting. We have no obligation to interact in any way with this man, and have no idea why the two of you are making a video about us, other than to confirm our suspicions of collusion. Here’s the bottom line, Al wanted to make this video. He has been agitating things to escalate to this point. We (my husband and I) have nothing to do with your friend Al Wilson.

Let’s discuss the gun. You had yours, my husband had his. Never once did you say my son Quinten had a gun. Not during the police interview, not in your conversation with Joe, not in your affidavit to the county attorney, not in court and not in your video. (you said in the video and told the police it was resolved but still went to the county attorney the next morning, which makes me regret not filing charges the day your daughter hit us) But never did you say my son had a gun. In fact, you mentioned a bucket of grain, so it’s not for lack of specifics. Those were very serious charges, and it’s criminal to knowingly file a false affidavit. What Linda did was malicious. She deliberately tried to bring harm to my son.

However, your adult daughter Linda, filed an affidavit claiming that not only did my son have a gun, but that he pointed it at your head. I can’t imagine that is something you would forget to mention in the 5 conversations I am aware of that you told this story.

Regarding our horse, going over my notes, the horse got out 3 times, maybe a 4th. I’m sure you do have 17 or 18 photos but you did not tell the County Attorney it was 17-18 times. Do you recall how many times you told him? (We have the recording should you like to hear it) We never let the horse run freely, nor are we able to whistle for her back. When Abigail heard you make that claim this morning she busted out laughing. Beauty doesn’t listen very well. Had she, we wouldn’t have needed to use a bucket of grain to get her back to her pen. I do apologize for her eating your apple tree. I know how hard it is to grow apples in January.

As you know the conversation you had with my husband was recorded. We have shown why there is a need to do so. I can excuse you for your hearing, but when you approached my husband he handed his gun to our younger son. He was never told to keep his finger on the trigger, in fact the recording shows that’s the opposite of what was said. Even though the safety was on, he didn’t want his hands on the trigger. Our older son Quinten was retrieving the horse, per your permission.

In the audio you claim you had no idea why Al and Lisa came to court, you didn’t invite them. You mention you processed beef for Al. That of course was prior to you filing charges and he felt he knew you well enough to show up to court with you uninvited. You also state “this stupid fucking lawyer from Elizabethtown call me (Joe says Lisa Luthi) I don’t know who she is, was asking me information about you….”

You state in your video that Jacob was supposed to help with the beef. When Jacob went to the house that day, You told him why he couldn’t help with Al’s beef, but to comeback the next day. Jacob did and you told him you wouldn’t need his help anymore.  It was not long after that interaction you had with Al, that you filed charges on goats that had been fenced in. So what exactly did Al tell you that day?

You go on to say that it was during that time (it was not, as the goats court was wrapped up in April) and in May we had the compost matter. This is when I made my call to the State Veterinary office. Now this is where our stories clash, I don’t know what you were or were not told, however this is my side. I asked them if you had a legal business and that I was told you had been dumping guts on the backside of your property. He says that my call was retaliatory for the compost issue. I said no, I have a legitimate concern. He blew me off and I had no idea he visited you until you said so. He never said a word about  false reporting or criminal charges. My letter for the compost was dated May 2 and I didn’t pick it’s up for a week or so. So my call to the state veterinarian was probably around the 15th to the 20th, when I was calling a bunch of agencies regarding my compost issue.

Let’s recap the timeline: you butcher a beef for Al before the goats court in April and the state veterinarian comes after you reported my compost in May. Al decided to use your services and he posted that on FB that he was going to drive by my home and try out your services, at sometime in February\March. He agitated you with his stories of us “making trouble from Texas to Maine” your words. When that flopped you all manufactured the compost issue. See this group had a goal of trying to violate Joes probation by trying to make him get new criminal charge.

You state in your video that you respect our no trespassing signs, and we do the same for you even though  it’s not posted. I believe you when you say you aren’t taking photo or video. However, your friend Al is part of a group who has. I believe that you’ve been given false information to instigate animosity between us. That’s the primary reason for this letter. The accusation of my children bathing in your pond is the most absurd claim you have made. I can assure you it never happened and it certainly was not posted on Facebook. The road has which you claim private access belongs to the Kentucky Land Company. Not you.

Regarding your friend Al’s claims. He kept telling people he was our neighbor. We had no idea where he lived. One day on the way the lake, Joe noticed your friend Al’s House and thought it might be his. On the way back we stopped and read the mailbox, and confirmed it. We didn’t see the daughter who was probably 50 yards down, untill we pulled away. What this has to do with goats wandering in your yard I have no idea but that event happened long after he was plastering our phone numbers, license plate numbers and monitoring our locations and other alarming behaviors because he claimed we brought undo disgrace to his community.

You men claim to want this to end, claim I am lying then lie about us. There was never any contamination. The health department even stated he only saw something that might have been toilet paper. No photos. A hurricane and a tornado could collide on my property and then maybe just maybe our poop would end up on yours. I doubt it would be intact as you claim to have photographed. As far as the watershed contamination, do not accuse me of contamination when you clearly do not have an understanding of what you are opposing.

You mention several times “people pay for these things” like you are somehow offended that we have found ways to do things cost effectively. That is not a reason to spread animosity. You fought for our right, remember.

We have never harassed your customers. Ever. When our dogs bark in the middle of the night we shine a light off the porch some 150 yards from your home divided by woods. It’s no brighter than the lights you keep on. And we haven’t ever spoken to anyone about the lights.

The way you presented things is very condescending. His name is William and your condolences were disingenuous.

We aren’t concerned about your friend Al’s snark. We are concerned about his obsession and constant need to involve himself in every aspect of our lives, literally.

WE ARE NOT bothering Linda. We rarely shop at the Custer store and we do not know her schedule and like you state when we come in she heads to the back. When she yelled at Quinten to get out, I called the owner and they stated my family is more than welcome in their store. (You stated I marched in there that day. It was phone call a few days later. Even little lie matter)

We have never said a word or made a gesture to that woman that crossed traffic and almost hit my son. NEVER. I did say Linda and Al agitated aggression and that was made clear by the fact the video of that incident appeared on the tabloid blog about us within days. Did you know your friend Al and his friends have a blog about us?

The hideous lies you stated in the last few minutes of your video destroyed any respect I had for you. Not only is the woman younger than your story relays (old people garner more sympathy) but we never so much as said a peep to her let alone the words and gestures you claim we used.

And we have never sued anyone. THAT IS NOT what we do. THAT IS NOT what we have always done. THAT IS NOT how we get our money. Our go fund me accounts are closed, so you are right, they arent doing too well. What an ignorant thing to address. What does that have to do with us being neighbors! And then to say that we said “on the internet” that we were going to poison your dogs. Whoever gave you that info is not someone you can trust. We never said that. We would never do that.

And by the way, Maggie is doing well. Heidi and Hunter come up to visit, dig in the trash, and chase chickens.

I want you to know we did not abandon our animals. We were there every day to care for them. Angel was shot and Aster was hit by the same person. If what you say is true it doesn’t surprise me as we have caught him on our property when we first moved here, hence the no trespassing signs. We also have video of him speeding up and down the road. Your friend Al said we were warned about Angel. There was no warning. The reason we left was because we were warned to leave.  We couldn’t take the animals so Joe came home to check on them daily.  What happened to them could have easily been us. We tried to find a safe place. Your friend Al and his secret group found out where we were and posted it online. Like I said. It’s not the snark that concerns me. He has been engaging in dangerous behavior since May 2015.

My children are very courteous and respectful. We raised them that way. They are happy as you stated. I don’t see the issue but that doesn’t stop your daughter from screaming things to my children when she speeds by or going online to message people about us as she has done in the past.

I hope you reflect on this video you made and the accusations you, your daughter and your friend Al made. If you wish us the best then I expect an apolgy for the hateful things your family has said.


Nicole Naugler

*A copy of this letter will be sent certified mail to Mr.  Sneed

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