Kentucky Foster Mom says to “Off the Naugler Parents” (2015)

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As we go through our records and screenshots we come across things for different blogs. We are going back to the beginning. This screenshot is from very early on’ just after the children were taken, it’s from a private group on FB

The Admin asks what they should focus on

Jennifer Washburn Thomas Smith says “focus on offing the parents then they can’t get them back”


She Posts on a public news page, that she’s a foster parent.


Jennifer is going on now 10 years as a foster patent. I wonder how many parents she messed with whose kids are in the foster system. I don’t think shes seriously going to off anyone, but I’m pretty sure she’s done a few things that arent allowed by the foster care system and are possibly criminal. This post alone shows malice. These statements are being forwarded to the Ombudsman and hopefully the children in her care are reassigned.

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    A dear friend forwarded this to me. Well, as usual, with the Naugler’s, the facts are skewed to their benefit. I did write that statement with sarcasm at everyone out to butcher this family. It was immediately followed up with “joking”, but you won’t see that. At the time, I couldn’t understand why everyone was out to attack this family, but I quickly learned…
    It’s because of b.s. like this. I initially wanted to look at the situation and see if I could help the family reunite, until I learned they weren’t genuine and they thought everyone was out to get them. And again, this post doesn’t even contain much factual information. But, unfortunately, I’m way too busy, working and raising a family to entertain this type of b.s. Again, initially I felt sorry for this family as it seemed like everyone was out to get them….then I learned of the validityof everyone’s anger toward them. I love that I’m still someone’s topic so long after the incident. Whether or not this isite made public, I don’t care. I don’t care what you or your family does, or how they do it. I also apologized to this family because, although admittedly (and I thought obviously) sarcastic, it shouldn’t have been said. But, do what you will….doesn’t affect me.

  2. Emmy

    Foster parents often see children returned to abusive situations. It’s not uncommon for the same kids to be removed from their parents over and over again. People become foster parents out of concern for the kids, and after a decade of loving children who are returned to dangerous homes does result in people who want kids out of the abuse. The parents get to make choices, and the children pay for them. A lot of people do believe that parents who willfully make dangerous choices that amount to abuse should not get a second chance. In your case, you insisted from the start, and still do, that living in squalor is fine for children. You NEVER showed a willingness to change things for the better. It’s easy to see why no foster parents would want kids returned to you.

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