New Chapter

We had planned to make a public announcement at a later time, but one thing I keep forgetting is how some people just don’t understand personal boundaries and respecting ones privacy. Just because we share aspects of our lives does not give anyone the right to decide what and when we share.

Earlier this year Jacob began dating a young lady from work. They took to each other rather quickly and began spending a lot of time together. Jacob told us he was quite serious about her. We told him we supported his decisions. He’s always told us he wanted to find a wife who would Homestead with him. Someone who wanted a family. Someone who shared his values. Jacob is an amazing young man and will make a great father and husband.

Jacob and Faith have decided to get married and start their own family. They have their own cabin on the property and are expecting their first child next summer. They plan to be legally married next month when Jacob turns 18. They plan to have ceremony for family and friends in the spring.



I will ask those who have no sense of personal boundaries to leave Faith and Jacob be. I’ve already witnessed some horrible behavior and it’s sad I have to even ask people to do so. The fact her private personal photos were shared to those disgusting pages by someone who claims to be a friend just shows how pathetic these people are.

Jacob and Faith are in charge of their family. They both have close, loving, strong families and they will do well raising their own. We support them in their decisions, even if we might not agree. There have been comments about her being forced to homebirth, or insinuations that things are done by force here. Jacob and Faith will decide these things on their own. If she chooses a homebirth that is strictly up to her. That is not a decision anyone can make for another. If she chooses a hospital or birthing center birth, we will support that as well.

All of our children love Faith. Mosiah was enthralled by her for quite some time and would just sit from afar and stare. Now she is like part of the family and fits in well. She and Abigail get along great, Abigail likes having another female around.

We are excited for them. Lots of new things happening. I will update as they feel comfortable sharing. I know some will be critical of their relationship. I will ask you keep those things to yourself. I was 17 when Joe and I first got pregnant after only dating for a month or so. While we had a bit of a rough start, and different circumstances,  nearly 23 years later we are still happily married.

Faith did want to make a public comment


When I first met Jacob is was love at first sight. His smile, laugh, personality, it all makes me fall more and more in love with him every day! When we first started dating I didn’t know about his homestead life or his family but over the past two months of getting to really know him and meeting his family they are amazing! They love me like one of their own and they support me in any life decision! Over the time of learning how they live and what they do made me fall madly in love with them And how they live and it makes me want to be a big part in it all! Me and Jacob are now happily engaged with a child on the way and couldn’t be more happier! We recently bought our own cabin and will be buying a wood stove for the winter! Jacob and I  plan on furthering our future on the homestead and making the best life possible for us and our child! ~Faith


We are excited for Jacob and Faith as they are excited and happy about their decisions. This was a decision they made, not a mistake and not an accident.

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42 Responses

  1. Eulanda Hibler

    I’ve seen this before..and I’m positively so happy for u u Cabin..not to young to be in love..I feel in love in the 7th grade and no love has ever came close..had my first at 18..was 17 when pregnant. .no child is a mistake..dang I wish I lived by u all..I would be happy to be ur neighbor..but my family all live here kids g kids n great g I’ll just hope one day on a starry night I can join u around ur camp fire in the dirt on the ground..telling stories..that has been my life..n I love it..Joe n nicole congrats too..looking forward to seeing all ur dreams come true. .what a gift from god…babies are..and loving parent’s who love them..may ur monsters following u all drop off the universe

  2. Shania

    How wonderful!! Hoping for a buch children for them! Ultrasounds are bad for a baby thew. Did you get them while pregnant? Are you going to have more of your own? Tell faithe to home birth, you’re better than any dumbed docter, how many of them have delivered 12 ?? And, home is more cleaner than hospitels and they’re super bugs! You need to catch them girls up cuz you have too many boys. I bet they have use doing all the farm chores but I think you need about 4 more girls. You got all that land and two houses? And you garten and raised your own meet? You need a reality show, like the duggers but with smarter kids. Can you make one? I bet they will love it and you can have control over what the haters says and prove them wrong

  3. Eulanda Hibler

    Congratulations. .wow family is a blessing. .and Nicole u n Joe are blessed..what a wonderful beginning for a new life..Jacob n Faith..may u be blessed on ur new path in life..young love is true love. .lasting love..and cool for all ur family..together..ONE..I’m still in love with my first love..he’s my true love..but he had a first love n it wasn’t me..but he will be my last love..

  4. Sue Geiffith

    A new journey has begun and with a name like Faith it can’t go wrong

  5. Tanya Myers

    Congratulations to Jacob and Faith, blessings on your marriage and new baby!

  6. Lisa N. Murphy

    Prayers of protection for you both from those who would put you down. I wish you joy and much happiness.

  7. James Kaps

    Congratulations to Jacob and Faith. Also congratulations to you and your family for gaining another family to share in your homesteading. I’m sure it feels wonderful.

  8. Mickie

    May God Bless the union of the young couple. Sending wishes for much happiness.

  9. Happyfortheyoungcouple

    The posting of this personal info was definitely a turning point for me. It crossed a bold line. People who would do this to these two at such a vulnerable time have lost my respect. I understand that horrific things have been done for and against you, but the things posted and commented on about these two beautiful young ones is going too far. The lashing out back and forth was at times childish and hurtful to see, but the participants were involved. This antic was done solely to get to you and for their own pleasure of stabbing at you, no concern was shown for these kids. I think the world has gone crazy in its display of hate and meanness!

  10. Misty Caudle

    Wow, the cabin looks 10 times better than my 1st apartment when I was raising my daughter on my own! Congrats to the new couple!

  11. Sue

    So many blessings! Praise Him!
    The cabin-shed is so cute like a dollhouse, it makes it look like they’re playing house.
    But I hope Jacob builds her a bath and private privy! He is so sweet!!

    Gosh I wish it were cooler here, a woodstove would be so cozy and the atmosphere full of cheer!
    Prayers from CA!

  12. daniel obrien

    Congrats to your son and his fiance and to you and yours as well. Best wishes for a long life together.

  13. Melissa

    Congratulations Jacob & Faith!! Praying you have many blessed years together and tons of happiness and great memories along the way! Don’t ever let others opinions, comments and crude behavior pave your way! People are too judgmental and many feel that have the right to input their belief and opinion upon whomever however but you must cast that all aside! You guys will do wonderful together and have a beautiful life and family!

  14. Mary Kellogg

    Bravo Faith and Jacob! Life is short, enjoy every second!

  15. Claire Furber

    Omg… I am so excited for all of you, especially Jacob & Faith. So fantastic to hear that they will be sharing their life with their own spot on your property, that’s the way more of us should do it if they can, keeping family close. Great to hear and what a nice surprise. Congratulations to all.

  16. Sarah

    Congratulations this is such wonderful news. I wish them both the best happiness. How exciting about a child. I love this so much❤❤❤

  17. Amanda

    Such a lovely surprise! Its so exciting to see great things happening on the homestead! Congratulations Jacob and Faith!!!

  18. Mom/Ma-mére/grandmére

    Congrats to Jacob & Faith (good name, by the way). And you & Joe. Wow, grandma Nicole! And so I have officially made it to great-grandma!
    Sure wish I could talk to Jacob. GIve him my love. <3 <3 <3

  19. Susan Holub

    Love the saying “We may not have it All Together, but Together, WE Have It All”! That is what comes to mind. Congratulations Jacob and Faith

  20. Kay

    Congratulations!!!! Never go to bed angry and Jacob – always kiss her goodnight. Don’t worry about the small stuff and always be there for eachother. I think that’s all the cheesy but important just starting out advice, besides maybe a jornal because time gets away so fast it’s not funny have fun and enjoy every moment you have.

  21. Cecilia S Dixon

    Congratulations! I am so happy for them and for you and Joe too.

  22. cindy

    Congratulations and God Bless you all. I’m confident that Jacob & Faith will have a beautiful family. Gee, Nicole and Joe , you’re going to be blessed to be gr-parents at such a young age, that’s wonderful! I’m sure all the kids all loving this . <3 love to all. and by the way Jacob has good taste, Faith is beautiful and from her writing one can tell she is beautiful inside and out!!

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